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  • Two Faces || Lando Norris
    745K 18.4K 69

    Everybody has the dream. It starts when seeing something, think about it, wanting it, and one day it becomes the dream. The only way to make it come true is working hard for it, have a bit of luck...and start from the bottom. During the process of the dream, you will never know who you will meet and which face they ar...

  • Instagram {Max Verstappen}
    361K 5.2K 52

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  • Rewrite The Stars [Completed]
    19.4K 399 11

    After Max first meets Lucy, he doesn't think he'll ever see her again and he tries to forget about her. Until he sees her again in a place he'd never expect: the paddock. However, things don't exactly go the way he expected as Lucy doesn't turn out to be who she said she was. Cover by @itsmarrosee

  • Me | SKAM Jonas Vasquez
    132K 4.1K 46

    "In today's society, people value a very specific type of person. And then they want you to be like that. It's important to them how you dress or talk. They care about who you hang out with or what you have been up to this weekend. Too many people are way too invested in your life. And yet, once it really matters, the...

  • Tempt》Chris Schistad
    26K 560 18

    Leeah could never quite understand her attractions to Chis. He was impulsive, malicious and conceeded. She thought he was as contorted as her and thats why they wouldn't work. Ever. its quite impossible for two people who want nothing to do with love,to fall for each other ,yet despite her views,it happened and it hur...

  • Warrior ϟ Marvel [2]
    1M 37.5K 50

    ❝Whatever doesn't kill me had better start running.❞ [across the marvel cinematic universe] [ant-man - spider-man:homecoming] [book two of ?]

  • 1 | AGAINST ALL ODDS ⇢ bucky barnes
    102K 2.5K 16

    "Do you really want to go down that road? You know you won't be able to come back." "I need to know." Captain America: Civil War Bucky Barnes x OC © 2018 | chaoticmutants (plot owner!)

  • Young God ϟ Marvel [1]
    2.4M 74.6K 39

    ❝Do you feel like a young god?❞ [across the marvel cinematic universe] [thor - age of ultron] [book one of ?] [CURRENTLY EDITING]

  • Forget You Not • borhap • b.h
    76.1K 1.2K 47

    Being Roger Taylor and Celeste Edwards daughter has always had its perks. So when the actors playing her parents fall in love this would be someone she'd never forget. Continue reading on with Perrie Taylor's and Ben Hardys relationship in Forget you not! Don't forget to read Think about us, the first book >3

    772K 19.2K 82

    "Wow, I can't seem to get a single thing right today." "Well, you always see me in my worse states and while I'm doing rather embarrassing things, so I think we're even." [SOCIAL MEDIA] [FIRST BOOK in the RELATIONSHIPS Series] [slow burn]

  • Think About Us • borhap • b.h
    135K 2.7K 45

    Being Roger Taylor and Celeste Edwards daughter has always had its perks so when Actress and Pop Band singer Perrie Taylor gets casted as her mother in Bohemian Rhapsody she finds her self in world wind of emotion. (Celeste Edwards is my own character who was the lead singer in Queen alongside Freddie Mercury. The ban...

  • TO BE CONTINUED ( h styles )
    487K 12.4K 75

    " in which we start at what is seemingly, the end of the story. " harry styles x oc 2017

  • party monster | the weeknd
    58.4K 2.2K 42

    Abel meets his match in Taylor, the girl next door.