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Love Live! Reunite! by FayeTheFab
Love Live! Reunite!by FayeTheFab
It's been five years since Maki, Rin and Hanayo have left school, and seven years since μ's broke up. As much as all nine girls tried, their new lives made them unable t...
My Girlfriend is a School Idol! by Myoukou
My Girlfriend is a School Idol!by HYPRKTKMSM
Otonokizaka High School stands on the border of three cities: Akihabara - a pop culture mecca that's evolving by the minute; Kanda - a conservative, cultured city where...
Male Reader X Nico Yazawa by attackmytitan
Male Reader X Nico Yazawaby attackmytitan
Y/N and Nico had spent their high school life together until their third year, when a group of school idols had popped out of thin air. It made them reminiscent of a tim...
Over Stuffed Mari Ohara by oborosenpai
Over Stuffed Mari Oharaby oborosenpai
Love Live!: Perfect Dream Project [PART 1] by SecondRound
Love Live!: Perfect Dream SecondRound
STARSTRUCK, after watching a Joint Live Show performance held by μ's and Aqours, our protagonist Akihiko Suzuki seeks to find the same radiance of School idols from his...
YOUR SMILE | love live! ✓ by EYDEL_
YOUR SMILE | love live! ✓by EYDEL
❝ just how far are you willing to go to chase your feelings? ❞ -これから [korekara] + a collection of love live! and love live! sunshine!! oneshots. + ❝ surely you feel the...
Love Live!: SHATTER [PART 9] by SecondRound
Love Live!: SHATTER [PART 9]by SecondRound
The wall of ice has started to shatter, movements are being made in the entertainment industry, and a miraculous stage is almost here. Akihiko Suzuki must live with the...
Re: Creators: Last Judgement (Crossover) by gigapact44
Re: Creators: Last Judgement ( gigapact44
Fiction and reality collides, distorting the realm into what is not real, can be real. When a human's imagination becomes its greatest threat, an untold revision is set...
Kai's Multiverse Theatre by kaikun47
Kai's Multiverse Theatreby kaikun47
What happened when some anime characters ended up in a theatre where they're watching the multiverse? Let's see. This is my first time doing this multiverse book. I don'...
[Love Live] Secretary to Producer by Yamizhou
[Love Live] Secretary to Producerby Yamizou
Otonokizaka, an all-girls school, faces closure due to declining enrollment. Honoka and friends form a school idol group, "u's," to attract new students. Nishi...
Anime Reaction to 13 Flame Chaser by qlipoth
Anime Reaction to 13 Flame Chaserby qlipoth
my fucking brain gonna be hurt so much. But my Idea baby anyway, let's start so the anime that gonna react to this -love live Nijigasaki School Idol Project -Magica Modo...
Ask or Dare: Cartoon & Anime All-Stars (Beginner Saga) by Durand16
Ask or Dare: Cartoon & Anime Durand16
The Complete 1st Saga of Ask or Dare: Cartoon & Anime All-Stars! Season 1: October 3, 2020 - December 27, 2020. Season 2: December 29, 2020 - February 23, 2021 Season 3:...
Love Live! Swapped by FayeTheFab
Love Live! Swappedby FayeTheFab
Honoka wakes up alone one afternoon after her classes finish, slightly confused and worried as to why she is by herself. She tours around the school and comes across th...
Love Live! Sparkling Future!! by WeavryBruiser2003
Love Live! Sparkling Future!!by WeavryBruiser2003
The fine line between "Pushing yourself to the limit so you can become stronger!" and "Pushing yourself to the limit until you can no longer recover."...
The Warm Melody by infuri
The Warm Melodyby infwy
Nico has been acting weird and everyone is trying to get on her case. She tries her best to avoid telling the truth but fails. What could possibly be troubling Nico? Ni...
Love Live! Dear Song (Maki Nishikino x Male reader) by Emraldknight
Love Live! Dear Song (Maki Emerald
Y/n was often in the Nishikino General Hospital as a child and was in the care of Dr. Nishikino. Cooped up in his room for the most part, after hearing a girl perform mu...
♡Shining Lady Jewelpet♡ by Lovelypopgirl
♡Shining Lady Jewelpet♡by lollipop girl
Hikari is a shy,a bit clumsy and kind girl who has no idea that she'll be chosen as a Petit Lady by a jewelpet named :'Ruby' . All the Petit Lady candidates are aiming t...
Maybe It Was Fate by amateur-writer
Maybe It Was Fateby mi🌸
Yazwa Nico finally made her dreams come true, she was currently the number one idol. A party after one of her tours lead to a mishap bringing her to someone she hasn't m...
Love Live! Everlasting Shine (Mari Ohara x Male Reader) by Emraldknight
Love Live! Everlasting Shine ( Emerald
Y/n has always been a more shy and quiet person, but when he's feeling excited and passionate, a confidence not really found otherwise appears in him. This hasn't really...
Female Reader × Love Live! Characters  by YuriDachi
Female Reader × Love Live! YuriDachi
Just an author being a fangirl toward Love Live! The story is based on the picture in Love Live! All Stars Card. It covered on µ's, Aqours and Nijigasaki only It is yuri...