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Our Promise, Our Future by JohtoAmour64
Our Promise, Our Futureby JohtoAmour64
After winning the Kalos League and keeping their promise, Ash and Serena continue their journey together. From new regions, to new Pokemon, to new battles and new experi...
My Love Story by xXAmourBeastXx
My Love Storyby Nebbu
Ash Ketchum was known as a nerd in his school Perfect grades and behaviour it was a dream come true for teacher At home, he was a family boy and an ultra otaku but the...
FOREVER YOURS by Pokefangirl13
FOREVER YOURSby The Amourshipper
Our hero Ash just completed his Alola journey. His mom suggested him to attend the Galar high for higher education. He accepts it and goes there and has a big reunion...
Kalos high- beyond the regions by piano2099
Kalos high- beyond the regionsby Ghost Rider
Arc 1 After finally winning Alola league, Ash decides to join Kalos university and prepare for Champions league. There, he meets Serena, his first and perhaps the...
The Prince, the Princess and the Pauper (An Amourshipping and OC Tale) by HAKDurbin
The Prince, the Princess and the Timothy Durbin
Prince Timothy and a pauper named Ash switch places after discovering how they look almost identical to each other. As a result, Prince Timothy discovers the hardships o...
Hey guys!!! I am satosere16! I am your fellow friendly amourshipper. Just about amourshipping memes, pokemon memes and fanarts 😁 (maybe future some oneshots or stor...
Pokemon High - An Amourshipping Fanfic by _Pika_
Pokemon High - An Amourshipping Pika
Serena Yvonne is just a normal, average girl attending Silverleaf High School. With best friends, enemies, drama and boys, Serena is pretty much living a normal teenage...
Protect the Precious by lessen_phantom
Protect the Preciousby 0707
A mission has been assigned to Ash ketchum, our popular hero and protagonist. Nothing much needs to be said as indulge in an interesting story of how this assignment goe...
It's Called Love, Right? by loriku
It's Called Love, Right?by lori
Five girls. One boy. Serena, Misty, Dawn, Iris, and May are the top five students in Pokémon High, the best high school in Japan. What was supposed to be a normal school...
My Wayby α & Ω
What if Ash Ketchum was never meant to be a Normal Child? What if he was never meant to be born for Greatness? What If he was nothing but made out of a Mistake? Will he...
Kalos Redone  by PokeBall252
Kalos Redone by PokeBall252
Serena finally takes the guts to confess to Ash while the latter wins the Kalos a way. Delia reveals her true nature of work and Ash takes a new and a rathe...
After The Curtains Close ||Armourshipping|| by AmythstWaves
After The Curtains Close || •..Rebecca..•
Serena Yvonne was Kalos Queen, and had many performances in different regions. Then, one performance in Kanto, three very important people stepped back into her life, on...
All for You by YoYoYoGuzma
All for Youby YoYoYoGuzma
Ash and his friends are invited to a very prestigious pokemon high school in the Kalos region. While climbing through the ranks of the world corronation series, Ash will...
Pokemon: Nothing to lose, Everything to gain by albabimam04
Pokemon: Nothing to lose, AlbabImam04
Serena Yvonne, a 17 year old, joins the distinguished Kalos Academy in Lumiose City. There she meets many friends but there is 1 person who quicklygrabs everyone's atten...
THE SECRET SPYby HereLiesKarma
Ash Ketchum, an undercover Super Spy under the G-Men and the unknown champion of Alola is on a mission to spread peace across the world, read to find out about his adven...
The Forgotten Feeling by AJD07L3
The Forgotten Feelingby Destined Darkrai Fanfiction
Hi guys, don't judge me, its my first story. This is a Kalos High, Amourshipping story, where... No, I'm not gonna say anything except that Ash is known as A due to not...
Forever Yours... by vamplixz
Forever Vam
*Forever Yours...* Follows The Journey Of Four Childhood Friends:- Ash Ketchum Hailing From Pallet Town Is The Current Alolan Champion and research fellow at Professor C...
Pokemon Journey: REWRITTEN by bhumfah
Pokemon Journey: REWRITTENby Bhumfah
Pokémon Journey is just ok in my opinion but I will rewrite it into the best Pokémon Anime Series of All Time since I heard a lot of people complain about this series. I...
Chasing Dreams by SilverSTXY
Chasing Dreamsby Luke Silver
Professor Kukui has a surprise for the Pokemon School's Students: A Trip to Hoenn to see the Wallace Cup! What will happen when old friends reunite and they discover a p...
Amourshipping: A Broken Boy by amourcanon
Amourshipping: A Broken Boyby amourcanon
Abandoned. Betrayed. Heartbroken. All Ash felt when he found out the truth that was hidden from him for years. It marked the birth of a new and more darker generation. N...