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So This is Love? [Aric Lesso x Reader] by hunny_baby_bug
So This is Love? [Aric Lesso x Liliana
(Spoilers for books one, two, three, and the handbook kind of) SLOW UPDATES The schools have been completely taken over by Rafal. Now, every current student of Good and...
Is it really Ever After? by ElianaJRose
Is it really Ever After?by ElianaJRose
Five years after the fall of the School Master... A dangerous disease, a misconceived romance, a shocking announcement... In the midst of it all, true Evil rises again...
School For Good and Evil : Tedros  by AmuYawnzzz
School For Good and Evil : Tedros by Binna Choi
Sophie and Agatha weren't the only one who were stuck inside the School of Good and Evil what if there was another Girl. Join her Adventure Of Upside downs in the schoo...
Creator Of The Pleiades by NormalComic
Creator Of The Pleiadesby NormalComic
What would happen if one of Ainzes old friends was also transported along with him and sees the merciless monster he has become...
'The thin line between Caring.. and borderline Possessive.' (Dark SBI) by K1nk7_M0th3rFuck3r
'The thin line between Caring.. Rin
I'm making this bc I feel like shit and I'm bored. (And I'm getting help w/ proofreading from my frienddddd) Tommy meets someone at work who favors him quite a bit... sl...
Masquerade (Hosie) by Im_ArtemisOchoa
Masquerade (Hosie)by Im_ArtemisOchoa
(Enemies to forbidden lovers) Masquerade! Hide your face... So the world will never find you. Eyes of gold, thighs of blue, true of false. Who is who? Leering satyrs, p...
 Akame Ga Kill ( The World Between Worlds) by theillusiveman6
Akame Ga Kill ( The World the illusive man
How far will one person go to protect what is precious to them how far will one person go to bring back one they have lost? Will that person sacrifice the very thing tha...
A Little Bit of Grey by Whoops197
A Little Bit of Greyby She goes by Mazi
Raven Mills grew up in the fairytales many learned to love. After all she is a storybook character through and through. Born to the Evil Queen, Regina Mills, she grew up...
Two Sides One love by KatyAmel2001
Two Sides One loveby KatiAmel
Who knew that two that a hero and a villain could ever fall in love ? Despite being a hero and a villain, Gekko and Luna Girl are meant for each other, like peanut butte...
Little Angel by destructionseduction
Little Angelby Namtitties™️
Certain that they will no longer be bothered, Crowley and Aziraphale meet to dine at The Ritz, where they make a big decision in their lives- to move in together. What...
The Sleeping Girl by wisteriaflower
The Sleeping Girlby Wisteria
Every five hundred years, a girl goes to sleep to channel the Earth's natural, light magic, and help her society fight off dark magic. Without her slumber, dark creature...
Unreality  (Gojo x Reader) by Saffers104
Unreality (Gojo x Reader)by Let’s cry about___
For 17 years Gojo was revered as the strongest jujutsu sorcerer but not after meeting you many think otherwise even Gojo. Short story - pacing maybe fast but idgaf WARN...
Twisted brothers  by emilizbeth14
Twisted brothers by emilizbeth14
In this story ink and error are brothers one good one evil or so people knew they were related while the other was clueless...but will ink be able to find...
princess of asgard- steve rogers x reader by captainevans_
princess of asgard- steve rogers whoreforsteverogers
what will happen when a princess falls in love with a super solider?
Battle Of Retention by glitter_xxxlicious
Battle Of Retentionby Estrellita
Demons, a merciless, atrocious, most despised species inhabiting the Earth, once dominated over humans for centuries. Their sadistic actions continued to bring incessant...
Crimson Dawn  by nightfury107
Crimson Dawn by Night
"When the dawn turns the sky crimson we will take back what was ours." Thorne never asked for this. All he wanted was to lead a peaceful nation, one that war...
soft spot || aric lesso x reader by d3athspair
soft spot || aric lesso x readerby joanna
what if you went to the school for good and evil? what if you fell in love with a certain dean named aric lesso? what if, you manage to melt the iciest heart out (maybe...
the untold 'dirty little secret.' by toziierrs
the untold 'dirty little secret.'by reddie <3
richie is still tormented by pennywise the clown because he can't seem to tell people what his true fear is. what his true 'dirty secret' is. he's the only losers left t...
Time Guardian by Kaiddance
Time Guardianby K Elliot
One choice can change the fate of the universe. Miranda, a girl of no name and a mysterious past does everything in her power to escape a horrific marriage to a wicked e...
SGE One-Shots by sibuna4ever01
SGE One-Shotsby ✨Multi fandom!✨
Just a bunch of One-Shots about SGE! Ships: Hophie Tagatha More to come! Will mostly be Tagatha One-Shots! Feel free to request if there is a certain ship or plot...