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Dimitrescu sons x reader | Twisted Family by SamV73
Dimitrescu sons x reader | Samael V
[Reader is called by they/them pronouns, this is not my art] Amanda and Markus, an engaged couple, you had moved in with them because of Amanda's hysterical Pregnancy an...
Their Obsession [Yandere!Resident Evil Village X Child!Read] by peacockdragon12345
Their Obsession [Yandere! Creativity_Juice
Mother Miranda made a game, but that games leads into her 'children' going yandere. Hope you survive!
Partners In Crime (Ethan Winters x Reader)  by whiterose270
Partners In Crime (Ethan Winters Casey 🤍
Ethan Winters x Reader story. The reader helps Ethan through the village, to find his daughter. The ending is different from the game because i hated that ending. (Poor...
Alcina Dimitrescu Fluff Imagines  by lololover14
Alcina Dimitrescu Fluff Imagines by Naturesapphic
These are my lady dimitrescu tumblr imagines :)
The Daughter Of Karl Heisenberg by treecl_28
The Daughter Of Karl Heisenbergby treecl_28
Leanne is a carpenter and mechanic builder, she's well known in Village for her skills and she is well known for having a crazy mother, with a trouble history... One day...
yes ma'am | Lady Alcina Dimitrescu x reader by Quack_den
yes ma'am | Lady Alcina Quack_den
"Dare or Die," "As if 'Die is an option, dare'" "I dare you to go into the 'Haunted' Castle" "Wait what, no, next please" "...
Orphan / female reader x lady dimitrescu by apecey
Orphan / female reader x lady your dad
,,I need you. With me". ,,If that's what you want right now, I'll stay". ,,It is what I always want". ............ You have spent your whole life in the...
Resident evil x reader oneshots  by ZurieUchihaYandere
Resident evil x reader oneshots by Zurie_phoenix
Mainly resident evil village but I'll add others if requested, it'll mainly be a (y/n) thing but if you want a chapter with your name specifically in the chapter, just s...
Transgression (RE8 Miranda X Fem! OC) by Multiaudioedit
Transgression (RE8 Miranda X Multiaudioedit
Florin Vasile was the one and only Villager who didn't worship Miranda and the ground she walks on, will this choice backfire on her? Resident Evil 8 Miranda X Fem! OC
Very SFW Scenarios [Alcina × Fem reader]  by goingbackinthecloset
Very SFW Scenarios [Alcina × Fem Gabriella
Less spicy scenarios that began: December 31, 2023. I really hope I have not copied anyone's ideas. I've only read a handful of fanfictions, so I don't know if something...
Forbidden Blood | Daniela x Male!Reader by eclipseonamethyst
Forbidden Blood | Daniela x Male! RêveurIncurable
An interplay of love and danger is explored between a female vampire and a male human, giving birth to a story that delves into themes of seduction with every drop of bl...
In The End: Books I & II (Heisenberg Fanfiction) by emily-culleton
In The End: Books I & II ( Emily
Taken hostage in the Village of Resident Evil 8, Sierra has been put under the supervision of Lord Heisenberg. Will she ever be able to escape, or will Sierra be stuck i...
Sensuous Lust | Cassandra x Male!Reader    by eclipseonamethyst
Sensuous Lust | Cassandra x Male! RêveurIncurable
"Good! the more scared you are, the thicker the blood!"
Ill Met By Moonlight by saphhosfriend
Ill Met By Moonlightby Sappho's ''friend''
A mysterious woman with a terrible curse, going by the name of Lex, is hired by Mother Miranda as a servant to the Four Lords. She is sent to House Beneviento and meets...
incorrect dimitrescu by -machiluvr
incorrect dimitrescuby GONE○
just a collection of incorrect dimitrescu girls, ft reader
Re Village Oneshots by bluepocketknife
Re Village Oneshotsby s
Bunch of Re Village stories ! (cover isn't mine)
The One X Donna Beneviento  by treecl_28
The One X Donna Beneviento by treecl_28
Donna Beneviento has been lonely for years, wishing for a lovely companion to live in her big cottage house on hill next to the waterfall. Until one day, Mother Miranda...
From Dusk Until Dawn by saphhosfriend
From Dusk Until Dawnby Sappho's ''friend''
Castle Dimitrescu has many secrets and rumours. Most true, some false. Whether or not it's from desperation or curiosity, those who enter rarely ever leave. For years, t...
Karl Heisenberg Oneshots by veritaea
Karl Heisenberg Oneshotsby val
Oneshots w Karl Heisenberg, sometimes featuring other resident evil characters! Story might contain nsfw but will be tagged beforehand. otherwise expect mild nsfw Art on...
𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙻𝚊𝚍𝚢'𝚜 𝙿𝚎𝚝~resident evil village★ dimitrescu x oc ★[completed!] by basically_bell
𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙻𝚊𝚍𝚢'𝚜 𝙿𝚎𝚝 bell😎
one-shots/story for my re8 OC. (Dimitrescu x OC) NEARLY TWENTY THOUSAND READS WHAT?