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THE DON'S MUSLIM MAIDby Muinatu Brimah
Fatima is a young and beautiful Muslim wife, her life gets turnt upside down when her husband gets a second wife.This is due to her not being able to conceive after 7 ye...
Her Selfless Love( Complete) by suzangill98
Her Selfless Love( Complete)by suzangill98
"You told them you love me ,huh?" He asks with a raised eyebrows, jaw hardened and eyes narrowed at the shy girl he has hated all his life. She was afraid of h...
Married to a God  (Thor X reader) by haliypticaskywalker
Married to a God (Thor X reader)by Haliyptica
"But you really think so?" I asked. "Thor Odinson in love with me?"
MaNan - Who am I ???  by Charming_Niqaabi
MaNan - Who am I ??? by عطوفہ
Hey watty ppls!!! A story was in my mind from long tym so thought to put it in action . It is very emotional n dark story. This story is about a broken girl. to know he...
horny boy's maid by hihihihih69
horny boy's maidby sussy penguin
Zilo's previous made had quit a few days ago. he had recently hired a new maid, Rori. This new maid is Zilo's dream girl. brunette, 5'4, big boobs, and a really huge ass...
In Love With A Prince✔️ by iamjanetking
In Love With A Prince✔️by Jane_King
Malia, a poor girl who worked as a maid in a palace to get enough money to help her sick mother and support herself and her sister...... then she meets Prince Anderson...
the little maid by jellypugtv
the little maidby jellypugtv
A young 19-year-old girl goes to the castle to become a maid. What happens when everyone starts falling from her and stating doing stuff to her. Maya David is the girls...
Tangled Butterfly✔ by Aamynila2012
Tangled Butterfly✔by Aamynila2012
Story of a broken soul and her saviour. Khushi ,adopted daughter of Guptas...From childhood, she only got betrayal from all. Now she is living only for her daughter and...
La Mafia González  by senoradanah
La Mafia González by Señora Danah
Lorenzo González, the son of Gabriel & Valentina González, comes back home after leaving at the age of 22. Coming back to claim his rightful seat, he meets Valeria Ruiz...
The Billionaire's Mask (Book #1) - Unedited Version by margarettegrey
The Billionaire's Mask (Book #1) Margarette Grey
Highest Rank: #8 in Romance "You must never enter Master Brandon's bedroom, nor his study. He's not a very patient man. He allows no one in his room. You can do wha...
0° Celsius :To Thaw A Frozen Heart ( Sample) by suzangill98
0° Celsius :To Thaw A Frozen suzangill98
"How dare you!!" His stare and cold voice made me step back with fear scared of what he will do "You clumsy woman!! Keep those disgusting hands of yours s...
The Maid and Her Princess by aadyhatopaz
The Maid and Her Princessby AADYHA
Madoka was brought to the Palace as a slave and a servant and she thought this was her lot in life. As long as her head was bowed to the right people, she would avoid tr...
Encounter with lovely Maid by Apari0
Encounter with lovely Maidby Apuuu
where a boy secretly seeing his house maid and wanting her😳
"My maid becomes my wife,"~Taehyung. Kim Taehyung is from a royal family. He owns a multinational company . He is always serious about his works. There is no...
The Billionaires Maid by MissAshemae
The Billionaires Maidby AshlieAshemae
[ completed &. edited ] billionaires #1 Symon Axel Santilian, a living Multi Billionaire, who hates noisy people. He doesn't like anyone wandering around inside his mans...
The Prince's Choice by morgie_321
The Prince's Choiceby Morgan
In the Kingdom of Ostium, once children reach the age of seventeen, they are assigned a job that they must work for the rest of their lives. Seraphina Lyton has suffered...
✔️Faggot ~ Jeongin x Skz  by SubbyCatgirl
✔️Faggot ~ Jeongin x Skz by Yun Heejin
Jeongin's family is toxic. He knows that he's gay, but they're so Christian. But when Jeongin's dad owes a mafia money and his kidnapper accidentally falls in love with...
I Became the Tyrant's Maid and Ran away! by PinP0nn
I Became the Tyrant's Maid and ꧁ SImP ꧂
I traversed into the world of my favorite novel, "Colliding Hearts", and Tried to save the cursed Crown prince from his nightmare! I ran away, hoping he'd meet...
Serendipity ✔ by sIytherinprince
Serendipity ✔by bella
"I have a deep feeling that you do not plan on telling me who you really are in the near future," the Prince broke the comfortable silence. Annabelle shook he...
||Roommates|| Kobayashi's Dragon Maid by lol_ninikun
||Roommates|| Kobayashi's Dragon Moe
A oneshot book of your favorite side characters: Fafnir and Takiya. Open for requests! "And they were roommates!" #1 Fafnir AYOO #1 misskobayashi #2 dragonmaid