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  • Psychic and Aura: A POKEMON LOVE STORY
    2.1K 56 9

    A love story between the psychic Pokemon Gardevoir and the Aura Pokemon Lucario with the two facing conflicts and battles between legends. A story of a Lucario after the death of his trainer he and other Pokemon that was owned by his trainer has ran afraid of what will happen and do not want to be caught again. They a...

  • So different but similar - Nori & Peter 💜
    1.8K 35 4

    Peter is a plasma peashooter, with very little background history of himself: he joins the plants in order to save earth from the zombies. Everything was normal, until he met Norianna.

  • Truth or dare pvz GW
    4.5K 33 9

    Truth or dare the pvz crew scientist, Engineer, All star, Soldier, peashooter, Sunflower, cactus, chomper, crazy dave, and Dr. Edgar George Zomboss. ask them and ill write it :3 In this story cornelius belongs to scarthezorua

  • Ask PvZ!
    21.1K 428 26

    Yes, I know I already have an ask book, but why not have another? Crazy Dave wanted me to make one, so... Why not? I'm a huge PvZ fan!!! Also, when I do not get questions/dares, I will make randomness chapters. <==={[

  • Green hearts 💚 (Peashooter and Sunflower)
    35.1K 259 15

    Sunny and Peashooter have been close friends since they can remember. But what happens when Sunny finds out Pea's deep secret? This is a made up story about a ship I like! None of the artwork used is mine. I hope you enjoy my story!!