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Roach by American_Glory
Roachby That Girl Glory
"I promise I'll come back in once piece." After the death of his father, Gary "Roach" Sanderson thought that he should join the military just like h...
The Betrayed G&K Commander by KhaizulFrost
The Betrayed G&K Commanderby Khairul Afif
(Azur Lane x Girls Frontline x Male Reader) You were one of the best commanders that humanity has to offer. You were very good at strategies that even if you were outnum...
Naruto: soldier of 141 by Kedarcriticalgod
Naruto: soldier of 141by Kedar Edwards
Every since he was born our little blonde has been neglected by his parents for his sisters who are Naruko and Narumi who are his young siblings and are twins Every sinc...
Arc of the Settlement Defense Front (SDF) by Cmdragon95
Arc of the Settlement Defense Cmdragon95
After his transcripts are revealed Jaune please begin after everyone turns their backs on him except Ozpin and Ruby finding a strange device in the Emerald Forest he is...
Crystal Clear [Call Of Duty] [Richtofen x Dempsey] by butterfly123199
Crystal Clear [Call Of Duty] [ Bean
"Do I make myself clear, Dempsey?" "Mh..." The marine looked up at the doctor. "Yeah. Crystal Clear." [A Richtofen x Dempsey story.] [I own...
Call of Duty World War II -- Peace At Any Price by RickyAdams9
Call of Duty World War II -- Ricky Adams
Nathan Thorn is a young US Army private who joins up due to his brothers death in Africa. He will face death, feel it. Nathan must suffer through almost constant loss as...
Power of Darkness (Male reader x DxD) by WalkingBiohazard
Power of Darkness (Male reader x WalkingBiohazard
You, are Y/n von L/n. After an incident in your childhood, you realized the world has hidden secrets. With a new power, you go out to claim as much as you can in the nam...
Remnant's Frontline (GHOST MALE READER X RWBY) by Jaxsentron
Remnant's Frontline (GHOST MALE Jaxsentron
follow the events of Y/N and the other members of task force 141 and elite unit specializes of the most elite t dolls the world has ever known, for them to face their bi...
E3N's azur lane adventure by Codmplayer2514
E3N's azur lane adventureby Codm
E3N also known as Ethan is our beloved humanoid robot from call of duty infinite warfare, he was destroyed at the SDF shipyard in the final mission of COD IW, but he was...
Nikolai x vodka (black ops III) by opxtyz
Nikolai x vodka (black ops III)by L
This story is dedicated to SirDirk you owe me a lovestory between nikolai and his beloved vodka <3
Betrayed (Female Task Force 141 Soldier X Shadow Company Male Reader) by Foreign_Relations
Betrayed (Female Task Force 141 Foreign_Relations
You are under the command of General shepherd, a corrupt general who only cares about becoming a war hero. You were ordered to betray task force 141. You reluctantly agr...
Those Who Slay Together, Stay Together by Zombiegirl777
Those Who Slay Together, Stay Zombiegirl777
Richtofen, Takeo, Nikolai and Dempsey escape from Der Riese to Kino Der Toten where they meet a girl who saves their lives and proves to be an asset in slaying the undea...
Gideon X Male!Soldier!Reader ~ Alone by Crimson-Ward
Gideon X Male!Soldier!Reader ~ Alistair
Set during the mission 'Aftermath'. You struggle when you're separated from Gideon and Mitchell in the middle of a mission.
Ghosts: Keegan and Alex by deanlenaolicity
Ghosts: Keegan and Alexby deanlenaolicity
What if Hesh and Logan Walker had a sister named Alex? She goes on journeys with her brothers, but what happens when she meets Keegan?
RWBY REACTS TO MW 2019 by Joseherrerajh248248
RWBY REACTS TO MW 2019by Joseherrerajh248248
...Yes, this is going to be one of those stories. Shameless, I know. I'll try to keep things interesting. I read the stories posted by blaszczu2500 and BlueDemonofFire a...
The Unknown Military Corporation by NoPotatoForYou
The Unknown Military Corporationby Sentinel
Overpowered Male Reader X Arknight X Girls Frontline X ( Maybe Random Franchise or Game ) Y/N is fanatic Military Isekai, but suddenly die by unknown and he got transpor...
Modern Warfare One Shots by ThePrincessofSaiyans
Modern Warfare One Shotsby Bee
Just a compilation of stuff I've written. Maybe if anyone wants it, I could also do Black Ops?
Spec ops from a different world by Codmplayer2514
Spec ops from a different worldby Codm
A squad of spec ops operator's sent to another world.
GATE: Duty calls idiots! (GATE x male reader.) by TRFPRIME
GATE: Duty calls idiots! (GATE x Trf Prime
Your known as captain (L/N), or captain splicer cause of your nickname. You've been in the military for a good few years now, and are a part of an elite group called: '...
Call of Duty Imagines: Captain Price by therepplicas
Call of Duty Imagines: Captain therepplicas
Title says all. I'll likely be doing a couple of these in separate stories. The first chapter will be the request page! If you have a character and/or scenario, post it...