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PVZ, GW 2: The Book by _sunsetflare
PVZ, GW 2: The Bookby _sunsetflare
"In the Garden Warfare, we don't all survive. Sometimes we aren't revivable, or we fall and perish for our friends and each other. We don't all make it to the end...
Ask Plants VS Zombies by Masterminer
Ask Plants VS Zombiesby Master Miner
Hey, guys, this is my first pvz story and I will be taking ask and truths/dares and writing them into this book. I will also do ships UWU that I like and support (or jus...
'Seattle' - The Cruelest Place in the World by TheNamesWereInUse
'Seattle' - The Cruelest Place Marcelinus Owen
(WARNING! Contains strong language!) A group of plants and Patrice managed to survive Dr. Zomboss' attack on their home. Now, they must escape the city. They learn about...
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, GW2 and BFN: New Heroes, New Teams by destinye70007
Plants vs Zombies Garden Vector
During the fight between Plants and Zombies, it's an endless fight. Crazy Dave was making an experiment. An experiment on how to make the Plants walk. And it eventually...
Plants vs ponies by Kingbean205772
Plants vs poniesby Arlis Light
(Here's a real story now) one day when a neighbor (aka us) he and his plants ended up in Equestria though a freak accident when a tornado appeared and cause the neighbor...
omoriboy gets vored by chomper plant and dies by chompuro
omoriboy gets vored by chomper chomper plant
omoriboy from omocat comic omoriboy gets vored to death by chomper plant from capcom game plants vs zombies #vore #omori #pvz
harem of defenders by kingbea2
harem of defendersby sunflowerofwar
(will add a proper description later, cover image credit goes to lewdncrude, do note i suck at writing sex scenes so when I post a lemon its going to pretty bad but ill...
PvZ Chatroom! by OmniSalami
PvZ Chatroom!by Mx. Kaiser
@Cryptic7840 inspired me to do this Everyone will has a name UwU Unless they already have a name (e.g, Captain Deadbeard, Super Brainz) This contains Chompshooter shippi...
The Sunflower Squad by MarcEmmy
The Sunflower Squadby Marc/Emmy
The most popular Sunflowers in Suburbia are the meanest of the plants. But can they survive a masked murderer in the backyard battlegrounds? (A PvZ fanfic I own no right...
Plants vs Zombies Friendships by destinye70007
Plants vs Zombies Friendshipsby Vector
This is where plants and zombies meet each other. They made peace and now the world is a better place.
Land Before Time: The Land of Despair by RedKnight21K
Land Before Time: The Land of YugitoYaguraRoshiHanUtakataFu
Littlefoot and his friends were going on adventure. They went into the Land of Despair in which is dangerous place much more dangerous than the Mysterious Beyond. Will t...
PvZ - One Shots and Stories  by Vinejay-Vinewings
PvZ - One Shots and Stories by Vinejay-Vinewings
Just some ideas that come to mind. Mostly about PVZ:GW, GW2, and BfN All art is mine, Plants vs Zombies does not belong to me.
Your Not So Scary Human!Chomper x Sunflower!Human!Reader by MusicSwayCreepy
Your Not So Scary Human!Chomper MusicSway
Hiya! My name is (Y/N) (L/N), and I'm part of the sunflower family. I'm not like other sunflower's I don't need anyone to protect me or save me. Not everyone is scary to...
Land Before Time: The Valley of the Talking Sharpteeth by RedKnight21K
Land Before Time: The Valley of YugitoYaguraRoshiHanUtakataFu
Chomper, Ruby and Spiny have decided to explored the Valley of the Talking Sharpteeth to explore the surrounding area, mostly few leafeaters are often seen and the most...
Dandelion's Dillema  by MarcEmmy
Dandelion's Dillema by Marc/Emmy
Dandelions have one purpose. Blow up as much zombies in one go as possible, but thats not what Dee wants. Dee joins the battalion in Neighborville and wants more to life...
Friend Requested OneShots by Ihate_Life13
Friend Requested OneShotsby Ihate_Life13
In order to receive a fanfiction of my own, I wrote one for them. TO give it to them, I made this. Only my friends can ask for one-shots.
Truth or dare pvz GW  by xXElliotMirageWittXx
Truth or dare pvz GW by ~MirageLuvsGuys~
Truth or dare the pvz crew scientist, Engineer, All star, Soldier, peashooter, Sunflower, cactus, chomper, crazy dave, and Dr. Edgar George Zomboss. ask them and ill wri...