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The Azur Key by KHVSFF
The Azur Keyby KHVSFF
After the events of Kingdom Hearts 3 and KH3 Re Mind, Sora awakens floating in the middle of the ocean while hearing a battle take place. Wanting to save anyone caught i...
Rogue-Repair-Ship by zero252
Rogue-Repair-Shipby Zero
IJN Kohaku is the brother of IJN Akashi, the scam cat. He is one of the best repair ships on the ocean, but one day he leaves the Sakura Empire and becomes distant from...
Azur Lane: A Royal Navy Carrier by Izumo2
Azur Lane: A Royal Navy Carrierby Izumo
After dying in a very bizarre way, she was reincarnated as the daughter of the battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth... WHAT? DISCLAIMER: Azur Lane is not owned by me, all im...
Azur Lane: Ice Cold Admiral -An OC Male Reader Story by AdoboCatWorks
Azur Lane: Ice Cold Admiral -An AdoboCatWorks
A minute left before death awaits... Y/N James Kōri, a Japanese-American Fleet Admiral who is the commander of the 7th Fleet stationed in Japan. He and his men were caug...
AZUR LANE: Reincarnated as JS (Translate) by poom36yu1
AZUR LANE: Reincarnated as JS ( Afk Game
After dying because of the useless goddess she offers me the opportunity to start my life again in another world so I took the chance and reincarnated into the world of...
Battleship of her Royal Canadian fleet (Azur lane Fanfic) by NA-213456
Battleship of her Royal Canadian INF- Info not found
In the world of Azur Lane, the Maple Monarchy has for a lack of a better term been locked in a continuous up hill battle against the siren menace and former allies. Bein...
Azur Lane - Crackhead's Paradise by AvalMerlin
Azur Lane - Crackhead's Paradiseby Colonel_Puccino
After much debate, the higher ups agreed on having the commander of azur lane give weekly reports on what's happening on the base. In the reports, the commander is to wr...
Admiral Nagato by AthenaIIV
Admiral Nagatoby AthenaIIV
Waking up in an unknown place and seemingly in the past, 'Retired' IJN Nagato finds herself in an alternate world to hers with enemies on all sides. Will the past repea...
The Betrayed Pirate: Betrayed Reader X Azur Lane Harem by GASTLY42957
The Betrayed Pirate: Betrayed Rhogar
A commander, betrayed by his fellow commanders over jealousy. They called him a coward, a traitor to the rest after. But only they knew what they did. They killed him. B...
Final Action: USS John C. Stennis CVN-74 (Azur Lane fanfic) by Site_undetected
Final Action: USS John C. Artemis 1 "Orion"
"I know everyone's back story...time to turn it upside down and change them." There's a new debate on the heels of the push to rename U.S. military bases named...
Uchiha Itachi in Azur Lane by SimonRiley9
Uchiha Itachi in Azur Laneby OC Writer
"No matter what happens i will love you always" those were the words Itachi said to Sasuke after passing but what if he got transported to a chaotic world with...
Yandere's Day (Valentine's day) Azur Lane by RyumaBrunestud
Yandere's Day (Valentine's day) Ryuma Brunestud
The Commander must survive one night in an abandoned school, but he did not know that he would not be alone... Yandere's Day (Valentine's day) Azur Lane Fanfiction
The Engineer by Reptile54
The Engineerby Reptile54
A former engineer of the Her Majesty's Royal Navy is asked to return to save the Battlecruiser Amagi from being scrapped, and afterward becomes Chief Engineer of Azur La...
Azur Lane:Rise Of The Siren Empire by Volmatriax
Azur Lane:Rise Of The Siren Empireby Aleon Arc
Y/N a 16 year old boy who was at school with his classmates was suddenly transported into the world of Azur Lane. he and the others was ask to join them and fight agains...
Morgan of an Anime Tokyo by Dekko744
Morgan of an Anime Tokyoby Yellow 13
So ma boi gets transported into a world where alot of animes exists but theres a catch. Hes a ADFX-02 Morgan with all of the Bullshit in the world on his side Currently...
SMS Viribus Unitis (Azur Lane x Male Reader) by Pie78904
SMS Viribus Unitis (Azur Lane x Pie
After sinking in 1918, The Austro Hungarian Dreadnought Viribus Unitis would find himself in a new world. A World that feels very similar to his. Now he finds himself in...
Azur Lane: A hawk cat by Izumo2
Azur Lane: A hawk catby Izumo
In the sea far away from any civilization there is a girl who wears a military uniform floating in this sea, the black hair along with her cat ears made her look nice, s...
The Crowned Mercenary [Project Wingman Reader x Azur Lane] by C____A____T
The Crowned Mercenary [Project Douglas
Y/N Sparda, or as his teammates and the world know him... Monarch He was a good man, fighting for what he thinks is right despite being a Mercenary. As his journey proge...
A Delinquent's Bizarre Adventure (Azur Lane x Male Reader) by Emerarudo_Spurashu
A Delinquent's Bizarre Adventure ( Heh
(Y/n) simply wants a quite life. However, he was chosen to transfer to a school called 'Azur Lane' in Chicago, USA. What's worse, Azur Lane is an all girls school, so wh...
Azur lane: Destroyers (Translate) by poom36yu1
Azur lane: Destroyers (Translate)by Afk Game
After living a relatively peaceful life a military man and his sister reincarnate into the world of Azur Lane as two Fletcher-class destroyers from World War II. The adv...