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Plants vs Zombies Heroes Friendships by destinye70007
Plants vs Zombies Heroes Friendshi...by King Caesar
The plants and zombies heroes have stopped fighting each other and became friends. They bring peace and joy to the world.
Spudow and the Glitchy Corruption by destinye70007
Spudow and the Glitchy Corruptionby King Caesar
Spudow and his best friend, Immorticia were having fun with Spooky Month until the Glitchy Corruption begin to corrupt Spudow, making him turn into a monster. It was mak...
Plants Vs. Zombies Heroes: The Elseworlds Conflict. by Abizzaremorning87
Plants Vs. Zombies Heroes: The Els...by Abizzaremorning87
Dr Zomboss has suffered a crushing defeat. Yet again, thanks to the Plant Heroes. And yet, he has decided to learn from his mistake, he thought he had such a brilliant p...
Heroes in the house of mouse by ScampiP
Heroes in the house of mouseby Lord Of The Stories
Green Shadow and her gang are heading to the house of mouse for a special school trip crazy Dave has planned. But Dr. Zomboss and his group are coming, so is supertato a...