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Plants fucking Zombies (PvZ fanfic) by aval_aval
Plants fucking Zombies (PvZ fanfic)by Tall-nut
A sexy spinoff of the popular 2009 popcap game Plants vs. Zombies
The Forced One (errorcore)  by Gonzalo778
The Forced One (errorcore) by Gonzalo
Error was the forced god of destruction he makes sure that the multiverse doesn't collapse on each other and slowly break it. Though he didn't want the role he still did...
Undead flower (Pvz x Mha) by AnEasyToRememberName
Undead flower (Pvz x Mha)by AnEasyToRememberName
A strange girl, created by a strange being in a strange world made to replicate even stranger beings. Her purpose was to eliminate the plants, but before she could be re...
Human! Plant vs Zombies x reader by Shizuko_Rose_KTK
Human! Plant vs Zombies x readerby Shizuko_Rose_KTK
the title says it all! please request on the most recent chapter, it easier for me to find and make new chapters. :"3
FOR OFFLINE READING What is the most important thing about rebirth before the apocalypse? Grain storage? No, it's trying to find the most important person in the past l...
PvZH Bye-Bye L.E.A.F by RedShamrock56
PvZH Bye-Bye L.E.A.Fby RS56
Next update's going to be in the summer. New title page was made by: reikaputri01 (Go check her out on DA) Plants vs Zombies Heroes belongs to EA and Popcap
Plants Beastiary by RoseReader529
Plants Beastiaryby RoseReader529
All the Plants from the Plants V.S. Zombies games. At the start of the list from each game the chapter title will be different.
PVZ, GW 2: The Book by _sunsetflare
PVZ, GW 2: The Bookby _sunsetflare
"In the Garden Warfare, we don't all survive. Sometimes we aren't revivable, or we fall and perish for our friends and each other. We don't all make it to the end...
Replanted Remastered by FluffyGlass
Replanted Remasteredby FluffyGlass
(Plants vs. Zombies belongs to EA/Popcap studios) (obviously) Alice Macro's life was simple. Key word: was. Once their little remaining family is claimed by a horde of t...
the compassionate adventures of peashooter and sunflower by duplicateasriel
the compassionate adventures of DuplicateAsriel
this was inspired off of green hearts by secretwriter and other vids on yt, one example is a gw2 rp series by imbatman903, there's others such as luckyshotgaming. Those...
Forgive or forget (Green Flare's night) by CommanderSylveon2930
Forgive or forget (Green Flare's Steven2Desmond
The picture I found on deviantart. Makes a good cover I guess When a peashooter named Stella becomes Green Shadow, she met a Fire-Flower-turned Sunflower named Summer...
A Rose Blush: Human!male!reader X Rose by MissLoserLover
A Rose Blush: Human!male!reader Ms. Loser
Why not, I just thought like, what if human fell in love with a rose from PvZ Discliamer: PvZ is own by Popcap
A change of a frozen heart  by Ryan8506
A change of a frozen heart by Ryan8506
Five weeks after Zomboss attacked, he cant be seen, so he uses frostybloom to do his bidding
The Backstory of Me, Gabriel by BonneterandPenguin
The Backstory of Me, Gabrielby Gabe the Bonneter & Gabriel t...
I, Gabriel am a Red Stinger/Human Hybrid nowadays, but what if I told you there was something deeper in my life. Like if I wasn't always a hybrid or wore a Penguin Suit...
Truth Or Dare (pvz) by BrainlessReaderAmPro
Truth Or Dare (pvz)by BrainlessReaderAmPro
Peashooter is one of the creatures that has life and breaked the 4th wall by not protecting the lawn, and why not zombies go around the lawn and hitman it's way to dave...
Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time! by Dogo_story
Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Dogo_story
You are at a zombie apocalypse and you kept surviving with your shovel and an axe from your garden. One day, some weird looking seed packets appeared after you defeated...
PvZ Heroes: Force Of The Mind by ScOu-Gentai
PvZ Heroes: Force Of The Mindby Scou-Gentai
Peace has brought plants and zombies together ever since Penny's death. A new enemy so powerful that is not from their world seeks power to take over the chosen one. Now...
Ask PvZ! by ArcherTippani
Ask PvZ!by ...
Yes, I know I already have an ask book, but why not have another? Crazy Dave wanted me to make one, so... Why not? I'm a huge PvZ fan!!! Also, when I do not get question...
Blooming Feelings by Delta3859
Blooming Feelingsby Yusuru_Kaito_Ibuki
A strange incident took place in Gensokyo, many strange plants had begun blooming and everyone blamed the 'sadistic' flower maiden for it...but she had nothing to do wit...