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  • Leaving Fairy Tail ✔
    807K 23.6K 28

    Prequel to Saving Fairy Tail ( Book 1 ) When Lucy walks into the guild, Something was up... Was it because she was quiet..? Who knows...... But when she says 4 words that leaves everyone shocked... They have to find out what happened to her.... Will they find out what's wrong? & will they...

  • ✔| Celestial training ~ (Nalu)
    341K 9K 37

    Natsu, Erza, Gray decides to go on a +6 years mission without Lucy. Lucy, wanting to make them proud when they'll come back decides to go training with her celestial spirits. With the help of the Celestial Spirit King (or 'stache-face), she'll train Celestial magic and she'll also, for a year, search Aquarius' key! Jo...

  • Memories(Nalu)
    620K 22.3K 86

    When the whole team is in danger, and defeat is prominent, Lucy uses an ancient spell to save them. But the cost of the spell, was none other than everyone's memories of her. Everyone lives on. And all that is left for Lucy, is nothing. With the burden of being the only one able to hold so many precious memories...wil...

  • The Truth/NaLu/✔️
    162K 3.7K 19

    Lucy Heartfillia. A normal 17 year old blonde celestial mage from Fairy Tail. But everyone from Fairy Tail at least has a dark secret or past. Mira and her demon origin, Gray and Deliora and even Erza and the tower of heaven. Does anyone know Lucy's secret and past? She's been quiet about it and nobody till now dared...

  • The first wizard saint~Nalu
    77.9K 1.7K 13

    A man, with a hooded cloak and a white scarf, and a flying blue cat were watching the nearby town from a hill on it's outskirts. Rain was pouring down on their heads. The man was watching with dull eyes under his hood, without any emotions, the town in front of him. His last mission didn't go well so he was in a reall...

  • The Letter
    7.2K 272 5

    Lucy left Fairy Tail. Natsu decides to write a letter to lucy with all the great memories they got. And a secret from natsu....

  • Fairy Tail - The Dark Keys (Book 1) - The Celestial Dragon [A NaLu FanFiction]
    362K 10.8K 30

    It's a normal day in Fairy Tail, as normal as a day in Fairy Tail can get. Yukino, a former Sabertooth member visits Fairy Tail, asking to talk to Lucy Heartifilia. She brings news of a new danger, The Blood Knights, a Dark Guild with intentions to capture Lucy and use her powers to create a new world, and in turn des...

  • Taken by the Dragon Slayer | A NaLu Fan Fiction
    477K 14.7K 15

    Lucy and Natsu return home after a long mission- much to the joy of a certain blue exceed. But soon Lucy AND Levy are being targeted and Natsu and Gajeel have been assigned to guard them... but the girls aren't told why they are being targeted and suspicions begin to arise. Not to mention Natsu is becoming extremely...

  • A Dragon's Burning Love [ Fairy Tail NaLu Fan Fiction <3 <3]
    1.9M 53.7K 27

    We've all known Lucy as the Celestial Wizard. But what if her parents hid a deep and dark secret from her, something that changes her life. And as feelings begin to develop, evil begins to rise again, and a new kind of evil that no one has ever faced. NaLu Fan Fiction!!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Her Protector ~NaLu~
    158K 6K 51

    > What happens when Lucy finds a golden key in her mother's room? A note that says it belongs to her? The key with the end shaped in a fire symbol... is hers. Lucy felt it immediately; the spirit was powerful. Who is it? And why does the note say the spirit is supposed to protect her at all cost? Will he? What kind o...

  • When It All Began
    178K 5.8K 31

    It is a normal day at Fairy Tail and everyone is going through their normal routines while Lucy and Natsu look for a job. But what happens when they are asked to go on a job, requested by the Magic Council, with several of their friends to face Zeref? What will happen to the Fairy Tail mages while on this mission? Rea...

  • Heart of The Sea
    21.6K 1K 6

    The White Pearl and its the heart of the sea. -He will always belong to me- Six chapters of NaLu. ORIGINAL. Inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean. So, here I went and made my own pirate story.😁