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  • 𝘭𝘪𝘵𝘵𝘭𝘦 𝘮𝘰𝘰𝘯 𝘣𝘭𝘰𝘴𝘴𝘰𝘮 犬夜叉 ♡ ; 𝚜𝚎𝚜𝚜𝚑𝚘𝚖𝚊𝚛𝚞 𝚡 𝚘𝚌
    12K 437 29

    Chiho was once a lowly farm girl who, due to her skin sensitivity had to stay in doors. And now, thanks to her parents' insufferable greed over a limitless supply of rice and lamb, a concubine of the Lord of the Northern Lands who has finally accustomed herself to the trails and tribulations that came with her daily d...

  • Fastest Ninja (One Punch Man Sonic X Reader)
    77.6K 2.6K 13

    Y/N is a 20 year old, she has a normal job and normal friends. When she tells them she needs to move because of rent, they tell her the cheapest place is in City-Z, but they tell her not to go. She needed a place but couldn't afford anything around so she bought an apartment in City-Z. She didn't know that the city wo...

  • New 새로운 // BTS
    3.6M 142K 101

    What if BTS had an 8th member?... and what if that member was a girl? All she ever wanted was to reach out and touch another human being, not just with her hands but with her heart. But not even RaeJae knew of this until she met Seven new boys. Seven new boys who showed her the world in color, And perhaps even saved h...

  • Inner Daemons (Final Fantasy XV Fanfic)
    45.3K 1.7K 54

    The assassination of King Regis should've been a simple job, right? Angelica learned pretty early on that she was different. Her skills and heritage set her far apart from others. She was feared by her classmates at school, and often found herself all alone. The crown prince became her first friend, and from then on...

  • Blood Ink ✔️
    56.9M 2.2M 77

    "That's my tattoo, Y/N, on your body. You know exactly what that means." BTS Jungkook x Reader tattoo artist AU gang AU Thanks and credits to all of the original artists of the amazing edits and fan arts, as well as the creator of the cover @namjoonkie and original artist @diatybx?❤️ Highest Ranking: [#1 in Fanfict...

    Completed   Mature
  • Guardian (Final Fantasy XV Fanfic)
    61.8K 1.5K 72

    Guardians---beings gifted by the gods with a unique magic to transform their physical appearance into that of a powerful, divine beast. They are tasked with safeguarding the two chosen bloodlines, risking life and limb to protect them. Ryella is one of the last known Guardians. She and her brother have watched over La...

  • ⁿᵒ ˢᵘʳʳᵉⁿᵈᵉʳ ✧ 𝙵𝙵𝚇𝚅
    12.2K 242 31

    Bella is thrown into the world of Eos, meeting the Chocobros while she was roaming through Galdin Quay, she goes on a journey to help Noctis become the True King, but - falls in love in the process. Will Bella survive the world she's thrown in or will she fall into its own demons? Let's join Bella and her adventure Fi...

  • Evelyn in the Country of Hearts
    1K 54 13

    fanfiction of the Country of Hearts. Tomboy Evelyn Greenwood listens to a story her sister is reading. It is about a girl who fell into Wonderland and stayed there. In the brief moments that the two sisters are apart, Evelyn finds herself tumbling through the same madness that the girl from the story found herself i...

  • The Sole Star (Final Fantasy XV Fanfic)
    80.4K 2.6K 64

    Lorelai seems like your typical friendly, adventurous girl on the outside. Being a hunter, she's traversed the wilderness of Lucis, culling pests and helping people, and even earning a name for herself. But deep inside is someone who feels all alone in a foreign land. Having lost everything as a child, she is unable t...

  • Hearth and Home
    6.8K 242 32

    Motivation is what everyone needs. In times of great peril, it's nice to be reminded not to give up. It became her mantra and then became so much more. It keeps her alive as she remembers why she fights. It's for hearth and home.

  • Sunshine in the Moonlight | Prompto x OC | Final Fantasy XV Fanfiction
    18.2K 534 21

    As a part of the Royal Council, Alexandria Adelaide is used to being surrounded by politicians. That is, until King Regis tells her she must accompany Noctis and his friends on their journey. As they travel, she finds herself making some great discoveries, which involve discovering herself and a new perspective of the...