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Autumn And Us by Maybelle_Miles
Autumn And Usby 전미소
" Do you know what does that phrase means" "hmmm,No will you tell me" " It means......' Autumn And Us'...." Hey guys, pokeshipping story...
Pokeshipping- "Fight for the Title" by Chilli_Texan76
Pokeshipping- "Fight for the Title"by Captain_Oak426
It has been 15 years since Ash began his Pokemon journey and it's time to end things once and for all. Along with the help from his strongest Pokemon, friends, family, a...
Old Friends, New Places by brittany_lainee
Old Friends, New Placesby Brittany Laine
As Ash's group adventures to Ambrette town for a quick pit stop, they eventually go to see the Ambrette Aquarium to look at all the different water-type pokémon they hav...
Chasing Destiny by Kasumi_Lover
Chasing Destinyby star crossed
Single mother Misty Waterflower's life is a mess. Working as a slave in a newspaper company while raising her son as a single mother. She decides to quit her job and pur...
Discovery on the Orange Islands - Pokeshipping by Percyfan1998
Discovery on the Orange David
Following Ash Ketchum's victory against Trovita Islands gym leader, Rudy, Misty is left to wonder why she still follows the Pallet Trainer around. However, when trouble...
Pokeshipping- "Home is Where the Heart is" by Chilli_Texan76
Pokeshipping- "Home is Where the Captain_Oak426
After years of training and traveling, 23 year old Pokémon Master Ash Ketchum has finally reached the end of the road. Or so he thought. After losing in the Unova league...
I Can't Live Without You (Pokèshipping) by AmazingMisty
I Can't Live Without You (Pokè AmazingMisty
Misty and Brock run into their old friend Ash who they haven't seen in years. They're having a good time until Ash falls very ill and Misty realises that she might not e...
"A Tearful Farewell! A Pokemon Story" (Inspired by "Gotta Catch Ya Later!") by realsusant
"A Tearful Farewell! A Pokemon realsusant
This story is inspired by the episode of "Gotta Catch Ya Later!" from "Pokemon: Master Quest" (Season 5). Some words are rewritten by me and some par...
Ash X Misty by xXSilentStrangerXx
Ash X Mistyby xXSilentStrangerXx
Ash and Misty meet again after twelve years.
Young Love (A Pokeshipping Fanfic) by Pokemon_Luv_Forever
Young Love (A Pokeshipping Fanfic)by K.J.
(This is my First pokeshipping story so please don't write mean comments!) When Ash sees a familiar Red-Head in Kalos, He starts to get feelings for her, Misty does for...
Pokeshipping Week 2018 by Percyfan1998
Pokeshipping Week 2018by David
It's Pokeshipping Week for 2018, celebrating with stories written to the prompts voted on via the Pokeshipping account on Tumblr.
Our Best : Ash and Misty by Warlordess
Our Best : Ash and Mistyby Pokeshipping 4 lyfe
A one-shot series featuring two overlapping themes of Ash and Misty's relationship. Because some books are more important than love, and because communication is a two-w...
Do you remember me? (Pokeshipping) by misaki288
Do you remember me? (Pokeshipping)by misaki288
Misty moved from Kanto to Jhoto, because she trusted her sisters to take care of the gym. But an encounter which made her heartbeat faster. The boy who she loved more th...
I Choose You? [Pokémon]  by CaramelNicky
I Choose You? [Pokémon] by 𝐂𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐌𝐄𝐋
Five girls, one guy. A new reality show called PokéBachelors is now airing world-wide. Ash Ketchum, a young trainer, accidentally signs up to be in the reality show and...
Seven Days (Pokeshipping 2015) by PersonSayinStuff
Seven Days (Pokeshipping 2015)by Elemeno
If you don't talk to me in seven days, I have to stop. What does happen in that seven days? A short story about Pokeshipping for Pokeshipping Week.
Love The Way You Lie[Pokeshipping](COMPLETED) by kittycheshire123
Love The Way You Lie[Pokeshipping] kimmi
Lmao I was 12 when I wrote this, I'm too lazy to edit rn but I will, one of these days. Also don't read if you don't wanna see Serena being a bitch even though she's a g...
 A blind date - a pokeshipping Fanfiction(COMPLETED) by Rajashree9903
A blind date - a pokeshipping Rajashree singha
it's been 8 years since Ash and Misty has went with there own dreams . Ash is now a pokemon Master and Misty is a Water pokemon Master . One day two letters were deliver...
The Hard Frost by Percyfan1998
The Hard Frostby David
On their way to the next gym in Johto, Ash and his friends encounter a steep climb with bad weather on the way... Pokeshipping
Poke One shots by PokeDragonball
Poke One shotsby Satoshi
Hello one and all, I do not own any of the characters or anything of Pokemon or any other rights, hope everyone enjoys.
Why do you Ship? [Pokemon Shipping Comparison] by riolutrainer
Why do you Ship? [Pokemon Shipping Forever!!!
Just basically something I write to tell you why I ship it or not. You can try to understand why people ship different ships. I did a lot of research for it so hope you...