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Ghost x Reader: Looking Out For Me by Supreme_Bun_Overlord
Ghost x Reader: Looking Out For Meby Supreme_Bun_Overlord
It's not my fault I have to steal to survive. But why am I now part of 141, seriously, how did I get here?
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Ghost x reader: New Recruit  by Supreme_Bun_Overlord
Ghost x reader: New Recruit by Supreme_Bun_Overlord
You're a new recruit and Ghost does not like you one bit. Updates will be slow cause idk wtf I'm doing in this book.
The Girl In Flat 25 (Simon "Ghost" Riley X F!Reader) by sweetbirdsong
The Girl In Flat 25 (Simon "Ghost" sweetbirdsong
Simon "Ghost" Riley almost never sees his 'home', a cheap little place with quiet neighbours and enough space to be called cozy. But when he returns home after...
𝕆𝕟𝕖 𝕠𝕗 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕞 || A Call of Duty OC Story || by LB_G0131
𝕆𝕟𝕖 𝕠𝕗 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕞 || A Call 𝕂𝕣𝕦𝕘𝕖𝕣_
Charlie Cunningham is the product of a sad marriage, her father was a Hunter but was rarely in her life and her mother was a store clerk living in Manchester, England. S...
König one shots × reader by IslandDevil716
König one shots × readerby islandpotato716
⚠️smut warning⚠️ different scenarios with another Cod favorite 😍 Female reader Size kink! Some non/con Stalking Violence Light degradation I have many fan art pic...
black swan | ghost & könig ✓ by ravenjoonz
black swan | ghost & könig ✓by R.J Colette
❝all i need is one shot.❞ ✧ Simon "Ghost" Riley was a cold, heartless killer. He was untouchable, and he made his enemies cower just by hearing his name. Not...
Bittersweet ♡ Simon "Ghost" Riley x Reader. by mrsmidas
Bittersweet ♡ Simon "Ghost" angelina
Being in a relationship with Simon in highschool, y/n is left heartbroken when he leaves for the military to escape the abuse he'd endured from his father. She understan...
The Bodyguards (NSFW) - Ghost and König x Female Y/N by emankato
The Bodyguards (NSFW) - Ghost emankato
You're the daughter of a prestigious military commander and one of your father's missions has put you under the threat of a foreign mafia. In order to keep you safe, you...
The Assassin: Storm (Cod Fanfic × Oc) by raven_donna130
The Assassin: Storm (Cod Fanfic × Raven
"Storm, I need you on a mission." "You know, I work alone." "Yes, I know. Consider this....your debt paid." "Since you put it like...
Stray dog // Ghost x Soap x Male Reader by thoiphong
Stray dog // Ghost x Soap x Male Phong Phong
Male reader is traumatized and he forcefully refuses Ghost and Soap's affection even in his sleep. Later, Soap found out something horrible going on with him and told G...
GRIM, s. mactavish by grhotchner
GRIM, s. mactavishby mickgimes
"Family isn't who you're born with, it's who you'd die for." A woman who would simply die for her team, and her new found family. [ s. mactavish x fem oc ] [...
Surviving with Soap, Ghost and König in an apocalypse. by danzthemanz05
Surviving with Soap, Ghost and Kö 4tr0citie5 RBLX
The fate of humanity is near, and these 3 will be your saviours.
"Like shining snow under the sun" // Reader x Ghost fanfiction by idkbigmaskedmen
"Like shining snow under the sun" konigsleftball
After being deployed from a different task force from Ireland, you get deployed to task force 141 located in America as a medic and you meet Price, Soap, Gaz, Ghost, and...
Ghost, König, And Price One Shots by DeZinchi
Ghost, König, And Price One Shotsby DeZinchi
made for fun, no update schedule or specific pattern for characters :]
Konig's lap. by sleepinglunali
Konig's sleepinglunali
POV: (based on my tiktok video) You are forced to sit on Konig's lap after a night of celebratory drinking; which leads to much more...
Red Rover || TF 141 by Txddy666
Red Rover || TF 141by Txddy666
After finding a straggled, mangled bundle of fur in a cage, the task force find themselves attatched to a small canine who proves her bark is much much worse than her bi...
Have a Seat by DeadAliveSeafood
Have a Seatby Seafood
Completely porn without plot cause I'm a hoe 😔🤚
A New Era (task force 141 x child reader  by Gray898
A New Era (task force 141 x Gray898
you were a 15 year old girl wandering the streets of a closed off city , you were looking for a place toCamp out for the night since you had nowhere to go but you can ac...
Fighter (Simon Ghost Riley!) by BMactavish
Fighter (Simon Ghost Riley!)by BMactavish
**TRIGGER WARNING PLEASE READ BEFORE STARTING THE STORY! This story contains themes of child abuse and trauma! Please don't read if any of this affects you! Feel free to...
Konig x Reader oneshots  by sourmashedpotatos
Konig x Reader oneshots by AC1D
Update: On a break <3 Hardcore smut warning Please vote, leave some comments and consider following me This is from a fem pov. Fluff, smut, romance, angst even. Thi...