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Ash's journey- my way  by _Not-Active-Anymore_
Ash's journey- my way by Deadass Dead Inside
This is Ash Ketchum's journey how I think it should be. Ash Ketchum, a boy who was abandoned and then raised by Pokémon. But one day the Pokémon get hunted and the one a...
Gary's Angel . . . (Palletshipping 🤍)  by shigeruxs
Gary's Angel . . . ( <3
Gary telling the story of his first and only love. 🤍 (an emotional story) researcher x cafe owner AU!! 🤍
Ranger Love ( Palletshipping 💗 )  by shigeruxs
Ranger Love ( Palletshipping 💗 ) by <3
As Ash starts his first ever journey at 17 he chooses to explore a region that isn't his hometown, unfortunately he crossed a wrong path and then meets a boy named Gary...
Advice by saltyspritzee
Adviceby Salt Princess
Sometimes giving or receiving advice is a form to communicate what really is in your heart. Ash has many questions, and Gary has some of the answers. But will advice rea...
Triangle Love ( Palletshipping vs Comashipping! 🤍🤎 )  by shigeruxs
Triangle Love ( Palletshipping <3
what do you do when two men are in love with you? worst yet, what do you do when you love them both back? (modern world AU)
The Return of a God:  A pokemon story by Renaissance632
The Return of a God: A pokemon Renaissance632
Disclaimer: I Do NOT own pokemon. Palletshipping. uploading is spotty but I will update eventually More description is below. * is to clarify [clarify below] Based 6 ye...
Going forward and beyond {Path of the Aura Ranger: Book I} by kurenohikari
Going forward and beyond {Path kurenohikari
Yes, I finally did it! A Pokemon fanfic of Ash getting serious after the Battle Frontier Arc and training before going to Sinnoh. There will be the Tauros trade and aur...
Teach Me About Love. 🖤 (Palletshipping, Teacher x Student)  by shigeruxs
Teach Me About Love. 🖤 ( <3
Ash, a boy who's been bullied almost all his life with parents who don't care much for him, as he is starting off a new school year he thinks it'll be nothing interestin...
Palletshipping (I Choose You) by SlappMeDoo
Palletshipping (I Choose You)by
A boy named Ash keeps on getting bullied often until one day he met One hot cool boy that was the Professor's grandson and One unfamiliar face that lived in another regi...
Palletshipping fanfic by SpookyPuffin
Palletshipping fanficby Genesis :3
Fluff warning Ash is questioning his sexuality when he and Gary are forced to sleep in the same bed
Sometimes in Winter... {A Palletshipping Fanfic} by pk-nessquik
Sometimes in Winter... {A ava
Ash and Gary have been brought up as vicious rivals since they were kids, and that would never change, even when they must go on a research trip together. Or would it?
Hey Ashy-boy  by SleepOverAnything
Hey Ashy-boy by Energetic Sloth
Hi so I am new to writing story's so I will try my best here is the description: --------- I run towards him yelling "Gary!" As I wave my arms like a manic. I...
Long Time No See! (Palletshipping! 🤍)  by shigeruxs
Long Time No See! ( <3
After a couple years two childhood friends reunite, one quite famous, the other living an average life when reuniting the two realize their feelings once again, what co...
A grape by any other day is just as sweet... by saltyspritzee
A grape by any other day is just Salt Princess
A brunette walked up to a lemonade stand and he said to the kid running the stand... "Hey... got any grapes?" Palletshipping fic, shounen ai
Let's Thaw Out Together by kanyon01
Let's Thaw Out Togetherby kanyon01
Ash and Gary get stranded on a freezing mountain together. They must depend on each other to survive, despite their rivalry. Loosely based on the episode "Snow Way...
On One Knee by saltyspritzee
On One Kneeby Salt Princess
There are many ways a proposal could go wrong. Maybe the other person could say no. Maybe it's too crowded and embarrassing. Maybe you mess up your words and end up in a...
Smell Ya Later~ (Ash x Gary Pokémon fanfic) by violetweirdopokemon
Smell Ya Later~ (Ash x Gary Poké Blooming Potato~
Basically an ash x Gary fan fiction. But let's just say Misty isn't so happy about it...
Song In The Wind . . . (Palletshipping 💗)  by shigeruxs
Song In The Wind . . . ( <3
A Meloetta brings two boys together, a cranky researcher and a lonely boy in a journey, as the boy decides to make it his mission to make the researcher less cranky, the...
Ash x Gary - Rivals to Lovers, a Hatred so Passionate by PoKemonmaster7898
Ash x Gary - Rivals to Lovers, a Kaito_Lover
You know the drill already guys, but this time its gonna be worse. Did you notice the change? Yeah, its the image. Isnt it great guys?? But hey lemme give you a run down...
guardianes (pokemon yaoi) by EstrellaFugaz150
guardianes (pokemon yaoi)by Estrella Fugaz
los elegidos volvieron a renacer y ya es momento de que despierten dos jóvenes, tienen el deber de encontrarlos y ayudarlos, para cuando llegue el momento. pero será com...
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