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Peas and sunshine (a pvz peashooter X sunflower story) by Sunny-and-cuddly
Peas and sunshine (a pvz Sunny-and-cuddly
So hi, I'm a peashooter, but you can call me Peater. (Pun intended) I once met a sunflower and we have been friends for as long as I remember. We both love to tickle all...
Plants vs zombies gw Why the world is like this? A Scientist X Sunflower Fanfic by writing_fox315
Plants vs zombies gw Why the writing_fox315
(plants vs zombies garden warfare fanfic) There is a war between plants and zombies but... what happens when one single zombie is different from the others? This history...
Green hearts 💚 (Peashooter and Sunflower) by SheWalksWithTheStars
Green hearts 💚 (Peashooter and Elle ♥︎
Sunny and Peashooter have been close friends since they can remember. But what happens when Sunny finds out Pea's deep secret? This is a made up story about a ship I li...
Plants vs zombies: crayons, paint and trouble by mynaemisboo
Plants vs zombies: crayons, Boo
A plants vs zombies fanfiction featuring painter zombie who one day leaves work as normal, except something secret has been set up behind her back, and now she's the pla...
Ask Plants VS Zombies by Masterminer
Ask Plants VS Zombiesby Master Miner
Hey, guys, this is my first pvz story and I will be taking ask and truths/dares and writing them into this book. I will also do ships UWU that I like and support (or jus...
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, GW2 and BFN: New Heroes, New Teams by destinye70007
Plants vs Zombies Garden Wolfgang
During the fight between Plants and Zombies, it's an endless fight. Crazy Dave was making an experiment. An experiment on how to make the Plants walk. And it eventually...
PVZ School Au by KenziProgamer
PVZ School Auby Kenzi Progamer
this about someone peashooter name peebs go school for learning basic attack he will get many friends ? (maybe) just read if you want
Peater - Reborn. by Sunny-and-cuddly
Peater - Sunny-and-cuddly
Robots? Mind controlling fungus? Monsters from another dimension? Oh my what a handful! Peater woke up and found himself somewhere he never knew. He learns what happened...
An revelation between man-kind [HvZ] by MizukiYanayona
An revelation between man-kind [ Kityumi
Midorihiwa Shiyura a.k.a peashooter from pvz awere main protagonist was just an ordinary boy, he had his life going, he had many friends, his family loved him and cared...
Plants vs Zombies Friendships by destinye70007
Plants vs Zombies Friendshipsby Wolfgang
This is where plants and zombies meet each other. They made peace and now the world is a better place.
Peashooter x sunflower by my sort of story by Goldenpeashooter
Peashooter x sunflower by my Goldenknight
Hi! If you like this couple I do too! I finally decided to make a story on this. Please don't judge me a ton on anything related to me or the book. I will accept positiv...
Vampiric Love ~ A story by Sunny-and-Cuddly and Axlekoonce by Sunny-and-cuddly
Vampiric Love ~ A story by Sunny-and-cuddly
When Peater meets a vampire flower name Vamp, he knows things about her like they have been lovers. But Vamp has no clue who Peater is. And two Gods might be involved wi...
The Weird Adventures of Peashooter and Sunflower by duplicateasriel
The Weird Adventures of DuplicateAsriel
Peashooter and Sunflower have been friends forever, and as far as normal lives go, they've had quite the adventure recently...
Plants vs ponies by Kingbean205772
Plants vs poniesby Arlis Light
(Here's a real story now) one day when a neighbor (aka us) he and his plants ended up in Equestria though a freak accident when a tornado appeared and cause the neighbor...
Under-tickles: A tickletale inspired story by Sunny-and-cuddly
Under-tickles: A tickletale Sunny-and-cuddly
Long ago two races ruled over Earth: Humans and Monsters. One day, war broke out between the two races. After a long battle, the humans were victorious. They sealed the...
Random PvZ stuff.... by RockYouTube143
Random PvZ RockYouTube143
This will just be a truth or dare idk... A MIX PROBARLY
Ask PvZ! by ArcherTippani
Ask PvZ!by ...
Yes, I know I already have an ask book, but why not have another? Crazy Dave wanted me to make one, so... Why not? I'm a huge PvZ fan!!! Also, when I do not get question...