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Finally Happy by FxckR3ality
Finally Happyby Social-Reject
What if Naruto could escape the hell he has been in for so long? What if Naruto could finally be happy? Even if it meant he's stuck with that damn bastard Sasuke
Love Potion Messup-Sasunaru by xoxogossipbitch113
Love Potion Messup-Sasunaruby Sara
What happened if Sasuke's crazy fans, give Sasuke a love potion and he falls for the wrong person? Are these feelings real? Or just the potion talking? SasuNaru
My Alphas by VicMalfoy19
My Alphasby Victoria Anderson
Uzumaki Naruto. A dominant yet feisty omega who can't learn his place for the life of him. In fact, many think he is indeed an alpha for how he acts. Of course a Submis...
The Wind To His Fire by platform128
The Wind To His Fireby PlatformNineAndThreeQuarters
'Did the teme just send him a smile? Was that a compliment? Why is he being so nice?' Naruto just can't figure out what is wrong with Sasuke. Time Travel.
The mask I've chosen by Iloveandhatewriting
The mask I've chosenby Your local Naruto Fan
Are you staying in Konoha? great. Can you say hi for me to a kid...? Don't worry it's impossible to miss him out. His hairs always reflect the light of the sun in them a...
Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze: the clan Genius by miriotamakinejire
Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze: the BrainCellDying
Facades are an ordinary part of the Ninja world and Naruto has his own too. What if Naruto was very intelligent and hid it? What if he knew about his heritage? Let's joi...
Naruto Memes/fanart  by QOD2003
Naruto Memes/fanart by Queen of Dragons
I wanna write but I know I'm too lazy so I'm just gonna post memes. I don't own Naruto or the memes I post.
This Time Around by miriotamakinejire
This Time Aroundby BrainCellDying
Naruto and Sasuke were the only ones left. Every one of their people had been killed by the goddess. The people who fought the war by their side, all of them. They try t...
the strippers kids by Blshipper1995
the strippers kidsby Blshipper1995
naruto uzumaki is a 15 year old stripper. His parents was famous for many things but when they died they left their life insurance only for when him and kurama turn 18...
photographs by Blshipper1995
photographsby Blshipper1995
naruto the hired babysitter for the spoiled sarada uchiha, but after playing with her he becomes lost in the giant uchiha house. when he searches to find an exit he sees...
Our babies by Yoaiismyweed
Our babiesby Yoaiismyweed
Naruto had just found out that Sasuke had been cheating on him, but Naruto is pregnant with his child.
Bakashi "obikaka" by kamrie0897
Bakashi "obikaka"by Kami <3
2 teenaged boys fell in love, but there was a tragic accident done to Obito Uchiha, his lover Kakashi Hatake, was deeply depressed after seeing his lover "die"...
Daddy's Boy by AddictedToSasuNaru
Daddy's Boyby SasuNaruWriter
When Sasuke was 7, his clan was massacred by one of their own. Nobody was willing to adopt Sasuke, so Naruto did. Naruto was 18 at the time and worked really hard. Sasuk...
Insomnia by Swim618
Insomniaby Taylor
Naruto develops a sudden case of insomnia and decides to train every night to battle it. Sasuke finds out and tries helping him so that Naruto can sleep like a regular p...
We see the future  by Anime_addict90
We see the future by Møøn
Konoha 12, the sand siblings, their parents, sensei's, the hokage all were send in a room were they will react to their future. (My first story)
Alpha's Mate (Sasunaru) by crazyfreakdeath
Alpha's Mate (Sasunaru)by crazyfreakdeath
Naruto is an omega who lives in a very poor condition and who does not let anyone mate him but what happens when an injured alpha takes advantage of him
//cinderella//{sasunaru} by I_meow_you2
//cinderella//{sasunaru}by Ambivalent Anonymous
Cinderella in sasunaru version. The story has changes and is altered to quite some extent. After Naruto's parents die, he shifts and on his 18th birthday his magical jou...
The Truth || SasuNaru by infolol
The Truth || SasuNaruby infolol
Boruto...He awakes his sharingan....but how? He's Naruto and Hinatas son...isn't he? SasuNaru || Infolol
mentally insane love by ship_story_maker
mentally insane loveby
sakura had to write a report on people from the asylum for her doctors degree as a final task in becoming a full fledged doctor, shizune (the owner of konohas asylum) al...