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𝐑𝐈𝐏𝐏𝐄𝐑 || COD 𝐗 Y/N by ac1dict0uch
As Y/N, you work with the equipment in Task Force 141. You handle the Walkie Talkies, you try out the new guns to see if they are manageable, you create new and improved...
Early Birds by soobamooba
Early Birdsby Sooba Mooba
The 141 being snowed under with intel and digital tech they can't decipher, ask Laswell to send them a Digital Specialist to assist them. She is not what Ghost expects a...
Coffee shop| Simon Riley x Reader by JMRsith
Coffee shop| Simon Riley x Readerby JMRsith
After years of staying from apartment to apartment during his breaks from deployment, Simon finally decides to settle down. He purchases a house in a small town and, one...
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Soap ×Ghost by callsign_Roach
Soap ×Ghostby Logan
Fanfiction. I'm taking requests for this story so if you have any requests comment the request as I'm starting to get writers block. Updates may be slow as I'm writing m...
Neighbor König!? (Fanfic) by linnuzz
Neighbor König!? (Fanfic)by linnuzz
Your neighbours house has been on sale for a while and finally someone bought it.
𝕆𝕟𝕖 𝕠𝕗 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕞 || A Call of Duty OC Story || by LB_G0131
𝕆𝕟𝕖 𝕠𝕗 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕞 || A Call 𝕂𝕣𝕦𝕘𝕖𝕣_
Charlie Cunningham is the product of a sad marriage, her father was a Hunter but was rarely in her life and her mother was a store clerk living in Manchester, England. S...
the little things (simon "ghost" riley x reader) by HalfMothHalfMan
the little things (simon "ghost" HalfMothHalfMan
Four-part series about how Soap accidentally discovers the relationship between the 141's medic and his Lieutenant.
The SAS And The Glam That Goes With It by lisbetadair
The SAS And The Glam That Goes Lisbet Adair
The last thing Sam Winters needs is an embarrassing encountering with a handsome, mysterious man. Who is the enigmatic John Price?
Who are you Ghost | Simon X Reader by Rrem3dy
Who are you Ghost | Simon X Readerby gorepacolypse
"I didn't forget about that attitude you gave me earlier." My face went red as he looked at me in the mirror. I shook my head. "I didn't have an attitud...
Wicked Chaos | COD MW2 SGR FF/AU by Swiftokami
Wicked Chaos | COD MW2 SGR FF/AUby Swiftokami
Torn apart by the death of her team and unexpected betrayal, Special Operative Lieutenant Chaos will stop at nothing to seek vengeance for her fallen soldiers who brough...
Modern Warfare Book by call_sign_tea
Modern Warfare Bookby Teagan
Imagined, Head Cannons, and whatever is requested!
Dust to Dust by thxccness
Dust to Dustby em
One last mission with your fiancé before you finally tie the knot.
How to Love the Stars | Ghost (Simon Riley) by laidua2468
How to Love the Stars | Ghost ( Laidua
Althea was dangerous. She wasn't particularly large or imposing, but once you heard the Whisper of her breath, it was too late. Her ability to sneak around without alert...
Ghosts Broken Mask by TropicalVii
Ghosts Broken Maskby TropicalVii
'You heard it. The soft crying of a male and you knew who it was. Ghost, your Lieutenant. It was coming from the closet in the HQ hallways. His intimidating and harsh de...
His favorite nurse (Ghost Riley x Medic! Reader) by BilDipForDays
His favorite nurse (Ghost Riley AnimeB!tch101
Your his favorite nurse on the base, he refuses to be seen by anyone if its not you. No one knows why you were so special to him, but you did feel honored to treat such...
Collide: Two Realities Become One  by FlanCake10
Collide: Two Realities Become One by pingu
March 17, 2023, the day where humanity's future has been shifted immensely. Some kind of planet or whatever it is has appeared near earth and despite the strange anomaly...
More Than Deserving. - König X Reader by Sweediplier
More Than Deserving. - König X sweediplier
Y/n gets invited on a mission to hunt down Hassan and find out more about the American missiles in the hands of the wrong people and aims to prove to the task force that...
GHOST - No Man's Land by veritaea
GHOST - No Man's Landby val
Rebecca Cross, a wartime journalist, gets sent out to rural Peru. Here, her security unit gets taken out almost on arrival, leaving her stranded at the local US Embassy...
Captain Arc [COD MW2/RWBY] by ZeSovietMan
Captain Arc [COD MW2/RWBY]by ZeSovietMan
What would happen if Team JNPR discover a mysterious ancient 'ruin' during the mission, which contained a portal, and Jaune gets sucked into the portal and soon returns...