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Kwazii's little sister by Fred_is_always_alive
Kwazii's little sisterby Baby Fred
Kwazii has a little sister! check it out!
 Octonauts Parent scenario  by lulufox-qwq
Octonauts Parent scenario by Lulufox-qwq
This is just a bunch of scenarios of what would happen if you were adopted by the octonauts This is my first ever story so there will be mistakes here and there, I will...
The Octonauts and the Ferret Rescue by krumrvic000
The Octonauts and the Ferret Rescueby Vicky
2-year old Kiki had been abandoned on a cay for over 2 weeks. While swimming, She sees a Gup - Specifically Kwasii's - driving over to her. She tried to get back up but...
Strange... (Octonauts OC insert) by Touchthesky394658
Strange... (Octonauts OC insert)by Touch TheSky
Mikua was always the 'Tomboy character' of the Octonauts. She was also the assistant engineer at the octopod. But she has a little secret.
OctoTexting by isobeljones2000
OctoTextingby Izzy
Ever wonder what the Octonauts get up to in their free time? What games and random conversations go on behind the scenes? What's going on between the frequent missions...
Octo-agent one shots by 2008baby
Octo-agent one shotsby Octo lover
This is my first story and I'm a bit nervous. So please don't hate me. One shots of the Octonauts and Octo-agents together on missions or just hanging out. Octonauts and...
captain barnacles x kwazii  by PixelPearl
captain barnacles x kwazii by Pixel Hughey
it's the octonauts, but gay. And, please enjoy😌💅. Also, cover art is NOT mine!!!!((Acctually, NONE of the art in here is mine))
I'm a Little Penguin by Uniquedoll602
I'm a Little Penguinby Uniquedoll602
This is a human Octonauts story, since those seem to be so popular. One day, the Octonauts wake up human-but why is Peso so small? And why is he so pudgy? And why is he...
Octo AU info by Snowball_Maltese
Octo AU infoby Snowball_Maltese
Some info about my Octonauts AU such as ages, relationships between the characters, OCs, backstories, and other random information. Please no hate no one likes that. I...
Do You Blame Yourself? by emmaslaffytaffy
Do You Blame Yourself?by em
Kwazii has been through a lot, but this time, he might just have to come to terms with himself. He's in denial about a few things, ranging from if he's good enough, to i...
Welding Hearts - An Octonauts Story Book 2 (complete) by isobeljones2000
Welding Hearts - An Octonauts Stor...by Izzy
Here's the sequel to Driving Lessons! Dashi and Shellington are now happily together, and Shellington has learnt to drive better with Dashi's help. Now Kwazii is under t...
Octonaut Captain barnacles x mermaid reader by crystalshine2000
Octonaut Captain barnacles x merma...by crystalshine2000
I am a mermaid I lived in England and people found out about me so I swam fare away and was the middle of no were then a massive water hole was takeing in and the next t...
Octonauts Oneshots by DolphinGirl123456
Octonauts Oneshotsby Zoe
A bunch of oneshots I come up with about Octonauts. Also any incorrect quotes and stuff. I love Octonauts way too much don't judge.
This Is Dashi by LoveFanfics2222
This Is Dashiby Opalescence
Dashi has always been the Octonaut's quiet, professional IT Officer and Photographer. She's never really been on any big missions, and she doesn't really mind. But when...
octonauts peso stories by Burritogirlboss
octonauts peso storiesby Burritogirlboss
this is my first fanfiction so sorry if there is any spelling or autocorrect mistakes To summarise the story up its basically going through pesos journey of being an oct...
The Octonauts- Kwazii's Surprise Birthday Party by sheriasha18_austin
The Octonauts- Kwazii's Surprise B...by sheriasha18_austin
It's Kwazii's Birthday and Tweak and the others plan to give him a surprise party.
Offline | An Octonauts Story by weebvee
Offline | An Octonauts Storyby weebvee
!This story contains the ship KxB (Kwazii x Barnicals) if you don't like, don't read! I haven't seen many Octonauts stories and I wanted to write one, so here we are! En...
Three Wishes by Uniquedoll602
Three Wishesby Uniquedoll602
It's night time, and time for all good Octonauts to go to sleep. But Barnacles still has to put his three children to bed. Just a bunch of one-shots about Peso, Kwazii...
Survival Mode by forensicoctonautfan
Survival Modeby Henry
There was been a zombie breakout in a famous city, Burkland. Dashi Smith is forced indoors along with her father, servant, and four refuge seekers who she hardly knows...
My Octonauts Drawings And Stuff ♡ by Snowball_Maltese
My Octonauts Drawings And Stuff ♡by Snowball_Maltese
Just some Octonauts drawings and some other things I've done over the past however long I've like the Octonauts. I do not own the Octonauts. All characters (except my OC...