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Lestrange's Daughter by MidnightHerondale
Lestrange's Daughterby Midnight
"I never knew that my 16th birthday would change my whole life.." ---- On my 16th birthday I found out about my parents, but what should I do? Stay with them a...
Harry Potter Females x Female reader   by Closetosanity
Harry Potter Females x Female Close To Sanity
A collection of short female x Harry Potter females
Passionate *COMPLETE* by MichaelaJackson493
Passionate *COMPLETE*by Michaela Jackson
"She is my daughter. She is ours and we will get her back." Bellatrix Lestrange says with powerful eyes. "That is my baby girl. Only a fool would think...
Bellamione - her beloved monster by LorelaiLestrange
Bellamione - her beloved monsterby Mathi
The war is over. Hermione travels back in time to save Bellatrix. At least that's what Narcissa pays for. Hermione is just supposed to prevent Bella from joining the Dea...
Let's Play Truth Or Dare by moon_rose_petals
Let's Play Truth Or Dareby fred weasley's wife
Harry makes a plan to trap Death Eaters and the Dark Lord it doesnt go as planned naturally. Excepting requests but you must read through first chapter so you know what'...
Mad Love ~ Bellatrix Black x Y/n Y/l/n by LE_books03
Mad Love ~ Bellatrix Black x Y/n Stories
64.537 words Y/N is an 16/17 year old girl, she is in her 6th/7th year of Hogwarts, during her holiday on Hogwarts one night didn't end well, there was someone in her ro...
The Black sisters x Reader One Shots by TheBlackSistersPet
The Black sisters x Reader One
One shots of the 2 Black sisters with the female reader. Requests are open!
My comfort//Helena Bonham Carter characters and Y/n one shots by simpingforbellatrix
My comfort//Helena Bonham Carter Random mess :)
Comforting one shots including Helena characters, and perhaps even a few of Helena herself. If you'd like a part two to one of the one shots, just comment and I'll try m...
The Daughter Of The Dark Lord {harry potter fanfiction} by sweaterpawmukeaf
The Daughter Of The Dark Lord { r.i.p alan rickman
Rodophlus dies in a raid, and Bellatrix turns to her Lord for comfort - just not the type of comfort he had in mind... Enter Callia Riddle. This fic is sort-of AU, and d...
The Greatest Ally (Harry Potter Fanfic)  by Wolfphantom8
The Greatest Ally (Harry Potter Wolfphantom8
Tom knew he was loosing the battle against the 'light'. He knew that if he lost the war, the world will plunge into chaos because of Dumbledore. He, and his allies neede...
Fake scenarios with Bella  by hqlenaluv
Fake scenarios with Bella by Hqlenaluv
Some fake scenarios I think about with bellatrix. You can use these for shifting if you want to. -contains smut-
Scars {Remus Lupin} ✓ by theweirdchic
Scars {Remus Lupin} ✓by theweirdchic
'You deserve someone better. Someone younger, healthier, wealthier.' 'I don't want anyone else, Remus. I want you. I love you...It's always been you.' | GOLDEN TRIO ERA...
Fixing the Future by hollyb84
Fixing the Futureby Harrypotterfanfic
Alyssa Granger lost a lot during the war and so when her and Luna Lovegood are thrown back in time, it may just be a blessing in disguise. The two girls find themselves...
Deatheater's Daughter by sparrowstea
Deatheater's Daughterby Theo
Hermione finds out the truth about who she really is. Will anything change between the Golden Trio, or will Hermione join the Death Eaters. Find out in Deatheater's Daug...
Something Bad Always Changes To Good Things (GxGxG story) by camila_palte
Something Bad Always Changes To camila_palte
On Harry's 15th birthday, he goes through his creature inheritance. He finds out he has a family, he has two lover/mate and much more. He also finds out his not a He. Hi...
Staring//Enemies to lovers//Bellatrix x oc by simpingforbellatrix
Staring//Enemies to lovers// Random mess :)
TW: Little quick mentions of ED Bellatrix Lestrange and Crystal Forrest have known each other longer than they've known anyone else, and since the beginning, they've ha...
The Other Daughter- A Harry Potter Fanfiction by ElphabaThropp557
The Other Daughter- A Harry Bellatrix Black
In 1980, Bellatrix Lestrange and Lord Voldemort had twin daughters. In 1981, Voldemort was killed, and Bellatrix hid her daughters with two separate families. Not long a...
A Black's Blood ( Male reader x HP girls)  by MicMalHamilton
A Black's Blood ( Male reader x MicMal Hamilton
(Y/N) was just a normal teenager. That is until he learned that his father was a wizard not only that but a wizard criminal named Sirius Black now he has to enter Hogwar...
Hermione Riddle by WotakuKoiWaMuzukashi
Hermione Riddleby WotakuKoiWaMuzukashi
"How can you change so much?!" "Oh honey, I didn't change. You never even knew me from the start" _________________________________________ Hermione...