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ATP by _AtlasD
ATPby Atlas Dyanthus
This story is not mine. For offline reading purpose only. ㅡ As tragedy befalls Xin Siyue, she soon finds herself transmigrated into a novel world as a character. To her...
Martial God Asura [English] by Henrolex
Martial God Asura [English]by Henry Ezeh
Chu Feng is the main protagonist of the novel Martial God Asura. He is a member of the Chu Family in the Azure Province of the Nine Provinces Continent. Struggling for r...
Still Learning To Live As A Cultivator by Ebonsolaris
Still Learning To Live As A Cultiv...by Ebonsolaris
The continuation of Learning To Live As A Cultivator When Leon awoke in another realm, beneath the fist of another, he had no clue how to deal with the change. But now...
I am a cheat in wuxia world by CrescentRose11
I am a cheat in wuxia worldby Crescent Rose
Kira is your not everyday normal girl. She a girl who's good at everything she does and likes to learn about everything and the only person with an IQ of 500 on Earth...
Among The Bamboo Trees by merida40
Among The Bamboo Treesby LiFuyao
A modern girl transmigrated into a wuxia world. What would her life be like? Who is her Mr.Right? Can she survive in this martial arts world? *This is my original work...
Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss by GeraldineTolosa8
Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eld...by Geraldine Tolosa
For offline purposes only.. pls dont report credit to the author credit to the translator credit to the editor please enjoy!!!
One-click Cultivation System by NovelDragon_Eizen
One-click Cultivation Systemby ND_Eizen
"Ding!" The first function is activated. Initiate auto-conditioning. The training speed is equivalent to that of a super monster! " "Ding!" &quo...
Blind and Bereft by scmimi
Blind and Bereftby mimi
In order to uncover the mystery behind her sister's death, Li Jingrui will stop at nothing even if she must become a palace maid to serve a stern bastard prince for eter...
Poison Physician Consort (1) by -pink1panther3-
Poison Physician Consort (1)by statvesque
Disclaimer:Neither the picture nor the content belongs to me. They are uploaded here, not for any bad purpose but for entertainment only. Disclaimer:This story is not tr...
A Fan traveller by Anya-julie2003
A Fan travellerby Anya-julie2003
This story is haunting me since I read Mo zao Du Shi and I just wanted to put it on paper. A fan a their story is reborn one hundred year before the story begin as Bao S...
[COMPLETED] If The Deep Sea Forgets You by ShalieSalie
[COMPLETED] If The Deep Sea Forget...by NovelLover
Title: If The Deep Sea Forgets You Author/s: Su Fuling, 苏茯苓 Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios Genre: Mystery- Modern Status: Complete When Xia Qingyi wakes...
Master Fu's Beloved Petite Wife Is Calling for Divorce Again by soundof_couprang
Master Fu's Beloved Petite Wife Is...by haniniyoyo
Su Yu had loved Bo Yunian for five years. She did not hesitate to break off all ties with her family to marry him. However, once Grandpa Bo passed away, she was framed a...
The Rebirth Of The Evil Goddess by Tower0fTears
The Rebirth Of The Evil Goddessby Tower0fTears
In the Lian Mountains, lies a dormant spirit by the name of Daiyu. A Mountain Deity of renowned power and strength, she met her demise at the hands of love. Waging war a...
Titan's Throne by theonionjunktion
Titan's Throneby The Onion Junktion
30 year old Bastian Smith died and reincarnated in a different body in a word different from earth. The body he was in was that of a 12 year old noble boy. Bastian was a...
The Silent Guard (mxm) by TheoryKierei
The Silent Guard (mxm)by TheoryKierei
Sometimes, words are not necessary. Zen has been mute since the day he was born. Having grown up unwanted and on the streets, he unexpectedly found himself a hero in the...
The Untamed Princess by JudeBelinda
The Untamed Princessby Belinda Strong
***THE WATTYS 2021 & 2022 - SHORTLISTED ENTRY*** The fragile peace between the two ancient kingdoms of Han and Jin is put at risk when traitors within Han start sowing...
Ancient God (Ancient Love Poetry) by lisusu17
Ancient God (Ancient Love Poetry)by Kia
[COMPLETED] When the ordinary human encounters difficulties and separation in his life, he can nevertheless resort to praying to the Gods and to Buddha - but what if one...
Never Let You Go, Again by WangXianLovingLotus
Never Let You Go, Againby FieryPhoenix
"Wei Ying..." "Lan Zhan. I'm fine. Leave this to me. Hurry!" said the younger, with his smile that never reached the eyes. "No, Wei Ying, I wil...
[DISCONTINUED] Now Different Lives I Lead by ReynDay
[DISCONTINUED] Now Different Lives...by RegrettingMyLifeDecision
He had long accepted his fate. He knows that he's living on borrowed time. Regrets. Thank yous. Apologizes. Too many to say, too little time. Then the darkness claimed h...
System Update Every second(mm translation) by momohana_myu20
System Update Every second(mm tran...by မက်မွန်ပွင့်🌸
Translator=God system&momohana တနေ့တော့Systemတစ်ခုနဲ့ ရဲ့ဟန်ချိတ်ဆက်မိသွားသည်။ဝမ်းသာအားရနဲ့ပျော်မလိုရှိသေး systemသည် 99%စုတ်နေလေသည်။ ""မင်းကစုတ်နေတော့ ဘယ်နားသွ...