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Moonlight Shadow: Time Can Heal by saphhosfriend
Moonlight Shadow: Time Can Healby Sappho's ''friend''
Onyx Beneviento, a bright young boy who loves his family, will do anything to make his mother, Donna, smile. Ever since he could begin to think for himself, it had alway...
Gripped by the Lady's Claws by szenaeva
Gripped by the Lady's Clawsby august.
A slow burn romance between Alcina Dimitrescu and Ellaria Rose, that comes with a twist. -- Ellaria is a woman who works for an affluent family. She is well-known in the...
Forever X Miranda story by treecl_28
Forever X Miranda storyby treecl_28
After your twin brother, Ethan Winters, saved you and Mia at the Bakers House. Chris Redfield relocated Ethans family and you to a random city, after the incident. The...
The Deal x Resident evil by treecl_28
The Deal x Resident evilby treecl_28
Finley, her professor and her classmates win a free trip to Europe. During the trip, she had a book of the four lords of a village, that was supposed to be legend...unti...
Metal God (Karl Heisenberg x reader)  by winterslush
Metal God (Karl Heisenberg x Rae
Haven't found anything really for this game regarding fanfics so I made this! You are Y/n, Mia's sister, Ethan's sister in law and Roses aunt. Due to what happened back...
Beauty of The Grotesque  by _Rixen
Beauty of The Grotesque by _Rixen
Donna Beneviento x Female Wendigo reader (Modern day deer interpretation) Hunger. Hunger was all that continued to drive you forward in this vicious cycle.. for so many...
Accident (residents of evil 8 x reader) by MasterJiraiya120
Accident (residents of evil 8 x MasterJiraiya120
(the photo is not mine btw) what if an inventor/scientist that was from the world of my hero Academia, accidentally got transported in a world that was full of Monsters...
Little Things || House Dimitrescu & Child!Reader by CallMeVex_
Little Things || House CallMeVex_
She'd never thought it was possible. When she was still mortal, she had hoped but that was quickly shut down by the doctor who told her it would never happen because of...
Village of Shadowed Memories {Resident Evil 8 Village} by SouthernFlowerQueenK
Village of Shadowed Memories { Southern Flower Queen Kay
Ana Sarian is the village's one and only doctor. When the outsider, Ethan Winters, arrives in the village and into the home of Luzia, Ana Sarian is thrown into a world o...
DOVE (Mother Miranda x Fem! Reader) by Eth3si4
DOVE (Mother Miranda x Fem! Reader)by Eth3si4
Y/N a best friend of Mia Winters, what will happen when she got all mixed up with the problem of Ethan Winters with a psychotic yet bewitching cult leader. WARNING: •Slo...
The Fifth Lord by treecl_28
The Fifth Lordby treecl_28
The four lords have a meeting, as one of them, Priestess Mother Miranda brings in the newest fifth Lord...This mystery Lord was tested with the megamycete...long before...
Fem! RE8 Characters x Fem!Reader || Preference || by in-school
Fem! RE8 Characters x Fem!Reader | writers block smh
Includes: ○ Mia Winters ○ Mother Miranda ○ Donna Beneviento ○ Lady Dimitrescu ○ Bella Dimitrescu ○ Cassandra Dimitrescu ○ Daniela Dimitrescu
Their Obsession [Yandere!Resident Evil Village X Child!Read] by peacockdragon12345
Their Obsession [Yandere! I_AM_KING
Mother Miranda made a game, but that games leads into her 'children' going yandere. Hope you survive!
RE Village VAs meet their characters!  by MaCristinaSaavedra
RE Village VAs meet their Ma. Cristina Saavedra
It's as the title said. The Resident Evil Village Voice Actors would be meeting their game counterparts! But, of course, with a small story.
My Fish in the Sea; Moreau x Reader by KatheyLeeClark
My Fish in the Sea; Moreau x Readerby KatheyLeeClark
Deep in the forests of Romania you're injured, confused, and hopelessly lost. So imagine your confusion when you're given as a gift to a strange fish man. Cover art bel...
Lady Dimitrescu X I'm hers and ONLY hers X Witchcraft  by treecl_28
Lady Dimitrescu X I'm hers and treecl_28
You're a 11 year old mute child with a mysterious past, you are raised in House Dimitrescu as a maiden first...Then one day, two men break into the castle trying to...
Missing rose by Icecreamcakespree
Missing roseby Icecreamcakespree
Eleanore was a girl born as a monster but raised as a human. Warning: the pics do not belong to me it belongs to the rightful artist
The Fourth Daughter X Lady Dimitrescu  by treecl_28
The Fourth Daughter X Lady treecl_28
**I DO NOT OWN THE PICTURE, FOUND IT ON GOOGLE** You've heard the legend, the three daughters of Lady Alcina Dimitrescu...but did you ever heard a fourth Dimitrescu da...
Resident Evil Imagines/other Stuff  by random_dead_thing
Resident Evil Imagines/other Stuff by dead thing
Honestly just random stories I feel like writing about my favourite characters they will be mostly x reader and the reader will be gender neutral unless stated otherwise...