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Legends by FionaWimber
Legendsby LadyPearl
A new kanmusu arrives, one who holds the secret to how the war began...
Mud In The Water | Mudrock x Kantai Collection by Harbour_Hime
Mud In The Water | Mudrock x Kanta...by Harbour Hime
Mudrock is now the current MC for my constant Warship books, system included. The big difference this time is that i'm using concept art from the internet as the rigging...
The Summoner by Kayto2538
The Summonerby Kayto2538
You're not going to them. They're coming to you. You're a normal guy/girl with an abnormal problem. You've unknowingly summoned them from their worlds and now you're st...
Anchors Aweigh by Packattack67987
Anchors Aweighby Adrian Estrada
The Americans have finally received their own Kanmusu. In the war against the Abyssals, the Japanese receive help from the Americans as they send their Kanmusu to aid th...
Reader x Female Characters One-Shots [Discontinued] by Kazami_Yui
Reader x Female Characters One-Sho...by Shiro Tori 🕊
[DISCONTINUED] Yahallo or ohakonbanchiwa~! Here, I will write some stories between female character(s) and obviously, you ! I can write : - games or animes. - male/ fema...
Kantai Collection - Admiralship of a certain mercenary by EnKii1
Kantai Collection - Admiralship of...by EnKii1
This story focus on an Admiral that was once an assassin that manage to found the reason to live. Near G. Roswell (Character from 7th heaven). Was hired to become the te...
Kantai Collection: New Guy in Charge by Kayto2538
Kantai Collection: New Guy in Char...by Kayto2538
You've just become the newest commander of Yokosuka Naval District, after an "incident" had the last admiral removed from command. Unlike other times when a ne...
The Samurai of the Eagle Union by AzureHime
The Samurai of the Eagle Unionby Azure
All I see is darkness sweeping over me. I tried to run to that light, only for it to disappear before me. My heart felt nothing but tears as I sat down in acceptance my...
Kantai Collection: The Cobra Gold by armyfat
Kantai Collection: The Cobra Goldby KC FanFiction Press
[ Disclaimer : The Kantai Collection and Warship girls, series/characters is fully owned by DMM and Kandokowa Games (owned Kantai Collection) and Moefantasy (owned Warsh...
azur lane x kancolle X JoJo Commander(On Hold) by Downneck
azur lane x kancolle X JoJo Comman...by Downneck
somewhere in azur lane naval base, the commander task a fleet to discover an unknown gate, when they enter the gate, the other side of the gate it's similar to have a sh...
Lost at Sea and in Another World by Ark-Shiranui
Lost at Sea and in Another Worldby Ark Shiranui
Tirpitz of Iron Blood finds herself transported to another world of shipgirls when she got lost during a storm. In that world, she meets shipgirls who fights Abyssals ra...
Faraway from the Deep Sea by Ark-Shiranui
Faraway from the Deep Seaby Ark Shiranui
A shipgirl with a lonely life found herself living among shipgirls from both worlds after gaining human emotions. To her confusion, she didn't believe such outcome is po...
Kantai Collection: A White Love Of Legendary Aircraft Carrier And Lone Pilot by Fireteam_Leader
Kantai Collection: A White Love Of...by Tactical PSYOPS Team
Brandon was a member of 160th SOAR also known as "Night Stalkers". He always work independence without any helps. Everything still normal but on a day when he...
the ghost wolf of kantai collection (op oc Kancolle anime fanfic AU) by TimothyYetzer
the ghost wolf of kantai collectio...by Timothy Yetzer
this will follow ijn tokyo capital heavy cruiser class and will follow the anime we will be modifying it for my use in the book her nickname is the ghost wolf of Kure
Kancolle : Sounds Very Khorosho To Me (aka My Secretary And I) by Kelvin786
Kancolle : Sounds Very Khorosho To...by KelvinLee786
"Before I ever realize, I have become this naval district's admiral and due to some kind of mistake, I met her." The impossible encounter between two white hai...
The Second Generation (Kantai Collection fanfic) by thaultrabeast
The Second Generation (Kantai Coll...by Thaultrabeast
Due to the massive increase in Abyssal numbers a new generation of the Fleet Girls was made but this generation included more then just girls. Some males were also able...
VIKING reincarnated in kancolle [op oc fanfic AU] by TimothyYetzer
VIKING reincarnated in kancolle [o...by Timothy Yetzer
VIKING is a special Bismarck/yamato class Shipgirl Invented by yours truly but never got any real exposure to you guys its marked as complete due to the screw ups I made...
Kancolle Abyssal Story (COMPLETED) by RonoAbyssal
Kancolle Abyssal Story (COMPLETED)by Rono
This story takes place in the Kancolle Anime world I do not own the anime or the characters And my OC (well I'll call it a oc) That will have different colors more detai...
The Midway Tragedy (A KanColle Fanfic) by Yuuyakizami21
The Midway Tragedy (A KanColle Fan...by Willyam Jordan
Kaga of the First Carrier Division is a proud kanmusu. However one day, her sense of pride plummeted into depression after an event that she deemed as her fault to begin...
Hoppou, Reppu and titans, the daily necessities ( Hoppou x TitanFall ) by Harbour_Hime
Hoppou, Reppu and titans, the dail...by Harbour Hime
An Abyssal child amongst the chaos of war, to specify, the war between the Militia and the IMC. Of course this child isn't normal in the slightest since i'm the author...