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Before Sunday by LDCrichton
Before Sundayby LDCrichton
When Lola wishes for love, she doesn't expect it to appear so suddenly - or to come in the form of her husband 10 years in the future. ...
Lucky Peasant Woman: Raising kids and making wealth by NekoCatleya
Lucky Peasant Woman: Raising kids...by Catleya Dessa
Ater blowing up the car of her husband and his mistress. Gu Chunzhu a business entrepreneur, opened her eyes and transmigrated to Xiaohetou Village, Ming Dynasty which w...
Leaving Behind by BeaBYL241
Leaving Behindby BeaBYL241
Pete travels back in time to the day he first met Porsche. He wished to resign and live the life before he became a bodyguard of the major family to realize that it is i...
Draco Malfoy the time traveler  by Lover-24
Draco Malfoy the time traveler by Lover-24
Draco Malfoy finds himself back in third year with his memories that are now his future. What will he do? Will he change his fate and help others along the way? What wil...
There is an apocalyptic man in the village [Rebirth] (MTL) by maya-tot
There is an apocalyptic man in the...by Mia
Rebirth in the last days, Wu Qingyuan just wanted to find a safe place to live well. Using the memory of his previous life, he made sufficient preparations in modern tim...
The Sky မတူညီေသာေကာင္းကင္ (Complete)The Sky မတူညီသောကောင်းကင် (Complete) Zg+Uni by lovekiss519
The Sky မတူညီေသာေကာင္းကင္ (Complet...by Dreamy Paing
ေကာင္းကင္ျပာ အို... ေကာင္းကင္ျပာ မတူညီတဲ႔ ကာလတစ္ခုကေန လာေရာက္ခဲ႔တဲ႔အတြက္ အခ်စ္မ်ားစြာနဲ႔ ႀကိဳဆိုပါတယ္။ ဧည့္သည္တစ္ေယာက္မွန္း ကြ်နု္ပ္သိပါတယ္။ ဒါေပမဲ႔... ကြ်န္ုပ္ရဲ႕ႏွလံုး...
A chance to change the past (Complete) by Maihsu-97
A chance to change the past (Compl...by Mai Hsu
ဟမ်!!.. ငါ​​သေသွားပြီမဟုတ်ဘူးလား... ဘယ်လို​ဖြစ်ပြီးဒီအိမ်ကိုပြန်ရောက်နေတာလည်း!! ဘုရားသခင်က ဝမ်ရိပေါ်ဆိုတဲ့လူမိုက်ကြီးကို ဒုတိယအကြိမ်အခွင့်အရေးပေးတာများလား... ဟမ္!!.. ငါေ...
Rebirth : Rise of the Phoenix by Christina-Red-
Rebirth : Rise of the Phoenixby Christina Red💕
It all came down. Her wedding day became her funeral day. Her lover became her killer. And her best friend, a betrayer. She sinks deep down. It's the end, isn't it? Well...
The shadows by thatpiex
The shadowsby PieWarrioress
Naruto travels to the past to save humanity when the future is destroyed. He knows that to be successful, he must make sacrifices. He can't take the same path and expect...
Muggle | 𝐹𝑟𝑒𝑑 𝑊𝑒𝑎𝑠𝑙𝑒𝑦 by TinaX2
Muggle | 𝐹𝑟𝑒𝑑 𝑊𝑒𝑎𝑠𝑙𝑒𝑦by Tina Edwards
{𝗕𝗼𝗼𝗸 𝟭} Lexi Hooper has been a Harry Potter fan since the very start. One day, Lexi and her friend decide to go to King's Cross station for a memorable cosplay. Bu...
Celestial Soul | Tom Riddle ✔ by theclockworkghost
Celestial Soul | Tom Riddle ✔by ❝ 𝐋𝐞𝐱𝐢 ❞
"Nephilim are one of the most dangerous beings in all of creation." - The Angel Of Thursday; Castiel There's a girl in a green dress She's got eyes like fire...
Time travel to Mahabharata by SamWoodss1
Time travel to Mahabharataby Clexaroon
Join our protagonist as she becomes the most vital part of dharmstapna. Will she side with Kauravas or Pandavas? Will she help Pandavas unite with their eldest? Will sh...
karna's struggle: fulfilling the destiny by Parasanki
karna's struggle: fulfilling the d...by Parasanki
This story is about karna finding out being the eldest Kunti son and elder brother of pandavas, earlier during Mahabharata,and trying to mend the relationship between pa...
You in Real Life by amberkbryant
You in Real Lifeby Amber K Bryant
Mazie has fallen in love. Okay, maybe it's with the ghost of a boy from school she hates, but love conquers all, right? ...
Another Fate | Rebirth | BxB [Hiatus] by lyghtkio
Another Fate | Rebirth | BxB [Hiat...by Kioney
Another chance. Another love. Another fate. Imogen started out as a beggar and rose to the top of the Summoners world. He had it all. Success, love and friends. Until h...
Aevumiter by MarshmalowMilkshake
Aevumiterby Kae
Waking up at 12 Grimmauld Place wouldn't have been something concerning except for a few things. 1. Harry had fallen asleep in the Eighth years' dormitory. 2. He wasn't...
He With The Jewel Eyes // A Grey Harry Potter - Time Travel AU by shutiitt_real
He With The Jewel Eyes // A Grey H...by An Idiot (No Longer An Insomn...
Currently being re-written with 4 chapters published. There is nothing left in the future. Muggles kill all magical whether they be wizards or creatures. Hogwarts has fa...
Mildly Infuriating | Harry Potter Fanfiction by WizardShogi
Mildly Infuriating | Harry Potter...by Μ𝐚𝔤𝔦𝐜
Tom Riddle x Harry Potter Time-Travel fic Tom Marvolo Riddle does not do distractions. Tom Marvolo Riddle does not do failure. Yet, what is he to do when a certain clum...
SLOW UPDATES|||| "Fine! Damn the Timeline and dangers! I'm going to spill the beans-" "Spill the Dirigible Plums," interjected Luna. "-spill the...