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The SAS And The Glam That Goes With It by lisbetadair
The SAS And The Glam That Goes Lisbet Adair
The last thing Sam Winters needs is an embarrassing encountering with a handsome, mysterious man. Who is the enigmatic John Price?
Naruto: Soldier of earth and time. Naruto x massive harem by mickol93
Naruto: Soldier of earth and mickol93
Naruto has been neglected by his parents and godparents over his twin sisters, Mito and Naruko. He couldn't take anymore, so he runs away from his village. But as he run...
Modern Warfare by Devilswing123
Modern Warfareby Devilswing123
A modern warfare x rwby story (cause what else would it be)
GATE: Thus Freedom was Summoned by Freebrams
GATE: Thus Freedom was Summonedby Freebrams
(At take on GATE with my Summoning Freedom's United States in an alternate timeline) The year is 2042. The United States and it's Allies are currently at knife point wit...
Axial Age by Sp3ctral_52
Axial Ageby Sp3ctral
Terminology: Axial Age (Or Axis Age) "A pivotal period in history, characterized by the simultaneous appearance of new ways of thinking, religion, and philosophy in...
Beautiful Lie [John Soap Mactavish] by brawnymactavish
Beautiful Lie [John Soap Mactavish]by Kings and queens
With the war against the ultra nationalists continuing to rage on MI6 is becoming increasingly impatient and with a treat of a mole inside the elite task force 141, Alys...
A New World half an Ocean away by Shadow_trooper
A New World half an Ocean awayby Shadow_trooper
After strange readings were picked up on military satellites that usually are for detecting nuclear bomb tests, the US navy races out to investigate, only to find Fog, a...
Call of Duty Imagines: Captain Price by therepplicas
Call of Duty Imagines: Captain therepplicas
Title says all. I'll likely be doing a couple of these in separate stories. The first chapter will be the request page! If you have a character and/or scenario, post it...
Britannia vs America(Discontinued) by Freebrams
Britannia vs America(Discontinued)by Freebrams
When a mysterious rift opens up just off the coast of Hawaii in 2042, the United States sends a reconnaissance force through to investigate. What they find is not what t...
*REWRITTING* Fighter (Simon Ghost Riley!) by brawnymactavish
*REWRITTING* Fighter (Simon Kings and queens
**TRIGGER WARNING PLEASE READ BEFORE STARTING THE STORY! This story contains themes of child abuse and trauma! Please don't read if any of this affects you! Feel free to...
Battlefield  |John Soap Mactavish| by brawnymactavish
Battlefield |John Soap Mactavish|by Kings and queens
As John and Alyssa settle into a turbulent Marriage, can they work together to navigate through troubled waters or will a few nights in Russia drive an unfixable wedge b...
Call of duty one shots by brawnymactavish
Call of duty one shotsby Kings and queens
Just some random one shots Modern warfare!
Call of Duty: Shattered Glass by BlazeSaber00
Call of Duty: Shattered Glassby Ghost Recon
(A/N: This scenario was inspired by Transformers: Shattered Glass. If you've read the series, then you know what this is about. This is a scenario where the roles are re...
Call of Duty : Incorrect Quotes by smokeywhalee
Call of Duty : Incorrect Quotesby - 𝗦𝗺𝗼𝗸𝗲𝘆𝗪𝗵𝗮𝗹𝗲𝗲 -
Behold, various funny scenarios and conversations featuring our favorite CoD characters! This book will give you a look at wacky scenes with them, taken from my own Tumb...
Remanent Ghost by Nightfighter45
Remanent Ghostby Nightfighter45
Team STRQ were a happy family they had two daughters named Yang and Ruby but one day the team died on a mission leaving the daughter as orphans until a old friend of STR...
Roach by American_Glory
Roachby That Girl Glory
"I promise I'll come back in once piece." After the death of his father, Gary "Roach" Sanderson thought that he should join the military just like h...
Roze of the Six Paths(Sequel to Shadow Company 6) by NovaUmbra
Roze of the Six Paths(Sequel to II Nebula II
Roze,formerly of an elite military spec- ops unit,happens to be a descendent of the long sealed Otsutsuki goddess,Kaguya.Join her as she aims to free her from her confin...
'Blackout' Incorrect Quotes 2! (Call Of Duty AU) (Incorrect Quotes +) by Seal-Warden
'Blackout' Incorrect Quotes 2! ( Pizza Time
Updates are kind of on and off because my brain is kind of on and off my duuuudes-- Hey there, friend! Welcome or welcome back! An Incorrect Quote book, featuring charac...
A Militarized New World by EmmanuelBautistaCaal
A Militarized New Worldby EmmanuelB. Cañal
An ordinary Isekai Story. Where our protagonist is reborn into a new world. With a military system. *Cover not mine *Every picture found belong to their respective owners