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°~FRUTO DE UN AMOR~°[PvZ Héroes] by KittyOwosisisX
°~FRUTO DE UN AMOR~°[PvZ Héroes]by KittyOwosisisX
Hola, este es un primer Universo Alterno o Línea Alterntiva (AU) de PvZ Héroes. La trama de esto es donde todos las parejas de Shipps (Ya se Homo o Heteros) tienen una f...
PvZ: Mini Stories! by RealNutellam
PvZ: Mini Stories!by Nuteramu
Artwork by Johanna on Artstreet. Link: https://medibang.com/picture/jk1706280326302290002988830/
VINDICATOR. (A PvZ Alternate Universe Fanfiction) by Popdumb
VINDICATOR. (A PvZ Alternate Unive...by wabbi wabbo guy
The mutants, although shrouded in total mystery, had chosen to disassociate themselves from the unruly grip of Doctor Zomboss after a conscious decision by the former to...
The Stand Against The Plague by MrsOriental
The Stand Against The Plagueby Rather not say
Immorticia has spread a plague over the globe.If the plague wasn't stop.....all the life forms in earth will be mutated and turn into zombies.And the plants has only 3 d...
PopCap-Topia: Neighborville has Moved! by LandOfPoptopia
PopCap-Topia: Neighborville has Mo...by Land of PopTopia
((WARNING! Contains strong language, and heavy topics!)) Written by OneFey Profile(DeviantART): https://www.deviantart.com/onefey Cover Art by OneFey & CrazyPlantMae Ill...
Undead flower (Pvz x Mha) by AnEasyToRememberName
Undead flower (Pvz x Mha)by AnEasyToRememberName
A strange girl, created by a strange being in a strange world made to replicate even stranger beings. Her purpose was to eliminate the plants, but before she could be re...
Unexpected Friendship (PvZ Heroes) by Samuel152
Unexpected Friendship (PvZ Heroes)by Mr. Samuel
What happens when Rose and Huge Gigantacus discover that they have much in common? How would these two live keeping a secret from their friends and allies?
Plants vs zombies: crayons, paint and trouble by mynaemisboo
Plants vs zombies: crayons, paint...by Boo
A plants vs zombies fanfiction featuring painter zombie who one day leaves work as normal, except something secret has been set up behind her back, and now she's the pla...
Green Shadow and Super Brainz can't stop fighting HILARIOUS by OliviaArcherWellner
Green Shadow and Super Brainz can'...by Olivia Archer-Wellner
When Super Brainz finds out that it is Green Shadow's birthday tomorrow, he comes up with a plan to make Green Shadow jealous. However, will his plan work? Warning: Funny
By Any Means Necessary by rtwimki
By Any Means Necessaryby rtwimki
The zombie heroes have been losing too many battles lately at great cost, and if a change isn't made soon, it'll stay that way. A new plan has been hatched, but if the z...
pvz ships im against by GarbageName
pvz ships im againstby BlackOpsGrief
Lazy work, although i hate these ships, most of my followers (pvz) ship em
The crazy night  by Bayboy50
The crazy night by Bayboy50
A pvz story about solar flare and nightcap going on a night out.
Early awakening  by agentpollen
Early awakening by Inise
//contiene capitulos en español// just a normal night with Rose and Rosemary, until the unexpect but expected thing happens. -cover-page art by me >Rosemary is a Citr...
Po And Equestria Ninja Girls and Crossover 2022 The Movie The Caves of Sac Actun by mochamars1217
Po And Equestria Ninja Girls and C...by Cassandra Bravo
When Pororo, Barnacles, and others Peso crash the Gup-H in the Yucatan Jungle, in order to get Coba the little octopus home, they have to dive in the Sac Actun Caves to...
PvZ Heroes: Force Of The Mind by ScOu-Gentai
PvZ Heroes: Force Of The Mindby Scou-Gentai
Peace has brought plants and zombies together ever since Penny's death. A new enemy so powerful that is not from their world seeks power to take over the chosen one. Now...
Chompzilla Is The Principal! by 12151531a
Chompzilla Is The Principal!by 12151531a
Chompzilla is the Principal of Garden Warfare School. But when the Plants and Zombies in Otto Do's class test her dominance over the school, Chompzilla becomes enraged.
Z-mech's AI secretary by MrsOriental
Z-mech's AI secretaryby Rather not say
Lilie,an AI secretary but unique than any other robots.She is one of the 2 robots in the world that has emotions strong enough to even feel love.Her dark story lies behi...
The Twister 2  by Alvaroivan07
The Twister 2 by Alvaroivan07
inspired by Twister (1996), this light novel is about an adventure of Valerie (the main protagonist) with her friends chasing a lot of storms that is capable of producin...