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On the run [Completed] (Fairy Tail Fanfic) NaLu by Chocolate-Cupcakes
On the run [Completed] (Fairy Chocolate-Cupcakes
Set after the GMG, Lisanna witnesses an affectionate exchange between Natsu and Lucy. She refuses to accept that and will go great lengths to get the blond out of the wa...
Childhood ( A NaLu Fairy Tail FanFiction) by IzumiIre
Childhood ( A NaLu Fairy Tail 和泉アイレ(Izumi Ire)
Lucy Heartfillia, the Daughter of the famous Heartfilia Family, was always sheltered from the outside. Curious as she is, She plans to see the world where she have no i...
Their Secret Comfort (A Nalu Fanfic) by XxAt_My_limitxX
Their Secret Comfort (A Nalu XxUr_Fav_CrackheadxX
Nastu and Lucy have been in a relationship for two years, it started not long after they first met. They decided to keep it a secret from the rest of the guild. But a...
Nalu❤️My Ex-boyfriend Is The Mafia Boss by SkyressDragneel
Nalu❤️My Ex-boyfriend Is The Skyress Dragneel
Lucy Heartfilia daughter of Jude and Layla Heartfilia of love and lucky inc now as a counselor has just moved back to Magnolia after 5 years in America and she was able...
Starchild (Fairy Tail) (NaLu) by NaLu_Spirit
Starchild (Fairy Tail) (NaLu)by Moe
Elara Abbey was a name that hadn't crossed Lucy's mind in the years since her mother's death. Lucy had grown past that, moved on from her one-time friend, to better thin...
Life in a Tribe | NaLu by lubylu111
Life in a Tribe | NaLuby lucy
The Fairy Tail Tribe is split in two; "The Male Tribe" and "The Female Tribe". In The Female Tribe live best friends Lucy, Levy, and Juvia. They grew...
I Married the Runaway Bride💍[ NaLu ] by Astral_Fairy
I Married the Runaway Bride💍[ Astral_Fairy
《 COMPLETED 》 Lucy Heartfilia was bound to marry her childhood friend only for business, that she never wanted to happen. So she decided to runaway during their wedding...
Lucy's Birthday by uroyaltrashiness
Lucy's Birthdayby TrashQueen
When Fairy Tail finds out that Lucy has never gotten a birthday present, they all decide to have a competition on who can get her the best gift. Who will win?
My Beloved Fake Wife -Nalu AU by _thefairytailnalu_
My Beloved Fake Wife -Nalu AUby Tiffany
Famous actor, Natsu Dragneel, hosts auditions. But for what actually? He needs a fake wife to come with him on a family gathering. Meanwhile, Lucy Heartifila, a woman wi...
I still know you | NaLu  by BunnyLuce
I still know you | NaLu by Luce ♥️
[Completed] Lucy couldn't help but envy her guildmates. They knew each other since they were children, had cool stories to tell and just seemed so nostalgic with each...
Back to the Start(nalu) by shmmmmm
Back to the Start(nalu)by shmmmmm
After a terrible accident leading to the death of someone he couldn't imagine losing, Natsu somehow wakes up on the day they had first met. He believes someone has give...
The Rogue & The Alpha by MysticalLover02
The Rogue & The Alphaby MysticalLover02
Alpha Natsu's out hunting near the border of Fairy Tail's territory when he hears a painful whine coming from the bushes. He found the source to be a beautiful blonde fe...
Fairy Tail's Little Princess by MysticalLover02
Fairy Tail's Little Princessby MysticalLover02
It was just a normal day in Fairy Tail until Natsu played around with a potion and accidentally turned Lucy into a 1 year old baby. Taking responsibility for his actions...
Natsu the Dragon King? by MalfyT
Natsu the Dragon King?by MalfyT
Its mating season for the dragon slayers and Natsu is feeling things for a certain someone. Will they complete the mating process? If they do what will happen? Read to f...
The dark dragon( a nalu fanfiction)[completed] by lu-chan101
The dark dragon( a nalu love_lu
Lucy Heartfilia a was celestial Mage, sad after she had just figured out that her boyfriend sting had cheated on her, with one of her best friends.Because of this she ha...
The Lonely Girl Is Not So Lonely by PrincessSakura79
The Lonely Girl Is Not So Lonelyby PrincessSakura79
Read to find out what happens in the story
Jealousy (Nalu Fanfic) by Blue0203
Jealousy (Nalu Fanfic)by Blue0203
Natsu gets jealous when Lucy brings her boyfriend to the guild. ONE-SHOT
✔| Celestial training ~ (Nalu) by Ashy_Doki
✔| Celestial training ~ (Nalu)by Ash ♥
Natsu, Erza, Gray decides to go on a +6 years mission without Lucy. Lucy, wanting to make them proud when they'll come back decides to go training with her celestial spi...
Lacerate by rianneannette
Lacerateby ♥︎
(Completed) Gray didn't understand his feelings. Did he hate her? Did he love her? He couldn't see her hurt. But did he know he hurt her? One mission went wrong. They wa...
OUR FUTURE CHILDREN?!?! by RoyalTKingdom223
OUR FUTURE CHILDREN?!?!by ✵☾tay ☾✵
It was a ordinary day in the Fairy Tail guild, until the middle of the guild is filled with purple smoke. Once the smoke disappears children appear in the middle of the...