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  • the boys i've loved and the end of the world
    265K 11.5K 73

    for the ones who used to love me, the ones who broke my heart, and the one who loves me now. and for you. for all of you. ~ catarine hancock's debut poetry collection. covering topics like love, heartbreak, feminism, growth, and more, these select poems from her book will tug at both your heartstrings and your mind.

    2.3K 531 81

    Right from the depths of Literature, I bring you this gift of poetry, Wherein each word has a deeper meaning, an unsolved mystery, Wherein even a line can convey tons of long forgotten history, Because the best way I can express myself is by the expressions from a poet's dictionary. Poetry is a divine marvel...

  • A Thousand Storms
    9.5M 541K 56

    When Everly Reed collides with the cynical and devilishly handsome Mason Valdez, she knows trouble is ahead, but she never could have guessed how much she would be drawn to the storm. ***** Nineteen-year-old Ever Reed likes when things make sense...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stupidly In Love Again (PUBLISHED UNDER LIB)
    7.9M 217K 23

    If you ask Charry Pineda, if there's one person she wants to erase from her life, she won't hesitate to say Brixx Harris -- her first boyfriend and also first major heartbreak from five years ago. But what if, after five years ago, they meet again? What will Charry do? Nothing. Because she is sure herself that she...

  • Fleeter (Ongoing)
    34K 2.9K 24

    *FEATURED PREVIOUSLY ON WATTPAD PICKS* In a time far off in the future, there are no lands, nor countries, nor strife. Cities hover in the sky. Robots are on every street corner. And life in the great metropolis of New Ramona thrives under the leadership of its mayor, Juliette Warner. But the peace is about to be brok...