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Never Die by kminer24
Never Dieby Queen of blood
Michael, Sam, and the Frog brothers have gotten rid of The Lost Boys once and for all or so they thought. What happened when a mysterious figure appears after the boys...
When Cass gets told by her father that they're moving back to his hometown on the promise of a fresh start, she can see her life shatter in front of her. She has to say...
The Fate That Ties Us Together by Pokesakrocks
The Fate That Ties Us Togetherby SAK
With broken and mended hearts, four girls decide to live their life with full of happiness. Yet fate has other plans. People who broke their hearts emerge into their liv...
When tomorrow comes. - Paul Lahote by olmosnat
When tomorrow comes. - Paul Lahoteby olmosnat
Citlali Cadwell has her life together. That's until her boyfriend of three years, Embry Call breaks up with her with no reason at all, at least that's how she saw it. Af...
Love Is Flower Like by NotDeadYet16
Love Is Flower Likeby TwilightUnite
Meadow Black is quiet, blunt, and protective of those closest to her. Nonsense isn't in her vocabulary. All her life, she was overlooked, but once life takes a turn, she...
Lemon Water // Paul Lahote by exactlyelyse77
Lemon Water // Paul Lahoteby exactlyelyse77
"I've never seen you around here before, are you new?" "No, I've lived here my whole life, but my parents don't allow me outside of the house, something a...
Rennesmees Sister by fanningchloe225
Rennesmees Sisterby CF
I am more human than my sister Only people who care: Aunt, Uncles, Grandparents Never MY OWN parents My name is Elizabeth Mason Cullen and this is my story.
Storm ☾ Paul Lahote by ambitchions
Storm ☾ Paul Lahoteby 𝕓𝕒𝕕𝕘𝕚𝕣𝕝𝕖𝕟𝕖𝕣𝕘𝕪!
❝you're fire, and she's the kind of storm that puts them out.❞ ||UNDER EDITING||
Double Imprint- Paul Lahote & Embry Call by kenzhemer
Double Imprint- Paul Lahote & kenz
Paul Lahote does not want to imprint. He has too much things to deal with without having another "problem." Embry Call cannot wait to imprint. He just hopes t...
La Vampira // a Lost Boys Fanfic by Dr-Aculaaa
La Vampira // a Lost Boys Fanficby ℜose
"Velasco is a Spanish family name derived from the Basque 'bela'- meaning 'raven' or 'crow'" Salvatrice Velasco lives in the quintessential beach town of Santa...
Between them by m_mariiie
Between themby m_mariiie
Nessy frog is the little sister of Alan and Edgar. she has brown hair, hazel eyes and is eighteen years old. She is a girl with an heart of gold and a beautiful personal...
The Lost Boys: Adventures in Parenting (By @VampiresAndSuch and @Davidsmate24) by madeleine_claire
The Lost Boys: Adventures in Madeleine Claire
A collection of short stories involving our favorite vampires as parents!
Between (Paul Lahote) by potatochippu2
Between (Paul Lahote)by potatochippu2
Jacey Black grew up expecting life would be normal. All she wanted was to make it through high school and hopefully find a job. That was until Bella Swan returned to For...
Building A (Strange) Family by Brittney_m2
Building A (Strange) Familyby Brittney
After the whole Emerson debacle, David gave up killing. Started to change himself. Fate saw fit to honor that and give him a new life, a new family. These are some of th...
take me down. (the lost boys). by smellslikeirrelevant
take me down. (the lost boys).by marigold!
TAKE ME DOWN! ❝ i'm either last or i've already won! ❞ © marigold → fem!oc x the lost boys → mikaelson!oc x the lost boys → the originals x the lost boys (1987) complete...
Paul Lahote love story by Unknown40416
Paul Lahote love storyby Read...
This is the story of how Paul Lahote finds his beautiful imprint name Cordelia Sam's sister. A fiery hotheaded and soft girl that comes to live in La push with Sam.
GODS AND MONSTERS ↝  P. LAHOTE by justanillusion
All legends must have come from somewhere, right? All Rights Reserved. Everything belongs to Stephanie Meyer with the exception of my OC's. [ECLIPSE-BREAKING DAWN]
The Lost boys x OC by Russia-Kun
The Lost boys x OCby Psycha
In a world with vampires, werewolves, and hunters, OH MY! What would a little dragon hurt? Especially with being the last one.
Laddie's Daughter & The Lost Boys by AshleaCrone
Laddie's Daughter & The Lost Boysby Luna_Meadow
May finds one of the lost boys in the year 2019 and decides to help him. She goes home to find out her father has been keeping a large secret from her. Will she learn th...
Preventive • Paul Lahote • by Abundance_of_Fiction
Preventive • Paul Lahote •by An Abundance Of Fiction
pre·ven·tive prəˈven(t)iv/ {adj.} 1.designed to keep something undesirable such as illness, harm, or accidents from occurring. ○○○ Not every story starts with an introd...