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  • Lucky
    398K 10.8K 50

    Cara Delevingne, one of the famous and in demand actress in the world, also known as Queen D, the life of a party, best friends with almost everyone, she's simply amazing..with her unique personality it's very hard not to fall in love with her, she gets what she wants or not? She have one of the most beautiful face in...

  • Her Weakness
    1M 32.5K 34

    Basically what I hope happens after part one of the finale (of the 100). I love the idea of Clarke and Lexa so they're going to be endgame in this. This is basically just to take the sting off of Lexa's betrayal. Whoops, spoiler! There will be more of those in here.

  • Seducing Sara (Bi-sexual story) GirlXGirl
    305K 2.5K 18

    Sara is a ordinary woman. She assumes she knows exactly what she wants in life. Married to the perfect man all of her dreams are imagined to be true. Everything in her being is perfect. Until Sara and her husband met a alluring couple. They became very close friends. Dinning together often and telling each other secre...

    Completed   Mature
    366K 2.7K 6

    UNDER EDITING TO BE PUBLISHED UPDATES COMING (2019) (GirlxGirl) Dylan Knights life was most defiantly uncomplicated...well at least to her. Except everything around her seemed to fall to the ground the day her heart takes a turn down a road she never thought was even in her path and somehow...her enemy was the one to...

  • My Sweetheart Is A Gold Digger [COMPLETED]
    204K 5.7K 46

    [TIAOM COMPLETE] She is not a sly neither a play girl. In fact, she is just an ordinary poor girl who is so naive and innocent. Entangled by a fateful silly incident she happens to meet a stranger whose later she found to be a tomboy or just tom for short. Not by her luck, things went wrong out of her expectation...

  • HarmonizeAmerica ( Camren ) Fifth Harmony
    791K 11.1K 47

    The girls of fifth harmony got 3rd place in American XFactor and are now going on there nation wide tour in America. the girls will now be closer than ever on there journey, but will some get a bit too close?

  • Love at first Bite ( Camren )
    339K 8.6K 26

    Lauren is a vampire and Camila is just a girl trying to get through high school. what happens when Lauren takes Camila into her world? find out here. sorry for the corny name. lol

  • The RoomMate (Camren)
    573K 15.3K 53

    Camila is living alone in New York and puts out a flyer for a new roommate... that's when Lauren comes into the equation. Recently out of a relationship, will the simple joke of the two Cuban girls being soulmates become a reality? Highest ranking in FanFiction - #25

  • Life As I Know It Camren G!P #Wattys2017 Complete
    644K 15.5K 38

    Camila Cabellos family owes the Jauregui's money so they sell Camila to pay of their debts. Lauren doesn't want to giver up her freedom and marry Camila and Camila has never even had a boyfriend. The rule is simple they have to be married one year but will they fall for love that is forced or will they fall for each o...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lucky 13
    430K 24.1K 73

    Lily Faulkner grew up with the tales her father told her of 'them'. Her dad kept her safely hidden from 'them' but what happens when Lily herself become a potential threat?

    Completed   Mature
  • Average Jane |Lesbian Story|
    255K 17.1K 27

    | A Wattpad Featured Story & The Wattys' Shortlist | Jane Waleski and her best friend, Emily Zuckerman, are average achievers on a good day and losers on a bad day, but they're quite proud of it! Or so they try to convince themselves. They read only the shortest books for book reports and always have the worst project...

  • Business Casual (GirlxGirl) [Completed]
    156K 5.5K 49

    Taylor Bradshaw a smart and intelligent business woman who is all about her work but that all changes when she meets a certain girl. Both of the two have a few skeltons in their closet, what will happen when both of their worlds collide? Started: Dec 8th 2015 Ended: June 25th 2016

    Completed   Mature
    41.3K 868 19

    Is love at first sight really real? I don't know, I just don't see how it possible. You see that person, and you fall in love with them. I don't know if I can believe that. I just don't find it real. And yet, I wonder what it is like. I wonder what it's like to fall in love at first sight. Will I ever know?

  • Free At Heart(transgender story)
    146K 5.8K 21

    This story is about a ftm transgender named Kodi. Kodi is just transitioning to pass completely as male, and is going back to school as who he truly is, a boy. Will people find out who he was? That he wasn't born in the right body? Will they accept him when they do? Read further to find out.

  • what's your name again?
    161K 7.1K 74

    Hi. Im skylr, im 13, And im ftm transgender, fun right? but with my religious family and unsupportive school. I think not. They keep trying to fix me, but in reality, there is nothing to fix. This is my story of becoming me.

  • The Lesbian Hermaprodite
    278K 8.2K 54

    Read The Introduction.

  • True Love (ON HOLD: REVISING)
    85.4K 3.5K 41

    Deceived into believeing that the only family she had left was her twin sister Ashley after her grandmothers passing. Little did she know she was hidden from her entire pack, her family for her own safety and the safety of the ware kingdom. What happens when she has to fight the very thing she craved to protect those...

  • The Hunt For Her Mate (GXG)
    206K 7.8K 47

    Come along as Lux and her friends battle the forces of evil, train to become the next generation of leaders for the Blood Moon pack, and hopefully fall in love! This story has a lesbian storyline so if you don't like that kind of thing please don't read! AN- hey guys just so you know this is my first story so go easy...

    Completed   Mature
  • Relentless (Emison)
    463K 12.2K 98

    Alison DiLaurentis is a senior, new to Rosewood Day High School, joining her sister Hanna Marin and Hanna's friends Spencer Hastings and Aria Montgomery. Everything was going well until she met her. Emily Fields. Rosewood's badass chick who doesn't care about anyone or anything, especially girls. Emily is a very open...

  • She's A Thug ( Stud and Fem )
    810K 23.3K 73

    Lexi has always been the ' fuck and duck ' type , when Nicole comes along , will Nicole change Lexi ? Read to find out. Formerly called New Love.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Solider and I ( Sequel to New Love )
    157K 6.5K 42

    Completed - - 3 Years Later and we're back with new and old characters. - - This is the sequel to New Love ( Stud & Fem )

    Completed   Mature
  • In The Clear (Sequel to Kick The Dust Up)
    172K 6.1K 65

    Alison is back in her hometown to finish out her last 2 months of high school, alongside newly found friend Hanna Marin and of course, Emily Fields. Emily, a member of the Havoc Riders is new to a public high school where nobody knows what the Havoc Riders are. She isn't used to the different status at the school and...

  • My Brother's Girlfriend (Emison)
    272K 8.8K 49

    Emily Fields is the lesbian/intersex older twin sister to Caleb Fields. (played by caleb rivers lol) by 3 minutes, that is. Emily loves her twin brother, and he loves Emily, even though she can be a total pain in the ass. Emily, 17 and Caleb, 17, attend Rosewood Day High School as seniors. Emily is the only intersex...

  • Forbidden (Emison)
    158K 4.1K 25

    Alison DiLaurentis is starting her first job as a full-time English teacher at Rosewood High School. She is 23 years old and is engaged to Elliott Rollins, a psychiatrist at Welby State Psychiatric Hospital. ____________________ Emily Fields is a 17 year old senior, attending Rosewood High. Emily is exceptionally dif...

  • Mistaken Love
    847K 25K 68

    Samantha Bennett, who goes by the name 'Sam', is a 16 year young old girl who is always getting mistaken for her gender. Due to Sam's short hair, flat chest and her tomboyish personality, almost everybody in school believes she is actually a good looking; smoking hot male. Unfortunately, due to a fire that broke out i...

  • Figure My Heart Out (Camren)
    225K 4.8K 33

    Camila Cabello is busy touring on her first headlining tour as a solo artist when she receives a special visit from a complete stranger, Lauren Jauregui. Camila is determined to make her first tour successful and claims she is not interested in Lauren or her devious behavior. But what happens when Lauren shows up agai...

  • Girl of My Dreams(Complete)
    210K 4.7K 25

    Sequel to who knew. Camila is new to Lauren's school and Lauren tries to win her heart after having a dream about her. Other Fifth harmony members are part of the story too.

  • We're A Secret (Camren)
    656K 11.7K 31

    Camila met Lauren in the cafeteria the first day of high school. At first glance, there was already a certain attraction between them, but they had no idea where it would lead them. There are so many bumps in their road, like Lauren's inappropriate tendencies, Camila's total lack of experience, or a stupid boy that wa...

  • Sing To Me
    1.1M 30.4K 61

    Camila is a pop star. She meets Lauren who happens to live in her hometown.

    Completed   Mature
  • Forever and Always (camren)
    179K 3.6K 47

    Lauren Jauregui and Bradley Simpson are having a baby. But what happens when Brad isn't there for Lauren? Someone has to help take care of Lauren and her little bump!