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COTE react to Elite Minus by MCPELuisTuican
COTE react to Elite Minusby MCPELuis Tuican
It was just another day in ANHS. But suddenly everyone was transported in a theater room and before them was a mischevious god who wanted to show them the acts of the mo...
That damn minus!(Kumagawa Misogi x fem reader) by MCPELuisTuican
That damn minus!(Kumagawa Misogi MCPELuis Tuican
(Y/N) was a girl with an overpowered quirk who thinks she know everything. Heroes are or heroes fanboys or overegoistic bastards, villains are or greedy bastards or abus...
Are you REALLY sure you're a human? by MCPELuisTuican
Are you REALLY sure you're a human?by MCPELuis Tuican
Suzuki wokee up in his avatar as Momonga. All the NPCs of Nazarik gained consciouness and procrasted themselves before him. At the same time, a so called "human&quo...
The elite minus by MCPELuisTuican
The elite minusby MCPELuis Tuican
The masterpiece of the white room only wannts to have an peacefull, average highschool life. Unfortunately, he becomes friend with the king of minuses and chaos soon fol...
Archon of Minus by MCPELuisTuican
Archon of Minusby MCPELuis Tuican
From battling a group of terminals, to being send to a heavenly plane, to veing send to a world where gods walk the earth with monsters and people who can control elemen...
Legendary hero? Bitch please, I'm the perfect minus  by MihaiAlexandru178
Legendary hero? Bitch please, I' Mihai Alexandru
Shield hero is a story of grief. But what if two more persons were summoned as a mistake? And one of them is the king of the minus.
Cursed technique minus by MCPELuisTuican
Cursed technique minusby MCPELuis Tuican
Through the jujutsu sorcerers it's needed to have negative emotions and use them in powerful techinques. Through the jujutsu sorcerers, the third year of student of Toky...
My overpowered minus husband rules the supernatural world without even trying! by MCPELuisTuican
My overpowered minus husband MCPELuis Tuican
There are Five Main Clans in the world of DxD that are a great power of the human race. One day it just so happened that a very talented girl of one of those clans finds...
Why do I have to Help (Medaka Box harem x Male Reader) by Nightmarefredbear666
Why do I have to Help (Medaka Nightmarefredbear666
When a student attends a new school, he finds the first friend he makes, forces him to help out the student council despite him not being a member. What stupid stuff may...
The zero mage's monster  by MihaiAlexandru178
The zero mage's monster by Mihai Alexandru
When Louis tries to summon a familiar, she succed. But, she didn't summon a average japanese boy, but the most chotic being in existence.
Perfect + Loser ≠ DC by Anime0CC0Manga
Perfect + Loser ≠ DCby Anime0CC0Manga
What If Our Perfectly Terrible Duo Ends Up In A World Of Hero's, Villains, And So Much BS~
The Untold Story by Gaming_Empire
The Untold Storyby Gaming Empire
Follow y/n on his journey as he try to run and forget his past and try to have a better future only for his past to catch up to him. I don't own rooster teeth or any of...
Tower Of God X OC: Adventure Of Reincarnator by Suprame1o1
Tower Of God X OC: Adventure Of Suprame1o1
Some random dude got a chance to reincarnate into the world of tog as a irregular. God said that, he can have 1 set of power of any fiction. What will happen if the powe...
The empire have a minus  by MihaiAlexandru178
The empire have a minus by Mihai Alexandru
Kumagawa Misogi, the greatest minus who ever existed. He is a twisted individual who lived his life in chaos and blood, with a impresive killing rate. But what would hap...
A minus starting life in another world  by MCPELuisTuican
A minus starting life in another MCPELuis Tuican
Medame. Boring. Repetitive. That's what Kumagawa Misogi's life was as of late. That however changes when he's dragged in a world of magic, withches, crazy people, crazie...
My Loser Academia by OeuforEgg
My Loser Academiaby
A story where someone twisted and despised with nothing constraining them lives in a world with law and hope. A mha crossover with medaka box in which Kumagawa is crosso...
The minus within by MCPELuisTuican
The minus withinby MCPELuis Tuican
Two person, one body. That is an known procedee of sealed beings. But what when the minus king is sealed in a normal boy who got in a school full if monsters.
A minus's chaos upon this wonderfull world  by MCPELuisTuican
A minus's chaos upon this MCPELuis Tuican
Kumagawa Misogi has died. This was not a new occurance, however being in a completly white room with a jersey wearing normal and a blue themed self-proclaimed goddess wa...
Darkus and minus by MCPELuisTuican
Darkus and minusby MCPELuis Tuican
Insane people were alwais qualified to use darkus bakugans. What happens when the craziest minus decides to start playing the game?
Minus brother of the red empress by MCPELuisTuican
Minus brother of the red empressby MCPELuis Tuican
Hyoudo Issei was the red dragon emperor. But, what about an alternative version. Where it's the red dragon emperess and her name it's Kumagawa Iseei. And her brother it'...