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  • Conspiracy Theories
    323K 13.6K 38

    Conspiracy theories that might change your views on things. Note: You will need some internet connection, because there are a lot of videos and images which will be included, to provide evidence

  • Fack
    53.1K 1K 30

    This story is about Finn Wolfhard and Jack Dylan Grazer ( aka fack ) there will be twist and turns with there relationship. And will be definitely fascinating :) ~ Emma

  • Abused (TodoBakuDeku story)
    645K 13.8K 34

    Izuku Midoriya is the happy fanboy who dreams of being the number one hero, we all know and love, right? What if he had a secret no one knew about? What if the two people he cares for the most finds out his little secret? His abused skin and abused heart needs' to know what love is. Can Todoroki and Bakugo show him t...

  • Sometimes It Bleeds
    121K 3.6K 9

    Katsuki/izuku/todoroki Todoroki cheats on izuku and leaves him broken and surprisingly his first heartbreak is the one to help him.

  • drunk!Deku and bakugo
    489K 7.2K 16

    I saw so many bakudeku stories so I had too I'm sorry if you don't like sin then don't read this In the first place..

  • Gratsu Oneshots
    56.4K 1.4K 11

    Hello everyone I've decided to write a book of gratsu one shots please send me ideas if u want me to write one based on your idea however i do not write things that involve Natsu or Gray dying or they are dead and the other is grieving i write the happy stuff ok? ok now enjoy

  • I'm a Gay Wizard
    686K 27.6K 25

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION After Ryan and his best friend are whisked away to a top-secret wizard school, they'll discover immortal demons, new powers, acceptance, and love. ***** After they are brutally assaulted by a gang of bullies, high school ou...

  • Future Gray x Natsu Book 1 Discontinue
    16.2K 304 12

    After feeling depressed over a person, Cana did a spell that accidentally sends Gray to the past. Can he save the person he loved over the years, or will someone ruin it? And I mean, Totally.

  • in between all things
    1.1M 39K 59

    Ash, Jace and Drew have grown up with eachother, they were the local trio. It wasn't until Jace kissed Ash out of nowhere, that everything changed. PREVIOUS TITLE WAS "MY BROTHERS BEST FRIEND"

  • Fairy Tail High
    803 25 6

    Magic Highschool AU ☆ Nastu managed to get to the Kitchen without lighting anything on fire. Natsu meant to grab a bowl but instead grabbed a strainer and poured his cinnamon toast crunch inside it. Meaning to grab the milk, but instead grabbed the orange juice. ☆ Fairy Tail High is home to many gifted Wizards, All o...

  • Jock + Nerd [BXB]
    1.4M 40K 27

    *GOING THROUGH MAJOR EDITING CHANGES* •Highest Ranking: #8 in 'bxblove'• ~ Lucas is new to the town of Lakeville were everyone seems to know each other. But at school was a different story... everyone classifies him as the "New Nerd." His love for books and knowledge makes him gain that nickname, but he grabbed Jason'...

  • ~Tododeku: Coincidence~
    101K 2.7K 11

    Class 1-A goes to a famous resort! After the sport festival. During the trip feelings between Todoroki and izuku bloom~! But some people are not okay with that! Will Todoroki and izuku leave the resort In love? Or heart broken?

  • Remember Me ~Gratsu~
    20.7K 658 12

    Seme!Gray SuperMegaAdorable!Innocent!Uke!Natsu Natsu loses his memory on a job. When he is found in the woods badly wounded, Gray is told to look after him. The only problem? Gray has a huge crush on Natsu, and finds it hard to control himself around the adorable, and now shy, pinkette. He also finds himself willin...

  • The Princess who was revived <Discontinued>
    29.6K 618 22

    *EDITED FOR THE 2ND TIME✌* (Fem! Natsu) Once a princess but now forgotten. Who is this princess anyway? Why was she forgotten? She died at her age in 4 years old, having an unknown disease. None can heal her, leading her to death instead. But a brother can't accept any of that. Her brother is also known as the emperor...

  • The Detention Room ~ Gratsu & Luvia {One Shot}
    500 22 2

    This is a long one shot about Gray, Natsu, Lucy, and Juvia going to school together and getting detention together. Disclaimer! I don't own any of these characters, only the plot is mine! *EDIT! This is actually kind of old now that I think about it. I did start writing a book about this one-shot, but I didn't finish...

  • Legend Of The Dragneels
    170K 2.2K 32

    Ever since Igneel had died he felt alone but then he had Lucy, his girl friend, what could go wrong? The day he decides to propose to Lucy was the same day he found out she was cheating on him, with his best friend Gray. He runs away only to bump into the most unlikely person to be bumped into. Follow this story and s...

  • I am the fallen fairy
    11.5K 217 5

    Yes,a (gender bender)... Natsu's pov_____________ I was kicked out of my guild because of my power...kicked out of the guild I though was home, were I thought were my nakamas, were I had hope....but all it really has done to me was crush me,they took everything away from me ...I was kicked out and called their Fallen...

  • crash & burn
    8.2K 536 34

    When Gray's therapist insists that he attend the 'Creative Expressions' program, Gray hates the idea. Talking about his emotions isn't going to help - he already knows how he feels. He's angry, betrayed, bitter and in constant pain, and no amount of painting or poetry is going to change that. Then he meets Natsu - a c...

    Completed   Mature
  • Days with You [Gratsu AU] Discontinued
    182K 7.8K 51

    I'm rewriting the book, please read the Days with You [Rewritten]. That is the on going version. Though I won't delete this old version

  • The Sparks of Ice
    2.8K 90 15

    This is a Gratsu fanfic. It's annual shipping day and when Natsu gets the results he can finally figure out his true feelings and so can someone else. • • • • INFO: Highest ranking 32 on fraxus Main ships are Gratsu (obviously) and a drabble of fraxus cos we all love a lil bit of laxus No smut sorry Complete I wrote...

  • I have something to tell you (Tododeku) COMPLETED
    250K 7K 29

    Midoriya has developed a massive crush on Todoroki but doesn't want to tell him how he feels in fear of being rejected.But one day Toodoroki says he has something very important to tell him. (My first fanfiction so please don't judge me if its bad.Characters and picture do not belong to me) Bruh this is an update from...

  • When Ends Meet [Gratsu] [Fairy Tail]
    67 6 2

    Gray Fullbuster had always thought of himself as self aware and witty. No matter the circumstances, he knew how to handle it and what to turn to. He was capable, he was smart, he was pretty handsome too. So why, when he saw the new student of Fairy Tail High walk in with a goofy smile, was he at a loss for words?

  • My Fluffy GraTsu One Shots
    130K 2.8K 25

    Highest Ranks : #594 in Romance (reached on 06/07/17) #5 under GraTsu (Reached on 17/02/19) Just Another GraTsu One shot book! *coughs* a fluffy one. Contains GraTsu. Seriously bitch? I can't see Gray bottoming, though it would be sexy AF!!! Anyways! No NatRay and GrUvia! 💞 Goal 150K 💞 I hope you enjoy the flu...

  • Silence
    43.3K 1.4K 26

    How would you feel if you watched your crush grow most of your life? Would you tell them how you feel? What if you felt your love for your crush was unrequited? Would your feelings for them change? Or not? And what would happen when your crush started to grow feelings for you? Even though they are getting married to...

  • next jen Mystreet Aphmau
    172 23 9

    zane and kawaii chan have a kid find out what this kid is😏

  • Her Mafia Boss
    353K 9.5K 45

    A mysterious girl transferred into a new school. Not just a new school, the worst possible school there could be in the entire country. -- Academy. Not only did she make a rather interesting entrance to the school on the day of the school's entrance ceremony, she also made quite an image on the young, world-known, and...

  • After All This Time || A Fairy Tail Fanfiction
    4.4K 603 34

    In this small corner of Earthland lies the hustling and bustling country of Fiore where the biggest and most prestigious school of the Fiore Companies is located. This school is known for it's above average Academic levels and prodigies in the Fine Arts as well as another thing. Friendships in this school are said to...

  • Forgotten Smile || A Lisanna Strauss Short-Story
    437 27 4

    "Make sure you always stay close to Natsu. When the comrades he trusts are near him... Natsu gets even stronger." ~Lisanna Strauss (To Lucy Heartfilia) I'm a good friend... I'm Natsu's first friend... Yet after I've come back, everyone I've known has changed. Especially Natsu. It's safe to say nobody remembered me...