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(On Hold) The Betrayed G&K Commander by KhaizulFrost
(On Hold) The Betrayed G&K Khairul Afif
(Azur Lane x Girls Frontline x Male Reader) You were one of the best commanders that humanity has to offer. You were very good at strategies that even if you were outnum...
A Soldier from the future RAZE X GIRLS FRONTLINE by BlagojPejov0
A Soldier from the future RAZE X Leader Blagoj
Welcome to the Misfits by Whiskeythefoxtrot
Welcome to the Misfitsby Whiskeythefoxtrot
Abandoned during an enemy assault, used as a test bed for new technology, and given command of an Outpost nobody wanted. This is Nate Owen's life now. Welcome to the m...
Was It all...A Dream? (Girls Frontline X Male Reader! T-Doll) by DontMindmeBuddy3
Was It all...A Dream? (Girls DontMindmeBuddy3
This is my first story, So cut me some slack Okay? Quick and Short Explanation: Your a Male T-Doll! Woooo! yeah.....and even Better. Even more excitement! (Sarcasm) Sure...
A Lost Doll (Rewrite) by LuckyAceHigh
A Lost Doll (Rewrite)by LuckyAceHigh
"And that was the end of everything. But it was also a beginning."- Unknown When an unexpected T-Doll from an alternate future came back to the past. What effe...
The forgotten T-doll by Basim_mk1
The forgotten T-dollby Basim_mk1
Y/n or known as M30 Luftwaffe Drilling was a project by Griffen& Kuyger to make male Tdolls. When the war broke out between Griffen and Sangivs, The project was canceled...
Conclusion to be a Vigilante by JeymisPeixoto
Conclusion to be a Vigilanteby Jeymis Peixoto
(Kamen Rider Ark-One OC X Crossover Harem) A young boy who lost his childhood friend because of the supposed heroes' reckless actions has decided to become the deadliest...
A Girls Frontline - Requiem by CallsignCACTUS
A Girls Frontline - Requiemby TheHermit
Despaired, depressed and suffering. Is a life of nothing something we call a life? Our protagonist decides the answer, for that he decides it was not. Death. Except, not...
Grounded Tactics [Hiatus] by astropoleris
Grounded Tactics [Hiatus]by astropoleris
Story in hiatus for a while, sorry. During the defense of Outpost 826, the UN High Command has lost contact with the outpost, assuming the outpost was overrun the decisi...
Two soldiers in a diffrent world by BlagojPejov0
Two soldiers in a diffrent worldby Leader Blagoj
what would happened if two soldiers from two sci fi nations were teleported into a new world follow these soldiers as they fight kill and destroy their enemies while th...
A Ghost in the guns (Girls Frontline x Ghost MW2) by Cmonkey512
A Ghost in the guns (Girls Muffin
What if Simon Riley, AKA Ghost, and the rest of task force 141 were never part of the SAS and US Military? What if they were part of the mercenary organization known as...
Wait what? I have a harem of gacha girls?! (On Hold, Srry Lads) by ReusKrispies
Wait what? I have a harem of ReusKrispies
So, You get phone. suddenly waifu show's up, then waifu takes care of you. and you have more waifus. and your life is good... NOT Also, art ain't mine so kudos to the on...
Aeon The Primordial Void God. by Volmatriax
Aeon The Primordial Void Aleon Arc
Aeon a young 18 year old boy that died when he was killed by a moving truck as unfortunately for our young man fate has other plans for him as he wakes up in another wor...
The Demon Lord of Time has awaken(Make Ohma Zio reader x crossover harem) by DJMM15
The Demon Lord of Time has awaken( Vortex’s Multiverse
"I live in a world where people are born with powers called quirks, energy that surrounds beings called aura, weapons and artifacts that could kill gods called sacr...
"special forces" force joshua x girls frontline  by willowlovesjoshua
"special forces" force joshua x willowlovesjoshua
No images belong to me special forces are dead but one civilian tries to keep they're memory alive Sangvis Ferri and G&K will work together as a team to save the boy f...
Greater indonesia confederacy Adventure Accross Multiverse (fan-story) by Rizkyputrar
Greater indonesia confederacy Rizky
ATENTION....!!! well.... before you read it i must say... is diffrent from my first book (greater indonesia confederacy go to azur lane world) It's look like from feder...
Take Command [Girls' Frontline Fan-Fiction] by Velzoxic
Take Command [Girls' Frontline Velzoxic
A commander dies protecting his base from Sangvis Ferri only to reawaken years before the siege. With knowledge of the attack, he prepares his T-Dolls and himself for th...
Veylok's Discord of degenerancy by mithril124DD
Veylok's Discord of degenerancyby Justawriter
memes and a lot of self made own memes and trolling the guys at Discord
Wank Erusean Military Industry into GFLverse shenanigans by ResearcherM200
Wank Erusean Military Industry Chemistry Student M200
description sucks 15 years prior after Erusean has built its wonder weapons ranging from Space Battleship, Sky Carriers, Mechas, Sentient Viral weapon, and even the Kame...
Girls Frontline: The Commander from the past. by dieHero
Girls Frontline: The Commander USS Missouri BB-63
This is about how a young man was sent to the future.