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The Escuri War by AkaiShinkirou
The Escuri Warby Lore
Darkness looms over the lands of Whethir. Powerful warriors from all corners of the world will have to work together with mysterious beings of water and air in order to...
Thread of Gold by JKMacLaren
Thread of Goldby J K MacLaren
A hidden princess must outsmart a young king to reclaim her throne. The only problem? He's more charming than she expected. ** "Tell me that you hate me." Ryn...
The War God's Woman by moonkeeper
The War God's Womanby moonkeeper
Ares, the God of War, is exiled from Olympus. In the modern world, he encounters Sage - a young woman being stalked by a dangerous gangster. They should have parted way...
The Witch and the Dragon - Beta by lemedlock
The Witch and the Dragon - Betaby lemedlock
-- ALPHA VERSION AVAILABLE -- https://mailchi.mp/6d58dbd7e3cb/freefantasynovella Dragons like princesses. Everyone knows that. But the kingdom of Teana is pretty lacking...
The Dragon Chase: A Tale of the Everburning City by Arveliot
The Dragon Chase: A Tale of the Ev...by Arveliot
There is no night in the Everburning City. There can never be. ***** For four hundred years the Eve...
The Guildmaster Thief by JakeKerr0
The Guildmaster Thiefby Jake Kerr
From Nebula, Sturgeon, and StorySouth Award nominee Jake Kerr comes the story of Ralan, a street rat who rises to become the guildmaster of Ness' underworld. Featuring a...
Dragon Kin - Awakening by EFLeah
Dragon Kin - Awakeningby EFLeah
*Book 1 in the DragonKin series* Vada and her siblings spend their days carving out a living in the Rystwith Mountain village of Riska. Together they live as outcasts i...
Rosehill Irregulars: The Closed City by Smotherworldly
Rosehill Irregulars: The Closed Ci...by Trevor Armstrong
*If all goes according to plan, this should be updated every Friday @ 8:00 PM EST Two years ago an unlikely bunch banded together to defend the hamlet of Rosehill...
Warrior Of Light [Complete/Editing] by EEPhoenix
Warrior Of Light [Complete/Editing]by E. E. Phoenix
Having a Gift is supposed to be good. But Edileth's feels more like a curse. Vowing to hide her abilities post-catastrophe, she leads a simple, disciplined life as Capta...
Inheritance, Book One by CathalAshenhand
Inheritance, Book Oneby Cathal Ashenhand
Iruka takes Mizuki's shuriken to the back in place of Naruto. Thinking Iruka to be dead, Naruto loses control and prepares to unleash the Kyuubi, however before he can t...
The War God's Woman 2 by moonkeeper
The War God's Woman 2by moonkeeper
Sequel to 'The War God's Woman'. Ares, the God of War, is in love with a mortal named Sage. Can an interfering Eros help the lovers to reunite? [Cover made by Aurora_Dr...
Acquiescence by BeanzBanana
Acquiescenceby Rachele
*UNFINISHED/COMPLETE* '"Are you happy here?" Truly, I wanted to know if I made her happy. The Abrelian princess, to my dismay, shook her head, "Would you...
Winter Fire [ Book 1 ] ✔ by tallisaurus
Winter Fire [ Book 1 ] ✔by Avelley Ellis
On the second jump, Claire's bad leg gave way and she felt herself tumbling forward. A cry of surprise escaped her and Claire was certain she was about to topple off the...
Dual Sword God by ShadowsFinger
Dual Sword Godby Shadows Finger
In the Bright Flame Kingdom, there exists a small town known as Machen town. A boy of age 15 called Feng Yu was beaten to death by the son of the Xiang clan. Upon his de...
A Kingdom's Secrecy (Book #1) by heytheregisela
A Kingdom's Secrecy (Book #1)by Sela P.
[BOOK #1 in the Secrets of Aristol series] Preparing herself to become a queen her mother would've been proud of has always mattered most to Elouise. So, when she myster...
Erivale: The Lost Princess by KroseWriter
Erivale: The Lost Princessby KRS
Amberleigh had been recklessly traveling between realms for years (accidentally, of course) unsure of how or why she continually found herself in a world called Erivale...
The Currents of Magic by daniel_glasgow
The Currents of Magicby Daniel Glasgow
Meyer Brant has lived in the Outlands his entire life. Sometimes Traders bring magical artifacts from the Great Realms and other far off lands, but otherwise he is remov...
A Secret Man of Blood by GaryRiddell
A Secret Man of Bloodby GaryRiddell
Spectres are agents of the Samarian Empire, the first line of defence before diplomats or the military are required. Immune from prosecution and trained to use powerful...
The Ember Thief by adxeventide
The Ember Thiefby adxeventide
War is outlawed. The great houses now challenge for territories by putting forward their best champions, known as Chimeras, to compete in the brutal Quintail tournament...
The Fall Of Grace (Fall Series #1) by ReiAnn-Chan
The Fall Of Grace (Fall Series #1)by Rei Ann
In a world where peculiar beings existed, where thousands of castles stand tall, where inhumane strength and high intellect are possible. That there are things that cann...