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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning Heavens! by Cute_April_Wolf
Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Cute_April_Wolf
Disclaimer: Neither the picture nor the content belong to me. The story uploaded here is not for any bad purpose but entertainment only. It was not written nor translate...
Genius Summoner Turning the World Upside Down by justmeowing
Genius Summoner Turning the meow
A rare plant base phantom summoner? Can practice both martial arts and magic? Can master six elements? The recognized master of the mysterious sacred book that holds eve...
After Transmigrating Into the Cultivation World, the School Topper Was Reborn by PuppyLover785
After Transmigrating Into the Some random person
For Offline Purposes Only Credits to the Author and Translator(s) Description: A rebellious girl transmigrated to the world of cultivation. Then she was reborn again in...
Of Alchemists and Wizards by dark_kai_art
Of Alchemists and Wizardsby 🌺KAI🌺
Instead of giving up his Alchemy, Edward Elric makes a deal with Truth to protect a boy from another world quite different from his own. One year after the promised day...
Bounded || (Albedo x Reader) by kuroos_possession
Bounded || (Albedo x Reader)by kuroos_possession
Former No. 2 of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. Cold, ruthless. But most of all, she just needed a few people to warm up to. Contains profanity, so be aware. (Female She/He...
Time and Being || Albedo by Frog_Hanako
Time and Being || Albedoby Frog_Hanako
A story in which a curious alchemist that fails to express himself in any form other than art falls for a guileless girl with a delusion.
Learning To Live As A Cultivator by Ebonsolaris
Learning To Live As A Cultivatorby Ebonsolaris
Leon died very peacefully and quietly in his home world, in fact he hadn't even been aware of his death. When he awoke, he wished he had died. Now he is in a world where...
[ BOOK 4 ] LMW [ 591 - 731 ]  by Unnlle
[ BOOK 4 ] LMW [ 591 - 731 ] by ℌ𝔜𝔞ℭ𝔦𝔑𝔱𝔥
A Chinese novel : Legendary Master's Wife [Everything is not mine] After an explosion, You XiaoMo finds that he is now a probationary disciple of the TianXin sect. How...
How To Chase An: Alchemist | KaeBedo by cess_AM
How To Chase An: Alchemist | cess
Kaeya x Albedo | Genshin Impact (Modern AU) A book to take a break from all the Genshin Impact angst and a book with wholesome scenarios of KaeBedo art by: avy_ciocco [o...
မင္းအတြက္ ေဆးတစ္ခြက္ [System] by arisakataiga6
မင္းအတြက္ ေဆးတစ္ခြက္ [System]by arisaka taiga
ကုကျိုး - မင်းမှာ ရောဂါရှိလား? ကုန်းရိထျန်းဟန် - မင်းမှာ ဆေးရှိလား? ကုကျိုး - မင်းမှာ ရောဂါရှိနေတာပဲ! ကုန်းရိထျန်းဟန် - ရောဂါရှိတော့ မင်းကကုနိုင်လို့လား? ကုကျိုး - ကုနို...
Gut Feelings (Varian x Witch!Reader) by boxofjoy
Gut Feelings (Varian x Witch! boxofjoy
Hey! This is my first story so I know it's not that great! I don't own any of the tangled series character! This is a story about a young witch becoming best friends wi...
Darkest Desire by SamanthaWilde
Darkest Desireby Sam
Aurora Beauchanan is many things, and apparently being a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is about to be added to that list. With quite a few secre...
The Ghostly Doctor;Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor by Seirin13
The Ghostly Doctor;Mesmerizing Xiăoyú
🚫R-13 《THE STORY IS NOT MINE》 《FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSE》 She, a modern hidden ghost leader of an organization which gathered insane prodigies proficient in the vario...
Forbidden Fantasies (Darkest Desire Book 2) by SamanthaWilde
Forbidden Fantasies (Darkest Sam
Aurora Beauchanan has a secret. As the daughter of the renowned Alchemist Nicholas Flamel, there are things about her life no one should know about. Like the fact that h...
Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being (201-400) by Spring13Fall
Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Spring13Fall
NOTE: I AM NOT THE OWNER OF THIS TRANSLATION!! THIS IS FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES ONLY!! Author: 冰糖莲子羹 Genre: Adventure, Xianxia Status: Ongoing The genius cultivator...
( 601 - 800 ) Unrivaled Medicine God by ManilynSobrevilla
( 601 - 800 ) Unrivaled Medicine Manilyn Sobrevilla
A Pill Emperor of his generation was set up by a traitor. Since then, the world lost a Qingyun Zi and gained an invincible silkpants. Once again, walking the Great Dao o...
ပြိုင်ဘက်ကင်းဆေးနတ်ဘုရား(Part-2) by PhyoeThuWin
ပြိုင်ဘက်ကင်းဆေးနတ်ဘုရား(Part-2)by Phyoe Thu Win
(ပြိုင်ဘက်ကင်းဆေးနတ်ဘုရား) ချင်ယန်ကျိဟာ သစ္စာဖောက်တစ်ယောက် လက်ချက်ကြောင့် သေဆုံးခဲ့ရတယ်။အရာအားလုံးပြီးဆုံးသွားပြီလို့ ထင်ရပေမဲ့ တကယ်တမ်းမှာတော့ မပြီးဆုံးခဲ့ပါဘူး။ သူဟာ ယ...
You And Me - ⭐Varian X Reader⭐ - 365 Days - One Shots by Ruddiger_Happiness
You And Me - ⭐Varian X Reader⭐ - ⭐Ruddiger⭐
You and Me is a Varian X Reader One Shot Book. (If that wasn't obvious already.) But it is also a one shot book where I will be posting a new one shot everyday for 365 d...
I Hear A Symphony - A Varian X Reader Story by Stark_Oblivion
I Hear A Symphony - A Varian X Stark_Oblivion
As the younger sister of Rapunzel, your parents were strict. Your sister had been taken as a baby and you were kept in the palace, away from the world. Your parents were...
( 801 - .....) Unrivaled Medicine God by ManilynSobrevilla
( 801 - .....) Unrivaled Manilyn Sobrevilla
A Pill Emperor of his generation was set up by a traitor. Since then, the world lost a Qingyun Zi and gained an invincible silkpants. Once again, walking the Great Dao o...