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  • Maidenless No Longer (Elden Ring)
    491K 10.9K 69

    Summary: A Tarnished who has done this whole song and dance a million times before and has reached max level in every skill, starts up one last run. Why? To finally give every last one of his waifus the happy endings they deserve, of course. Told from the perspective of said waifus, as they all try to desperately get...

  • Underneath the Bastardity
    3.8K 158 20

    Full Title: Underneath the Bastardity, Mysogyny, and Asshole-lity, Lies a Kind Heart Asakura Hayaru was a kind person... well, was if it involves women in any kind. Tired after being taken advantage of multiple girls during his middle school year, he became a women-hating asshole who lashes at them the moment their ey...

  • Snow Angel Of The Commonwealth (Weiss X Male Reader)
    82.9K 1.3K 15

    F/N is an orphan with only one friend, Weiss Schnee, but her father tries to keep her away from him claiming she is above him and shouldn't be seen around him. That changes when the bombs finally drop and they take shelter in vault 111. 200 years pass and they are the only ones to exit the vault how will these two sur...

  • Galar's Secret Miracle
    91.1K 1.4K 29

    Victor was only four when his mother escaped with him from a facility that experimented on not only pokemon, but humans too. Moving to the Galar Region to leave behind their past, Victor's mother wished for him to live a normal life. However, knowing that the boy had abilities that he didn't understand nor know how to...

  • Konosuba x Male Reader
    21.3K 385 9

    In your life you were a soldier. You wonder why? Well, when your family moved to America because of economic problems, things did not end well to be precise. In order to help your family to pay debts you joined the military forces, until the day came when you died on a mission and you found yourself with the option of...

  • 31 Creepy Words and other Short Horror Stories
    603K 31.2K 200

    31 words isn't much to tell a tale, but even those few are able to chill your blood. Herein lie super short yet super scary stories, including serials The Night and House, each of only the magical 31 words. Do you know what 31 is? 13 backwards... - #19 in Horror! #1 Stories #1 in Horrorfiction #1 in Chills #1 in Micr...

  • Snake Queen (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic)
    256K 6.1K 19

    Midoriya Mary: Younger sister of Midoriya Izuku by 3 months. Mary had friends, Katsuki Bakugou and her older brother Izuku Midoriya. Mary's quirk is called 'Snake Queen'. Her quirk allows her hair to turn into multiple snakes. Ten, to be precise. Each snake pocesses one quirk. She can also control other people who po...

  • Erza x reader 《Thunder God Of Fairytail 》
    284K 3.5K 26

    This is the story of (Y/n) (L/n) and his adventures along with his friends from fairytail where he will embark on many journeys and experiences all sorts of new exploits,one of which he falls for the Queen Of the Fairies. He is also a Dragon Slayer. The real deal Lightning Dragon Slayer. Where Laxus's father research...

  • The Tremor Through his Heart
    252K 5.3K 25

    Izuku Midoriya was a special case, he didn't inherit a combination of his parents Quirks or even one of theirs... instead Midoriya is born with the Quirk Collapse. This Quirk allows seismic waves to be released from his body, unfortunately when his Quirk develops Izuku causes a 8.5 Earthquake that causes the death of...

  • Medusa: Fate's Game
    18.8K 316 17

    Ancient Greece, in the time of the gods, monsters, titans, and heroes. Medusa, cursed and doomed to live her existence alone, makes a friend in someone she never expected. But when the Fates intervene, the gorgon finds herself on a journey to save someone she doesn't even know, for a chance at a new life. An adventure...

    Completed   Mature
  • Gaminx: Reincarnated to a new world ( Male Reader X Goddesses And Girls )
    235K 4.8K 33

    Highest: #60 in Fantasy, #7 in Harem, #1 in Xmalereader You are a man who was a fan of eastern animation, books like light novels, and movies or video games. These are the things that you abandoned in order to focus to serve your country and to protect the people and soon became an inspiration to other soldiers. Your...

  • High School DXD: Chaos ( X Male Reader)
    571K 6.8K 72

    Note: This is a (Girls from Highschool DxD x Reader) book/story. Description/small summery of the story. You are a normal 17 year old, 2nd year high school student at Kuoh Academy. You are a normal guy with a not so normal past. Your best friend is the famous pervert Issei Hyoudou. You two have been his best friend fo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dead Space/RWBY: The Last Survivor
    84.3K 1.7K 50

    Yang is teleported to a SCAF military colony by the name of Tau Volantis where she is found by a young SCAF soldier by the name of Ryan. Ryan is haunted by memories and experiences and now it will all follow him home, no matter where it is. * Disclaimer* Just to be clear RWBY is owned by RoosterTeeth and Dead Space i...

    Completed   Mature