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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement by keizinana
She Shocks The Whole World After かずき
!!! FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES !!! - Alternative: 退圈后她惊艳全球 Author: Emperor's Song Genre: Romance Type: Chinese Webnovel Status: Ongoing - Synopsis: The Assertive Female Lead...
National Treasure Level Scholar by nyxiily
National Treasure Level Scholarby •_•
Ming Xia traveled back from the interstellar era. Her head is full of advanced theories and black technology, but she only wants to learn the ancient culture that has be...
Cannon fodder female supporting role in the 1970s by jeffelyncosme
Cannon fodder female supporting jeffelynC
Author: Song Qianyan Classification: Rebirth Through Status: Completed People in Songjiazhuang have been spreading rumors recently that Song Ruyi committed suicide by ju...
Villainess's Alternative by malignant185
Villainess's Alternativeby malignant185
Not everyone deserves the ending that Fate brings them. A woman killed in a hit-and-run, a task given by her best friend so she herself can obtain the wealth and fiance...
After Breaking Off My Marriage, I Became A Powerful Minister's Treasure by beautygail_27
After Breaking Off My Marriage,
Note: This is not MINE. It is for offline reading. I'll say it again it's not MINE its purpose is for offline reading. OK! Author: Blue White Plaids Translator: Dragon B...
euneirophrenia by am-rin
euneirophreniaby ً
"why is it that when i'm with you, i always have a peace of mind [male name]?" various genshin characters x male reader
Avoiding my Death Flags as the Villainess(Hiatus) by GoblinAuthor
Avoiding my Death Flags as the The Writing Goblin
This is the story of how I died on Earth, and was reincarnated into the body of the main villainess in my favorite otome game called Starfall. Come as I try to avoid dy...
I will never get divorced after wearing scum GL MTL by a54m1ismysoulm4t3
I will never get divorced after a5am1s4tois4hottie
穿成渣A后我绝不离婚 Author:久渡不渡 Zhu Qingran once passed through the book, forcing the overti...
老攻身患绝症[穿书] (Eng) by blnovelreader-k
老攻身患绝症[穿书] (Eng)by blnovelreader-k
Title: My Husband is Suffering from a Terminal Illness Xie Yang has spent many years in the apocalypse and is tired and worn out. Then he transmigrated into a simple and...
Marshal's Pregnant Little Mermaid  by AbbyKayeSabanilla
Marshal's Pregnant Little Mermaid by HeartStruck
Meeting The Transmigrator Punisher | Dark Link X OC by R4EL07
Meeting The Transmigrator Raven
A culinary arts college student named Raven Lynn Lunaire wakes up to find herself in a prison cell. "Am I dreaming?" Raven mutters to herself as she finds hers...
Quick Transmigration: FateMaker by malignant185
Quick Transmigration: FateMakerby malignant185
Last thing Talia remembers is being shoved from behind into oncoming traffic, resulting in a very bloody scene with a semi truck. " ties to this wo...
Journey And Memories (Wangxian ff) by canisiojoy
Journey And Memories (Wangxian ff)by Black Rose
this is mo DAO zu shi but I made this up. what if Jiang yanli,Jin zixuan,Xiao xingchen,song lan,wen Qing and the wen remnants actually didn't die. What if Wei Wuxian fou...
How to Tame an Ugly Bear by Ianlia
How to Tame an Ugly Bearby Liana
I don't have any idea yet for its synopsis. I am in quarantine and feeling bored. I just love bear so much and really want to make a story about it. So, I say, why not...
I Transmigrated in My Favorite Novel. by Rossia824
I Transmigrated in My Favorite Rossia
I was a normal university student untill... One day I suddenly got transmigrated into my favorite novel I always though that something like this happened in fantasy nove...
Cleaning the Female Dirtbags by malignant185
Cleaning the Female Dirtbagsby malignant185
The Task? To transfer from world to world and fix up the lives of the female scum she possesses while helping those who were wronged have a better life. Being an actres...
So I become the Mother of Male Lead  by LiondeLeo
So I become the Mother of Male Leonardo Leo
transmigrate >> pass into a Different body after its death Information: this story is mine, and a little bit of Chinese. Bare with me, This is my first time writin...
Transmigrated into the sickly beautiful younger sister of the Villain by Miho520
Transmigrated into the sickly Miho
Author: Fan Pai Lu Nian has transmigrated into a novel and become an insignificant and frail supporting female character. She is the heiress of the prestigious Lu family...
I Have a Shop of Infinite Resources  by eugene1228
I Have a Shop of Infinite Eugene
DISCLAIMER: The following content belongs to "Qiao Zhiyi". I am sharing it here for others who cannot purchase the story, and I do not claim ownership or autho...
master stop it by luciuslondra
master stop itby luciuslondra
wen Zhen was the master of a cute discipline but that cute one ended up being colored with the life's truth fill with darkness and injustice. this cute discipline of his...