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Low Heath  by Sealofdreams
Low Heath by Sealofdreams
Pvz tank commander x fem plants
Green hearts 💚 (Peashooter and Sunflower) by SheWalksWithTheStars
Green hearts 💚 (Peashooter and Elle ♥︎
Sunny and Peashooter have been close friends since they can remember. But what happens when Sunny finds out Pea's deep secret? This is a made up story about a ship I li...
Trains vs (PvZ)Zombies by NatsuDB
Trains vs (PvZ)Zombiesby CyberBOT db
Follow: Adley Prof. Daniel Janet Janice and Oscar. On their adventure on rails in Britain during an zombie apocalypse on their way to Paddington, while trying to survive...
Trains vs (PvZ) Zombies 0 by NatsuDB
Trains vs (PvZ) Zombies 0by CyberBOT db
Join Michael, Jimmy, Carla and a bunch of random passenger's in their trip on rails through Amtrak's mainline to avoid the zombie apocalypse that's happening in the city...
The Weird Adventures of Peashooter and Sunflower by duplicateasriel
The Weird Adventures of DuplicateAsriel
Peashooter and Sunflower have been friends forever, and as far as normal lives go, they've had quite the adventure recently...
The Sunflower Squad by MarcEmmy
The Sunflower Squadby Marc/Emmy
The most popular Sunflowers in Suburbia are the meanest of the plants. But can they survive a masked murderer in the backyard battlegrounds? (A PvZ fanfic I own no right...
Feral by Alienabandonedthis
Feralby Alienabandonedthis
this is a story about a peashooter who just moved to neighborville. he thinks everything is fine and happy, but some disobedient plants think otherwise.
PvZ - One Shots and Stories  by Vinejay-Vinewings
PvZ - One Shots and Stories by Vinejay-Vinewings
Just some ideas that come to mind. Mostly about PVZ:GW, GW2, and BfN All art is mine, Plants vs Zombies does not belong to me.
Past and Future by elementz124
Past and Futureby Jukie Zubrains
Kids Rule the world and that is what these kids will be trying to prove. Join Future and Past in this intro story of them. Characters: Dr.Zomboss, Jukie, Citron, Rose...
The L.E.A.F. campaign  by youdidthistoyoursel1
The L.E.A.F. campaign by Gay boi
Apollo is a regular Repeater in crazy Dave's army until the zombies attack Suburbia and destroy most of L.E.A.F. Luckily crazy Dave was able to evacuate most plants but...
Dandelion's Dillema  by MarcEmmy
Dandelion's Dillema by Marc/Emmy
Dandelions have one purpose. Blow up as much zombies in one go as possible, but thats not what Dee wants. Dee joins the battalion in Neighborville and wants more to life...
Character Themes! by xTURBOPOWEREDx
Character Themes!by xTURBOPOWEREDx
So here's a bunch of songs I chose for the GW/PVZ characters I have! Enjoy! ~TURBO
ASK US ALL THE QUESTIONS! ..... ....and maybe dares too. But anyways....leave your asks and dares and all yo fancy stuff in da comments! There's probably gonna be a spec...
Plants vs Zombies: Rising Up by FaItHFulNinJa
Plants vs Zombies: Rising Upby Faith George
Lily is a sunflower with a dream... a dream to fight alongside the plants to defeat the Zombies. But because she is not as strong as the rest of them, the Council will n...
So different but similar - Nori & Peter 💜 by SheWalksWithTheStars
So different but similar - Elle ♥︎
Peter is a plasma peashooter, with very little background history of himself: he joins the plants in order to save earth from the zombies. Everything was normal, until h...
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare by ohmergerd
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfareby ohmergerd
this story is about how the plants learned to walk,how he zombies got smarter and what they all do on their days off. enjoy!
Vampire Plague (PvZ) by kinqly
Vampire Plague (PvZ)by kinqly
There is a sneaky Vampire Flower on the loose, converting plants into vampiric versions of themselves. Whether a Countess Rose appears, or a Blood Moon Peashooter, it's...