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  • Harry Potter Females x Readers.
    15.6K 159 4

    A collection of stories depicting the love life of the various females in the wizarding world with the reader.

  • (Y/n) Potter and the philosopher's stone. Chapter 1
    54.2K 960 15

    Being the older twin brother of Harry Potter had its ups and downs. Like going on adventures for one.

  • A Black's Blood ( Male reader x HP girls)
    594K 9.4K 29

    (Y/N) was just a normal teenager. That is until he learned that his father was a wizard not only that but a wizard criminal named Sirius Black now he has to enter Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and wizardry as well as help in the war to come. Follow your journey with the Golden trio, the Weasleys and even the Malfoys.