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Ghost x Reader: Looking Out For Me by Bast_Overlord
Ghost x Reader: Looking Out For Meby Bast_Overlord
It's not my fault I have to steal to survive. But why am I now part of 141, seriously, how did I get here?
Ghost x reader: New Recruit  by Bast_Overlord
Ghost x reader: New Recruit by Bast_Overlord
You're a new recruit and Ghost does not like you one bit. Updates will be slow cause idk wtf I'm doing in this book.
Prey On | COD reader x Ghost & König by Natirka
Prey On | COD reader x Ghost & Kö Natirka
The nightmares prey on us in the night's. They aren't so scary when you are next to me. I got bored, made a story, wrote it. If this gets a good response i might drop th...
Early Birds by soobamooba
Early Birdsby Sooba Mooba
The 141 being snowed under with intel and digital tech they can't decipher, ask Laswell to send them a Digital Specialist to assist them. She is not what Ghost expects a...
Echos|| König x Reader x Ghost by Brassburmese
Echos|| König x Reader x Ghostby Lumina
"If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything." "Why?" "Do you wanna die?" "mildly." Orginal story plot not following MW3
Broken // Simon "Ghost" Riley x Reader by AlonsThoughts
Broken // Simon "Ghost" Riley x Alon
You've joined the 141 a little more than a year ago. Being one of the few females on the team never was a struggle for you, but you always had trouble to create a real b...
You're in love with Ghost - COD fanfic (y/n) by gh0stlvrtt
You're in love with Ghost - COD gh0stlvrtt
You've had a long term crush on Ghost and planned to confess to him later one evening, however what you stumble across shatters you completely..
My Lieutenants Have a Size kink by YEET20Boiz
My Lieutenants Have a Size kinkby Noi
Fem reader Involves Ghost and König from COD
killshot | simon riley ✓ by _Rosier_
killshot | simon riley ✓by 𝚋𝚊𝚋𝚢𝚌𝚑𝚊𝚘𝚜
Rora Wells was one hell of a woman. A woman who left havoc and chaos wherever she went, and laughed Death in the face. That was until she met Simon Riley, who was like...
The Haunting (Or: Ghost Is Literally A Ghost) by peachyyykid
The Haunting (Or: Ghost Is peachyyykid
You inherited your aunts old house ten years ago, and now it was finally time to move in. A decade of abandonment clearly shows, but there is more to these walls than yo...
Bittersweet ♡ Simon "Ghost" Riley x Reader. by mrsmidas
Bittersweet ♡ Simon "Ghost" angelina
Being in a relationship with Simon in highschool, y/n is left heartbroken when he leaves for the military to escape the abuse he'd endured from his father. She understan...
Ghost X Reader by krj1226
Ghost X Readerby Ghost
Ghost of COD and female reader based on Modern warfare storylines characters included from COD Ghost, Roach, Gaz, Price, Soap
Temptation (Simon Riley x Reader) by senpaiistired
Temptation (Simon Riley x Reader)by Senpai
Slow burn, enemies to lovers fanfic. "You're a bitch." "You love a bitch" Ghost smirked, shaking his head as if in disbelief for falling in love wit...
Unexpected Lover | S. 'Ghost' Riley by lesliebeslie
Unexpected Lover | S. 'Ghost' Rileyby lesliebeslie
⚠️WRITTEN IN FIRST POV; I have not played the game nor do I know exact things about military, this is just for entertainment purposes!⚠️ ------------ I see Ghost turn to...
love letters | soap mactavish ✓ by _Rosier_
love letters | soap mactavish ✓by 𝚋𝚊𝚋𝚢𝚌𝚑𝚊𝚘𝚜
Santana was happy with her life. She had a supportive family, a great-ish income and a loving boyfriend, and she loved to help people. That was why she assigned herself...
obsessive Konig by Sinnie_baby
obsessive Konigby Sinnie
Konig is obsessed with you
War Dog by Cerianis
War Dogby Cerianis
Ghost applies to become the handler for a War dog known to be difficult to handle, and refuses to bond to any previous soldiers who applied to become her handler.
Phoenix in the Light by Uropia4172
Phoenix in the Lightby Uropia4172
Second part of Ashes in the Darkness. Staff Sergeant Jamie Hendricks, somehow surviving her fall and near death in Kootenai has been taken captive by Makarov and the ult...
~He walked in at a bad time.~ (GHOST X FEM) by rehayaa
~He walked in at a bad time.~ ( rehayaa
You had just relapsed (self harm) As you stood infront of the mirror looking at the damage, a familiar figure appears behind you.
A New Era (task force 141 x child reader  by Gray898
A New Era (task force 141 x Gray898
you were a 15 year old girl wandering the streets of a closed off city , you were looking for a place toCamp out for the night since you had nowhere to go but you can ac...