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Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping (Part 1) by kpoplov
Quick Transmigration Female kpoplov
Luo Qing Chen is a wondering spirit that died thirty thousand years ago, roaming the Choas Space. In order to not turn into dust, she is bound by an ice cold system to t...
Overlord, love me tender by L0st_Gur1
Overlord, love me tenderby L0st_Gur1
In the 21st century, she was the talented leader of the hidden family clan, once she crossed over, she became the number one waste? Break off an engagement? A good-for-n...
Comeback of the Abandoned Wife ( Book 1 ) by arkenlox
Comeback of the Abandoned Wife ( Yashimaru Yusako
FOR OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY Alternate name: Rebirth of the Loser Wife Author name: Jin Yuanbao Translator: Guy Gone Bad Source: Flying Line+ Summary: After Wu Ruo dies, he...
Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Young Miss by InterstellarInventor
Shocking Venomous Consort: Inventor Of The Interstellar...
The destitute young miss of the Ling family was weak, had lowly qualifications, was ugly and frequently bullied. In the end, she was pushed into the freezing river by he...
ကျင့်ကြံခြင်း၏ ရည်ရွယ်ချက် by ngwesinthetwai
ကျင့်ကြံခြင်း၏ ရည်ရွယ်ချက်by Dardar
လီစု၀မ်သည် သာမာန်ကျောင်းသူလေးတစ်ဦးဖြစ်ပြီး တက္ကသိုလ်၀င်ခွင့်စာမေးပွဲဖြေဆို၍အိမ်ပြန်ချိန်တွင် အိမ်မှမိခင်ကထွက်ခွာသွားခဲ့သည်။ သူမမိခင်ထားခဲ့သောဖခင်၏အမွေပစ္စည်းလေးက စု၀မ်ရဲ...
LK | The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife by Rosabella365
LK | The King of Hell's Genius Nitwit!Blubber!Oddment!Tweak!
This is not my own story.. However, it is one of my favourite novels and I thought of sharing it in the form of an LK adaptation. Neither the story nor the picture...
Rebirth Space: Ace Spicy Wife, Don't Get Angry by Qwinesty
Rebirth Space: Ace Spicy Wife, Anyanwu Chioma Esther Happine...
The people in the capital never thought that one day the legendary big man could spoil a woman so much that he was willing to give what he had. Before rebirth, Qin Tiany...
(1) The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife by mylovess2013
(1) The King of Hell's Genius mylove
At the feast of the Gluttonous House's auction, there was a little girl with an exceptional furnace constitution for offer at a sky-high price. Everyone wanted to lay th...
Divine Genius Healer by MelyEly
Divine Genius Healerby MelyEly
Ye Qingli is the daughter of an Imperial Businessman's first wife, wealthy and overbearing. But because of her mother's early funeral, she suffered utter oppression and...
My Mother Got Rich After Running With the Baby by Qwinesty
My Mother Got Rich After Running Anyanwu Chioma Esther Happine...
Mo Fan has been cultivating to become an immortal for "thousands of years" in the cultivation world. The Emperor Realm was just a hand reach. She was about to...
Genius Ninth Princess by fantastiee
Genius Ninth Princessby PurpleMoonlight
She's known for her timid side and a good for nothing. She's the beloved ninth daughter of the Emperor who gave her the crown princess position. Her sisters poisoned h...
[1] Transmigrating into a Short-lived White Moonlight, had a HE with the Villain by seravnsmk
[1] Transmigrating into a Sera
Sang Yuanyuan transmigrated into a sadistic romance ancient fantasy novel, becoming the male lead's ill-fated beautiful white moonlight that died early. The male lead lo...
The Benevolent Miracle Doctor [Completed] [In Progress of Editing] by RosminCos
The Benevolent Miracle Doctor [ RosminCos
The famous martial artist Lian Daiyu was at the top of the ranks and no one could rival against her with miraculous medicines that she created, even high ranked doctor h...
The Demon Lord Only Wants to Follow the Script by ducksbuttocks
The Demon Lord Only Wants to duck 🦆
魔尊只想走剧情 Status : 74 Chapters + 2 Extras (Completed) Author : Jimo Yao Fang Li transmigrated into the cannon fodder gong demon lord of a dogblood novel. The demon lord'...
Prophecy Of The Stars by amaranaira
Prophecy Of The Starsby fenghuang
Betrayal from her lover and best friend lead to her death.She was reborn as the unfavoured daughter of Wan family.A place where cultivation was respected, she was a tra...
The Healer Demands Payment! by xiujunzhen
The Healer Demands Payment!by zane
Original Title : 我们医修救人要钱 Author : 糖山月 NU Link : Translation: Sypnosis: In the past, ther...
Into the world of Medicine 1 by GraysheildF
Into the world of Medicine 1by Graysheil dela Fuente
This is one of my favorite novel. Read this for at least more than 5 times. 🖤 Credits to the original owner. ⚠️⚠️⚠️This story is just for my keeps and I corrected some...
✓After the big guy Xiuzhen dressed as interstellar cannon fodder by ruwen05026
✓After the big guy Xiuzhen Jieun
Author: Chitose Zhao Category: Crossing Rebirth As the last cultivator of the Last Law Era, Song Xi had only two goals. The first is to ascend. The second is to propagat...
Learning To Live As A Cultivator by Ebonsolaris
Learning To Live As A Cultivatorby Ebonsolaris
Leon died very peacefully and quietly in his home world, in fact he hadn't even been aware of his death. When he awoke, he wished he had died. Now he is in a world where...
Legend of The Mythlogical Genes by Kyaroru-Sama
Legend of The Mythlogical Genesby Kyaroru-Senpai
Legend Of The Mythological Genes summary: Every myth and legend is a path to Godhood! When humans enter the interstellar era, ancient cultivation techniques shone with n...