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Bittersweet ♡ Simon "Ghost" Riley x Reader. by mrsmidas
Bittersweet ♡ Simon "Ghost" angelina
Being in a relationship with Simon in highschool, y/n is left heartbroken when he leaves for the military to escape the abuse he'd endured from his father. She understan...
The Bee's Knees by soobamooba
The Bee's Kneesby Sooba Mooba
A series of drabbles centred around Simon 'Ghost' Riley's encounters (welcome and unwelcome)with Bee (original character), an independent contractor/tech specialist/hack...
Jealousy (Ghost x Reader x Soap) by MillieMyers1848
Jealousy (Ghost x Reader x Soap)by 𝓜𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓲𝓮𝓜𝔂𝓮𝓻𝓼🖤🔪🖋
After being abused in your life, Price took You in. You joined the military and met John Mactavish, or otherwise known as 'Soap' when you were promoted to sergeant. Dati...
Call Of Duty One-Shots by CaiGivesMeLife
Call Of Duty One-Shotsby LosDiazPerdido03
Hello! This is gonna be a one-shot book. Some of these scenarios are made up by me and my delulu brain, while others are from Character AI interactions. Enjoy and let me...
Stray dog // Ghost x Soap x Male Reader by thoiphong
Stray dog // Ghost x Soap x Male Phong Phong
Male reader is traumatized and he forcefully refuses Ghost and Soap's affection even in his sleep. Later, Soap found out something horrible going on with him and told G...
𝕆𝕟𝕖 𝕠𝕗 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕞 || A Call of Duty OC Story || by LB_G0131
𝕆𝕟𝕖 𝕠𝕗 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕞 || A Call 𝕂𝕣𝕦𝕘𝕖𝕣_
Charlie Cunningham is the product of a sad marriage, her father was a Hunter but was rarely in her life and her mother was a store clerk living in Manchester, England. S...
Surviving with Soap, Ghost and König in an apocalypse. by danzthemanz05
Surviving with Soap, Ghost and Kö 4tr0citie5 RBLX
The fate of humanity is near, and these 3 will be your saviours.
Wicked Chaos | COD MW2 SGR FF/AU by Swiftokami
Wicked Chaos | COD MW2 SGR FF/AUby Swiftokami
Torn apart by the death of her team and unexpected betrayal, Special Operative Lieutenant Chaos will stop at nothing to seek vengeance for her fallen soldiers who brough...
Age gap with Captain Price by niktoFan
Age gap with Captain Priceby niktoFan
You had always had a small crush on Captain Price, and it wasn't any secret to anyone. Despite, him always trying to ignore or avoid it, due to your age gap. You were o...
Modern Warfare 2 Characters x reader  by Darkdarkness2372
Modern Warfare 2 Characters x Dark
A book is something to read and takes you to new places in ur imagination. but it also leads you to new men who either you meant face to face or some big boob smack to t...
Mysterious Ties by SarahLaufeydottir
Mysterious Tiesby SarahLaufeydottir
After Andreas gets the chance to join the Task Force, him and Gaz visit Fiamma Marione, Andreas' sister. On the way there, Gaz accidentaly eavesdrops a conversation betw...
GHOST - No Man's Land by veritaea
GHOST - No Man's Landby val
Rebecca Cross, a wartime journalist, gets sent out to rural Peru. Here, her security unit gets taken out almost on arrival, leaving her stranded at the local US Embassy...
John Price x M!reader by ppsucker29
John Price x M!readerby rancid with rabies
The retired SF man finds himself watching his new neighbor just a bit too closely... -John is 57, you are 58, fluff, old people doing old people things, coffee dates...
Modern Warfare: Ghosts by yywatch
Modern Warfare: Ghostsby Katarina
Nosia 'Scope' Novak was recruited into the SAS after her service in the Polish Armed Forces. She met the team 1-4-1 upon her recruitment, impressing Captain Price where...
Modern Warfare Book by call_sign_tea
Modern Warfare Bookby Teagan
Imagined, Head Cannons, and whatever is requested!
CoD: The new adventure by UrLocalPotato0
CoD: The new adventureby UrLocalPotato0
König gets sent to the Task Force 141, Soap, Roach and Gaz still there All for shits and giggles, OCs are added bc I can, have fun
mermaid | sgr. by sim0nsays_
mermaid | 𝓐. 🌷✨
in which, you're a mermaid. it's storming badly, the waves are picking up high current, splashing against each other as you swim trying to find a way out from this stor...
One-shots of different fandoms by Keisha-Sleep
One-shots of different fandomsby Keisha ørgaard
One-shots of different fandoms Like CoD (the newest addition), Evolution smp, hermits and stuff you lot know.
Mended Heartbeats (Ghost X fem!Reader) by kill4vex
Mended Heartbeats (Ghost X fem! who am i
Two wounded souls find solace in each other's arms. "Mended Heartbeats" follows the journey of two military soldiers, each burdened by their own history of adv...
Call of Duty Imagines ➳ by Shad0w654
Call of Duty Imagines ➳by Bell
VERY SLOW UPDATES Alex (cod 2019), Price, Adler, Soap, Ghost, Hendricks, Mason and Woods Maybe Alejandro These are the characters in the stories You can request BUT it...