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Elemental Witch: Child of the Earth (Part I) by BksbyBkr
Elemental Witch: Child of the Eart...by Jaci Calemonte
A thousand years ago humans landed on the shores of Clairval, seeking refuge from wars, famines and disaster and forged an uneasy truce with the wild Feysha. No one in t...
Blaze in the Darkness | ✔ by FireAlwaysReturns
Blaze in the Darkness | ✔by Jane Barnaby
The death of the Beast Collector was the beginning of a new life for firefox kit Zanixa. Sold to werewolves as an illusion in a bottle, the pack is reluctant to take res...
The Dragon Chase: A Tale of the Everburning City by Arveliot
The Dragon Chase: A Tale of the Ev...by Arveliot
There is no night in the Everburning City. There can never be. ***** For four hundred years the Eve...
Destined by pdimitriou2726
Destinedby pdimitriou2726
"Don't run, Callida, I'll catch you." Callida is a human girl living in the harsh world of Desa. She is bound to Gaisgeil, the Lord of Desa, a cold and cruel r...
The Witch and the Dragon - Beta by lemedlock
The Witch and the Dragon - Betaby lemedlock
Dragons like princesses. Everyone knows that. But the kingdom of Teana is pretty lacking in maids of the royal variety - which must be why Alannah finds herself tied to...
The King Trials. by Xabela_Xania
The King Trials.by The HighSoverreigness.
"Destiny is an ancient calling, one that cannot be silenced or be ignored. Your destiny calls out to you, Aurora. And one day, you will be ready to answer it."...
The Rangers of Aleera by IceQueenofMitera
The Rangers of Aleeraby PT Lane
Jelina was content with the life she leads. As a Ranger in fairly peaceful country of Aleera, she thought she would spend her days fighting the nuisance Wolf Brothers an...
The Light of Elysium by MayaR-31
The Light of Elysiumby Maya
Book 1 (complete) - Veterinary student Elle wants to travel, but she doesn't plan on getting pulled into a magical kingdom by a unicorn. Thrust into an adventure in a la...
May Shadows Reign (Book 2 of The Lost Queen Series) by ssmith314
May Shadows Reign (Book 2 of The L...by Stephanie Smith
The Visrel sisters have been reunited, but their lives will never be the same. Seraiah is wracked with guilt for the lives she thinks she could have saved. She is deter...
The Demigod Revolution by IIAPOLLYII
The Demigod Revolutionby IIAPOLLYII
He's done being their pawn. He's tired of fighting their wars, doing their quests, and seeing his friends die all for nothing. He's sick of being the Gods's plaything. E...
Cogs Of Cinder by Unkultured
Cogs Of Cinderby CJ
Book One Of The Dustless Chronicle ZAHRA has broken the seventh tenet of her people but not by choice. A wraithborne caught in a never-ending cycle of life and gruesome...
Until Eternity //  An Eternals Story by GraterGrace
Until Eternity // An Eternals Sto...by Grace
"We are Infinite." In which a powerful, unloved girl finds purpose in the hands of beings greater than infinity. "She believed she could, and so she did...
Of Gods & Valkyries: Book Three by Skyler_Wilde
Of Gods & Valkyries: Book Threeby S. Wilde
The gods have never been more alive. Or powerful. Tayah and Kára believe themselves to be the last surviving originals of the five gods, only they could not be more wron...
A Storm of Chaos (The Hunter Legacy #1) by SJ_Holder
A Storm of Chaos (The Hunter Legac...by Stephanie Holder
Decades ago there were Hunters, people who inherited an ancient power gifted by the gods and who protected the world from the nightmarish creatures known as Reapers. But...
Wiggin Academy and the Forbidden Curse ✔ by AmandeepKaur654
Wiggin Academy and the Forbidden C...by A. K. Kaur
★Featured in Official HighFantasy profile HOGWARTS | Magic and Mages★ ★Featured in Official Wattpad Fantasy | Ambassadors profile; Young Adult Fantasy★ ★Featured in Offi...
Dawn of the Nephilim by Joramblut
Dawn of the Nephilimby Joramblut
The Nephilim cycle, #1 When the bond was broken, the world was set aflame. The children rose, to take the fathers crown. Two races broken, and they alone to blame. The w...
Down the Rabbit Hole - Book Four by AutumnFrost22
Down the Rabbit Hole - Book Fourby Autumn Frost
Only days after securing her Vorpal Throne, Alice Adara's reign is thrown into utter chaos as Raetri is invaded by hostile World Walkers from an alternate reality. Despe...
Descent into Hell (Titanfall 2 x Akame Ga Kill) by code066
Descent into Hell (Titanfall 2 x A...by code066
After an extremely covert operation goes terribly wrong, Elite SRS pilot "Razor" Wilson finds himself on a strange new planet and is quickly thrust, against hi...
When Kingdoms Fall (Book 3 of The Lost Queen Series) by ssmith314
When Kingdoms Fall (Book 3 of The...by Stephanie Smith
Fate cannot be fought... but it can be played. Once again, the Visrel sisters are separated, but this time, it is by choice. Or so they think. Sterling has chosen to re...
The Chronicles of Havengard: Realms Unveiled by YoKeisho18
The Chronicles of Havengard: Realm...by Yō Keishō
[Cover design: CANVA] In the depths of Havengard, where the realms are poised on the precipice of destiny, "The Chronicles of Havengard: Realms Unveiled" weave...