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The triplets (wmmap) by monkeywa
The triplets (wmmap)by ExclusiveVibes
Hari, Yuri and lee jun shi were recrainted as sibling in the novel called 'Lovely Princess' Hari who was as assassin in her past life, now is second princess Amara de al...
The Villainess Strikes Back by hosase
The Villainess Strikes Backby hosase
On a cold, wintery evening of November, Rael dies in a car accident. No, rather gets killed by some unknown force. Probably an act of God. As the wind breezes, and the...
It's My First Time Being Loved by Ayameae
It's My First Time Being Lovedby Amelia
"A baby girl was born!" I started my 100th life again. Oh, my God. I didn't want to be reborn anymore because I always had a terrible life. But this time the D...
Elise Does What She Wants! by dumbothefatlion
Elise Does What She Wants!by your idiot son
Elise Adeline von Soria is the kingdom's one and only true princess - well, until she is executed. Sentenced by her own father and two brothers, Elise has no choice but...
Loki Beyond Magic and Mischeif by wizardic
Loki Beyond Magic and Mischeifby wizardic
On the day of Loki's judgment , horrifying secrets and truth are revealed. There is much more to the trickster and liesmith the whole Asgard knows. He is not what others...
The Evil Lady will change. by hosase
The Evil Lady will hosase
" Violet Elias, eldest daughter of Duke Elias, as for attempted murder and intensionally harming a noble, you will be striped off your title and be given a lifetime...
Villainous Husband, the One You're Obsessed With is Over There by Fat_Potatoe1
Villainous Husband, the One You'
I do not own nor translate this novel, I just correct any mistakes All credit goes to the author and translater, I just correct any mistake in grammar or typo. For offli...
I am reincarnated as dramatic elder sister by Ruby-pearl-alferd
I am reincarnated as dramatic Sapphire
Aria is a person who was excellent at everything she did with a cold and domitering and kind attitude but she had one problem she was never good in family talk since her...
Just for you by taekook_my_heart56
Just for youby taekook_my_heart
A story of two boys who couldn't make their love story complete in thier previous life . That's why God gave them a chance The two boys born again to complete their inc...
The villainess's revenge by SimpforTeddyBear
The villainess's revengeby Legendary Truck~sama
Trust is a vile and monstrous thing It disguises itself as a strength, To hide it's true, ugly form No one has come face to face with the monster and lived another day...
who made me a non existent princess??? by Author_Rachel
who made me a non existent Rachelhtet2106
[Complete] I am a 16 years old modern girl who has lived my whole life in the hospital due to an unknown illness. After I've died because of that illness, I've found mys...
The Fate is changing...... (WILLIAM AFTON X READER) by susan23_88
The Fate is changing...... ( susan
Will u be able to change the dreadful fate which is bound to happen...? Will families be torn apart..?Will countless of innocent lives be saved?...Will u find your true...
Ash Reborn [ON HOLD]  by ALEXENAx
Ash Reborn [ON HOLD] by Ricario
In the kalos airplane there was a explosion all of the people inside were dead and there was a certain young boy inside of the plane too but this time his one of the dea...
A villainess secret by starryw1tch
A villainess secretby starryw1tch
I got in a car accident and woke up as the villainess who was soon going to be killed , I thought I had a chance to change my fate but the mainlead has already met the h...
Yandere Anime characters X reader by Animeboywifu
Yandere Anime characters X readerby I can’t help Simping
You were just a normal girl living a normal life. You didn't have any friends and were just making it by in school. You've never really felt strong connections with anyo...
Spirit Bullet: Neighboring World by Knightmare125
Spirit Bullet: Neighboring Worldby Knightmare
Marco Mizayo, better known as Empty, is a memory of a young boy. He wakes up in the neighboring world, where he encounters Itsuki Scott. To kill the mysterious Man, Scot...
EVIGHEDEN <For All Eternity> ||Yizhan Fanfic||  by LovelyBearXXX
EVIGHEDEN ||Yizhan Fanfic|| by RuddyStar✴️🌹
He was beyond the unknown... He was from a world that has never been heard of.... He was blessed.... He was from the heavens... He was once perfection.. But he was also...
Against Fate (Eternal Love of Dream/Pillow Book FanFic) by JOYHYT
Against Fate (Eternal Love of JOYHYT
This is a 'Modern Love Story' fanfiction based on Eternal Love of Dream drama series/Ten Miles Pillow Book Novel, written by Tang Qi Gong Zi. The storyline would be simi...
The Moon Is Beautiful, Isn't It? (Kokushibo/Michikatsu X Fem! Reader) by LizzysimpsforGiyuu
The Moon Is Beautiful, Isn't It? ( Lizzy Tomioka-
This all started way before Michikatsu turned into a demon. His former lover Y/n, died in his arms as he chose to be a demon. He held regret ever since, he wasn't there...
Oddity by KKephemeral by johanalpas
Oddity by KKephemeralby johan alpas
Oddity » Oddity - anything that doesn't belong. Living in Konoha in the wake of Second Shinobi War was not an easy task - especially for a Senju. Hatorama Senju found ab...