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✨Sparkling Dream✨ (Bang Dream x OC) by Ephnel
✨Sparkling Dream✨ (Bang Dream x OC)by Ephnel
Mike W. Hakuryū. a young man who have tremendous talents. he live Quahog for 15 years, Enjoying his adventures and the shenanigans. Until a sudden call from his father t...
Blue Roses (Roselia x Reader) by Circling_Circles
Blue Roses (Roselia x Reader)by CirclingCircles
Y/N and Yukina are two childhood friends who share the same dream: to perform at Future World Fes. With Y/N's help, Yukina finally assembles her band, Roselia. Working a...
Bandori Oneshot Book!! (Requests Open!!)) by lillyydreamss
Bandori Oneshot Book!! (Requests Lily
There's a lack of bandori x reader fanfictions and it's killing me. Sorry if there are slow updates, I'm busy at times so I may not be able to produce new stories that f...
"You" (Yukina Minato x Male Reader) [Reboot] by ShiroRoon
"You" (Yukina Minato x Male Roon
A reboot of my first fanfic "You" (Yukina x Male Reader), because i finally had the motivation to do it. plot: Y/N L/N, a rather average 3rd year highschool st...
Oblivious Heart - (A Male Reader x Rinko Shirokane Fanfiction) by HiroshiShirogane
Oblivious Heart - (A Male Reader Hiroshi Shirogane
"You've always been so nice to me... But how come my heart can't take it when you're looking at someone else?" Welcome to the world of Horizon Tale Online! A g...
Just a Little Bit Broken by SweetChaosWriter
Just a Little Bit Brokenby SweetChaosWriter
Running...he loved to run...he enjoyed the feeling of the wind pass his hair, the feeling of his legs pushing him to that finish line...but Kenta can no longer run...and...
Bang Dream x Reader (Request Closed) by RoseVieSky
Bang Dream x Reader (Request Is Busy
Are you ready and devoted to fall in love with these 25 girls? (Oneshot Version)
Music from the Heart (Bang Dream X Male Reader) by SoloKouhai
Music from the Heart (Bang Dream JC
After moving back from abroad. Y/N is back in his hometown ready to face the music. See through the eyes of Y/N as he reunites with his old childhood Yukina Minato, and...
"A Look Into the Cosmoverse" - A Bang Dream + Metaverse Story by drawntoast
"A Look Into the Cosmoverse" - A drawntoast
(ON HOLD) Did anyone ask for a Bandori story mixed with the idea of the Metaverse? Well, I'm here to put my unique story out there. This story will be far different than...
Don't Know What To Say (Lisa Imai X Male Reader) by eirhonjanpalugod
Don't Know What To Say (Lisa
"I dream of You in the Most Special Way... Beside me all the time...." Y/N, is that guy who's been a hopeless romantic, and had always been admiring a certain...
BanG Dream: The Moment We Met [Imai Lisa x Male Reader] by FantasyWriter241
BanG Dream: The Moment We Met [ 🎄🎅FW241🎅🎄
"From the moment we first met, I felt something... special towards you." (Y/N) (L/N) have been friends with Lisa and Yukina since they were in junior high, bu...
[ON HIATUS] Sparkling Stars (BanG Dream X Male Reader)  by Circling_Circles
[ON HIATUS] Sparkling Stars ( CirclingCircles
(Y/N) is just an average teen who moved to Tokyo. After a fated encounter with a girl band, his life is changed forever.
Kai's Multiverse Theatre by kaikun47
Kai's Multiverse Theatreby kaikun47
What happened when some anime characters ended up in a theatre where they're watching the multiverse? Let's see. This is my first time doing this multiverse book. I don'...
Khairul Hafiz - Bandori Wattpad's Biggest Scum by VicYT5092
Khairul Hafiz - Bandori Wattpad' The Anime Weeb YT
I am sick and tired of this bitchass bothering me and my friends. I am gonna put an end to all this shit.
Spider-Man is on Dream! (Spider-Man Male Reader x Bang Dream! And Idols) by Doctmar123
Spider-Man is on Dream! ( Rider Anime Lover
(Y/N) Parker, you're may know him as Spider-Man. The protector of Tokyo he swing around the city, it's been 3 years ago. And so.... he forget to pay his rent of his apar...
BanG Dream: An Actress In Love [Shirasagi Chisato x Male Reader] by FantasyWriter241
BanG Dream: An Actress In Love [ 🎄🎅FW241🎅🎄
"When I think about you, my heart beats faster and faster. I guess this is what it means to be in love." (Y/N) (L/N) is a third year high school student who li...
Understanding What We've Grown To Be - Bandori x Male Reader by sakanadeSama
Understanding What We've Grown 有馬 逆撫で
Growing up you could say Y/N lived a rather "violent" lifestyle until fate had other plans for him. he managed to "drop" it all and start a new thank...
BanG Dream One-Shots Book One [Male/Female Readers] [Requests Closed] by FantasyWriter241
BanG Dream One-Shots Book One [ 🎄🎅FW241🎅🎄
This is the revival of the first one-shot book, where folks can request male reader one-shots and female reader one-shots. Disclaimer: I don't own Bandori. All rights go...
Ultraman Trigger by IraGalgs
Ultraman Triggerby イラガルゴ
Note: This is based on "Ultraman Trigger; New Generation Tiga". I don't OWN the Characters used in this Story :D ------------ Synopsis 30 million years ago, th...
My Power, My Responsibility - Spider-Man × BanG Dream! | OC Fanfic by Lejendary by Lejendary115
My Power, My Responsibility - LejdelCorro
"This is my power... You are my responsibility." Hiro Hakuta - an average high schooler living an ordinary life who wishes for his boring and difficult life t...