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Octonauts x Reader by timieundertale69
Octonauts x Readerby timieundertale69
You Y/N recently have become a physical therapist and have now started getting ready for the big wide world. But then a huge octopus like ship crashes in the coast...
Kwazii Oneshots  by lilcreati
Kwazii Oneshots by lilcreati
Just a bunch of random fluff/angst with the octonauts! • My favourite character is Kwazii, so it will focus on him. • Also, I love Kwazii's and the Captain's bond, so a...
Baby Bear by Uniquedoll602
Baby Bearby Uniquedoll602
Being the captain takes a lot of work, especially when you have to make it look easy. Everyone expects you too! For Captain Barnacles, it's just that. He makes it look s...
The Heroes of Aeseganora: Part 1 by KatieKat2005
The Heroes of Aeseganora: Part 1by KatieKat2005
In a world in jeopardy due to a slowly worsening magic crisis, a crew of anthropomorphic animal adventurers could hold the key to solving it... The first story in a fant...
Pokenauts by Octomon232
Pokenautsby Octomon
Pokenauts is a story where a pikachu, a houndoom, a houndour, a fennekin, an umbreon, a jolteon, a flareon, a vaporeon, a glaceon, a leafeon, and a sylveon come into the...
| That Tired Body | by hospitalized_gerbil
| That Tired Body |by Hospitalized Gerbil
| He was tired. So, so tired. He pulled off his uniform and didn't even bother putting on his night clothes, only a loose, white tank top and a pair of sweatpants. He th...
Littlenauts by Octonauts16
Littlenautsby Madelyn Woods
I've been wanting to write this for a long time, writing The Octonauts has kids, doing these short stories! I hope y'all like it!
Rock A Bye Baby Sea Otter by Octonauts16
Rock A Bye Baby Sea Otterby Madelyn Woods
After an explosion happened in Shellington's lab. Captain Barnacles and Dashi saw the whole of what happened to Shellington. The Scientist turned himself into a baby ott...
The Octonauts and the mysterious world of Pokémon  by Bonnetie
The Octonauts and the mysterious w...by Bonniegurl:>
This was just a fun short idea I had for something to keep you guys occupied with wile I work on my main one! This is just a fun little thing! Enjoy!
A Different Kind of Help by Uniquedoll602
A Different Kind of Helpby Uniquedoll602
PTSD. Everyone knows what that is, right? Captain Barnacles suffered a major shark attack, and was knocked out for two weeks...or so he thought. When he wakes up in a ps...
The Octonauts and The Werewolf and The Siren (DISCONTINUED) by Owly_TheAnimator
The Octonauts and The Werewolf and...by Ultimate Creator
Peso, Kwazii, Shellington and Dashi are in the coral reefs, the day is going fine until something fell from the surface into sea. When they got there to see what it was...
Octonauts: Fact No Cap by ImTheKinderSurprise
Octonauts: Fact No Capby Alien the ENFP
The best, most cutest and binge worthy octonauts One-shots! I also have a few headcanons and a bunch of other random ideas and stories I have about the Octonauts charact...
The Island of Fear (complete) by isobeljones2000
The Island of Fear (complete)by Izzy
This is a collaborative story between KateSeleneMelody3OCS and isobeljones2000, otherwise known as Sierra and Izzie! A normal vacation turns into a nightmare when the Ve...
Octonauts oneshots 2 by skylargarmdon1
Octonauts oneshots 2by skylar flame garmadon
yeah... kinda reached the limet of 200 pages for my other octonauts oneshot book so hares part 2! some will be connected and some won't (I used AI (https://www.bing.com...
The Book of Random Stuff! by ShyArtisticPerson
The Book of Random Stuff!by Mangy/Gl1tCh
Well hello one and all!!! Welcome to the 'Book of Random Stuff'!! Here! We have lots of unique things! Such as.... One-shots! People's fan-art! Headcanons! And more! And...
The Odd Sister Out by thethirdweasleytwin
The Odd Sister Outby thethirdweasleytwin
"The middle child has it worse" Janine Margot Doxter knows that this is a lie. Being the younger sister of Dashi and Koshi, who were known as inseparable, myst...
I Promise You'll Get Better by Candy_Anderson
I Promise You'll Get Betterby Candy
Dashi and Shellington have always been close friends, right from the start of the Octonauts. So when Dashi is attacked by cone snails and is hit by the horrible after-ef...
Our Arctic Love (Human! Peso x Human! Barnacles) by AnimalLover331038
Our Arctic Love (Human! Peso x Hum...by AnimalLover331038
Tweak has recently made a new invention called the fish food generator (lol idk) with a simple push of a button the user can make fish food appear out of nowhere but whe...
 octonauts one shots ( Kid Friendly ) by Emberjewel
octonauts one shots ( Kid Friendl...by Emberjewel
want something funny to read that is decent to read with your parents you've come to the right place hope you enjoy! (I just want to make clear that there will never be...
The Octonauts and the Random Role Reversal by isobeljones2000
The Octonauts and the Random Role...by Izzy
After Tweak and Kwazii have a little dispute about who does the most challenging role in the crew, Captain Barnacles decides it would be good for everyone to try out som...