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PvZH Bye-Bye L.E.A.F by RedShamrock56
PvZH Bye-Bye L.E.A.Fby RS56
Next update's going to be in the summer. New title page was made by: reikaputri01 (Go check her out on DA) Plants vs Zombies Heroes belongs to EA and Popcap
PVZ heroes x reader!!! by Bookworm-thereader
PVZ heroes x reader!!!by Sunrise107
the name says it all, by the way, I do not own the pvz franchise and I don't own the characters BookWorm-TheReader is my nickname, cuz i read alot, but my bros call me s...
The crazy night  by Bayboy50
The crazy night by Bayboy50
A pvz story about solar flare and nightcap going on a night out.
Rustbolt rage(The Continued Of The Stand Against The Plague) by Pvzsmashbros
Rustbolt rage(The Continued Of The...by Richie Law
After Zomboss found out Rustbolt is actually the one who helped the plants against the plague of the zombification.Zomboss hired a zombie and created a suit of armor tha...
When you put everything together by Pvzsmashbros
When you put everything togetherby Richie Law
This is a crossover of all the games if they met.Pvz will be the main game I will be using a'lot since I know this game the best out of all the games in this story.(Exp:...
Moonlight danger by ThePVZ
Moonlight dangerby ThePVZ
Solar flare's birthday is here and Night cap wanted to make a birthday party for her.It didn't go well though.
By Any Means Necessary by rtwimki
By Any Means Necessaryby rtwimki
The zombie heroes have been losing too many battles lately at great cost, and if a change isn't made soon, it'll stay that way. A new plan has been hatched, but if the z...
Ask or dare PvZ heroes! by Soulster88
Ask or dare PvZ heroes!by Just some pals
Soul: That's right, ask or dare the PvZ heroes including Beta Carrotina and Gigantacus!
The 12th member of pvzheroes by Pvzsmashbros
The 12th member of pvzheroesby Richie Law
You are not as strong as they said,Green shadow.As he wields the black hole closer to her.Almost devouring her.Until spatial parts around him shattered and returned him...
Z-mech's AI secretary by Pvzsmashbros
Z-mech's AI secretaryby Richie Law
Lilie,an AI secretary but unique than any other robots.She is one of the 2 robots in the world that has emotions strong enough to even feel love.Her dark story lies behi...
Replanted 2 by FluffyGlass
Replanted 2by FluffyGlass
(Plants vs. Zombies Heroes belongs to EA/Popcap studios) (obviously) So.. Alice Macro's life didn't end up as simple as they thought it would be. Guess that's how it is...
Plants VS Zombies:Heroes-Book 1 by Mister_AG
Plants VS Zombies:Heroes-Book 1by Mister_AG
Meet Green Shadow.A normal Peashooter that became a hero because of Dr. Zomboss' Hero-tron 3000.Follow her and their adventures together with the Plant Heroes as they fi...
pvz ships im against by GarbageName
pvz ships im againstby BlackOpsGrief
Lazy work, although i hate these ships, most of my followers (pvz) ship em
Some PvZ Heroes One Shots by KyTypes
Some PvZ Heroes One Shotsby Kyler Lee
Yep its exactly what it says so if you want to request a prompt for any shipping just let me know in the comments and this is my first fanfic ever so plz no hate only co...
Po And Equestria Ninja Girls and Crossover 2022 The Movie The Caves of Sac Actun by mochamars1217
Po And Equestria Ninja Girls and C...by Cassandra Bravo
The Octonauts and friends embark on an underwater adventure, navigating a set of challenging caves to help a small octopus friend return home to the Caribbean Sea.
UnderHeroes: Pacifist by Bonnet25
UnderHeroes: Pacifistby LuckyChao25
(Disclaimer: I only own the AU and a few OC's other than that, nothing else. This will also have a Genocide version, maybe even a neutral.) After Frisk notices Flowey go...
Rp book by Angels_Snowy
Rp bookby Angel Wølfie
Hi Snowies! I'm back! This is my rp book! hope you enjoy! This shitty book is old so yeah, I don't want to post in this more but I might make another one or smth