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Herculean Strength by Rodelyn2403
Herculean Strengthby Rodelyn Cuadra
Part of the family with Herculean Strength, running in the women of the family. Yaesoon must prepare herself for an adventure out of this world, as she uses her magnific...
Rise Of The Beast Queen: Elizabeth by JingerBunny6
Rise Of The Beast Queen: Elizabethby Jamie Finley
One minute Elizabeth Rayburn, aka Liz for short, was headed out of her apartment, on her way to a Halloween party. Dressed in a floor length white greek goddess dress wi...
Witch in the Beastworld  by ZaraGreenshields
Witch in the Beastworld by Zara Greenshields
Opheila Potter in one word hated her life, her father James Potter wanted her to he the perfect lady and to do as she was told. her mother Lily went from a some what dow...
Somehow I've Stolen the Heroine's Men in the Beast World?? by Mei_Zhou
Somehow I've Stolen the Heroine' Mei
Somehow I've Stolen the Heroine's Men in the Beast World?? I'm just writing this for fun, and it's mostly for myself since I kinda hated the heroine in the manhwa. I'm...
reborn in the beast world by heartsonfirenovel
reborn in the beast worldby heartsonfire
Because of a bracelet that attracted me , I was reborn as a nonexistent character of my favourite novel the beauty and the beasts . How will I survive in this world with...
Beast Deity System? Who The Hell Wants That?! by Nyanfie9
Beast Deity System? Who The Hell Nyanfie9
She was a child formed from the union between a highly successful and charming Chinese man and an intelligent and witty black woman. Although this unlikely union birthed...
Mysterious Beauty " A Beastworld Story!" by Momma1982
Mysterious Beauty " A Beastworld Momma1982
Your, just an ordinary vlogger who made an interesting point but you get invited to an unexplored jungle with a team of archeologists and your the only one the bea...
The Unlucky Twins by Mama_Wolfblood
The Unlucky Twinsby Mama_Wolfblood
Iris is Bai Qingqing's older twin. What would happen when they land in a world of men that turn into animals. What if Isabelle tries her hardest to keep Bai safe, only f...
The Beast World's Gift : Rewritten by HadesIsTheBest
The Beast World's Gift : Rewrittenby HadesIsTheBest
Adia, a newly 22 year old trying to complete a bachelor's degree in wildlife biology and nursing, ends up in the beast world after tripping, who will she meet? Where wil...
Jenny and the Beasts by ReiFive
Jenny and the Beastsby Rei
Jenny was taking a nice walk along her parents' property when she slipped on some stones by the creek. She thought she caught herself, but still felt the sensation of f...
Whispers of the Beast Realm by Shirayuki_Whisterlia
Whispers of the Beast Realmby SA
Shira, a spirited young woman, relishes a rare Friday off only to wake up in a bewildering world of fantastical creatures. Torn between the eager suitors vying for her a...
Beauty and The Beasts: Rain by ReiFive
Beauty and The Beasts: Rainby Rei
Rain was a beast who desired independence and strength. She was loathe to be pushed around and demanded respect from others. She may be unique, but she will not let ot...
Accidentally traveling in the beastworld novel! by BlackSwan732605
Accidentally traveling in the Black Swan
Elsa is an half european and half Asian,she is a very beautiful women.On day she accidentally fell asleep in the during dinner and when she woke up she found her self in...
Otherworldly. Having a little fun in another world. ❗️ DISCONTINUED ❗️  by Kiwiithekiwiiest
Otherworldly. Having a little Kiwiithekiwiiest
When a goddess got bored and decided to walk across Different Realities, ending up in the 'beauty and the beasts' one. Deciding she would have a little fun before leavin...
Renesme's unwanted twin by karirenee
Renesme's unwanted twinby karirenee
born with more vampire traits than her sister Alexis is hated by almost everyone in her family aside from Rosalie , Emmett ,and Carlisle. she grows twice as fast as her...
A Beastworld Traveller by Momma1982
A Beastworld Travellerby Momma1982
You , just take the path through the woods to your favorite spot to relax on the river beach when a sand tornado takes you to Beastworld wait I don't remember this story...
A New Eudora by 01orax
A New Eudoraby 01orax
The story of Eudora if she wasn't as spoilt as she was in the novel. Based of the webtoon - Beauty and the Beasts This is my first story, I thought that some of the char...
MY NEW ADVENTURES WITH MY HUSBANDS (Slow-update) by NurFatimah111
⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ 👉Strong Female Lead 👉Slightly Mature Content 👉Straight Poly-Relationship 👉Adventure
When Ria gets Isekai'd by AsahiIishida
When Ria gets Isekai'dby Asahi Iishida
Ria, a normal student in college falls to a different world and earns the Status window cliche. She uses it to strengthen herself and survive in the unfamiliar world whi...
Reborn in a beast world novel by rikaaa54
Reborn in a beast world novelby ʝó
After a sudden death, Xu Ming finds herself reborn in the world of a novel she read... as a cannon fodder Full Summary is in the first chapter. Mc starts as a cub. Imp...