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Sugar and Spice (A Reylo AU) by Ol1vvy
Sugar and Spice (A Reylo AU)by Olivia
Rey bakes when she's stressed, but unfortunately never has enough room to finish all of her baked goods. Thus leading her to give her neighbor- who she may or may not ha...
The Vampire's Pastry Chef (ONC 2022) by M_A_Hartman
The Vampire's Pastry Chef (ONC M. A. Hartman
When single mother and baker Autumn Milford is hired to cater a high-end party in the Berkshires, she discovers the "special ingredient" she is required to use...
 𝐴 𝑃𝐼𝐸𝐶𝐸 𝑂𝐹 𝐶𝐴𝐾𝐸 | ✔︎   by inessa_Akin
 𝐴 𝑃𝐼𝐸𝐶𝐸 𝑂𝐹 𝐶𝐴𝐾𝐸 | ✔︎ inessa_Akinshev
⚠️being unpublished soon⚠️ The life of single father Enzo and bakery owner Zara is about to be flipped upside down, when Enzo's daughter Mia stumbles inside Zara's baker...
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Always And Forever Till Infinity by IvyDIA
Always And Forever Till Infinityby Ivy DIA
We are moving and I didn't knew about it until now.... "You all are coming with us too. Sophie got enrolled in Architecture and Designing college of Los Angeles and...
figure you out ✓| Bucky Barnes [ENG] by coliorca
figure you out ✓| Bucky Barnes [ 𝐞𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐚
''Yup'' he grumbles and looks for his keys in his pockets. My Eyebrows tighten. ''Yup? You cannot- Don't 'yup' at me, Mister.'' And then, for the first time, he turns ar...
A Baker (Beauty and the Beast) by ARA8311A
A Baker (Beauty and the Beast)by Arabella
Belle is poor. Her father always seems to be working and her mother always has a loaf of bread in the oven to sell but they still don't know how they'll survive until t...
Coffee Shop [BxB] ✔ by DeludedWriting
Coffee Shop [BxB] ✔by ᦓꪖꪜ 🌿
I'd just quit my evening shift at Lucky's Café. At this shop, I sell sweet pastries, bread and coffee. Unfortunately, I was the last employee so I was required to close...
Reincarnated in an Otome game as a Villain?! by MQ_Sweety97
Reincarnated in an Otome game as MN
Rose laphaley lived his life happily and stress-free as a patissier chef at a famous patisserie. That changed as he was on his way back home from work when he witnessed...
 The Princesse de rêve by Aviva_Hellar04
The Princesse de rêveby Aviva Hellar
Amano Ichigo, a member of group A along with the sweets prince, is being ignored by her friends. One day she over heard the sweets prince planning to replace her with th...
Baked Love by theCuppedCake
Baked Loveby Lydia O. Red
Chip Honeycutt has a girly name. That's not the problem; his real problem is hiding the fact that his family owns a bakery. And that he loves to bake. What will happen w...
Pizza gurl (Georgenotfound x oc) by Helianthuseeds_
Pizza gurl (Georgenotfound x oc)by Seeds :]
"To address the rumours, yes I am moronsexual /j" "Hey Alex, why is George asking me if he's a Mormon?" --- During their second year of college, Al...
Faking for the holidays (L.S.)✔️ by larrieshouse22
Faking for the holidays (L.S.)✔️by wildsunflower21
Louis' mom is always trying to set him up with her friends sons so he blurts out he has a boyfriend. Harry, Louis best friend volunteers to be the boyfriend so he goes h...
Flour Girl (Bucky x reader Bakery AU) by avengerofyourheart
Flour Girl (Bucky x reader avengerofyourheart
[FINISHED] Discovering the cute guy you just flirted with is the heir of a rival bakery, you suddenly find yourself running into him all over the city. Can your small bo...
Bouquets of Chocolate (manxman) by kyayna
Bouquets of Chocolate (manxman)by kyayna
It's always been Sammie and Jordie. Since the first time they tried, and largely failed, making chocolate on Valentine's day at 8 years old, it's become their thing. Eve...
Georgebur Oneshots by apppples123
Georgebur Oneshotsby apples/four
oneshots of georgebur! Just a few cute oneshots! Hope you all enjoy! Please ignore spelling mistakes, im writing this all on a phone rn so its a bit hard :) Any feedback...
Well Sugar! by Wintershadowassassin
Well Sugar!by Wintershadowassassin
7 Kingdoms. One Baker. One dead bakery owner. And one ceremony that needs the baked goods of said bakery. The ceremony to celebrate the 7 Prince's coming of age and choo...
Piece Of Love by thesilliy60
Piece Of Loveby Celine
Celia Cruz a bakery owner 19 year old clumsy girl with different types of idea for living life there is always a smile for brightening her life.. but little does we all...
A dancer's Dream  by midnight948
A dancer's Dream by Midnight948
Jessica Bieber is a smart, kind hearted and passionate 23 year old who just graduated from St. Michael secondary school and as one door closes another one opens. The nex...