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Stuck Inside SAO (Kirito x Reader) by -That-One-Otaku-
Stuck Inside SAO (Kirito x Reader)by Lesley
I Do Not Own Sword Art Online or the cover picture. sword art online belongs to Reki Kawahara and it will always belong to him. BEFORE YOU READ NOTE THEIR IS A LOT AND I...
The Wolf Of SAO ( Sword Art Online Anime x OC/male reader insert)  by zer0420
The Wolf Of SAO ( Sword Art Online...by Zer0420
Wrongfully accused and charged for a crime he did not commit, Nhazul Hatake was abandoned and outcasted by everyone around him. Forced into a cruel world on his own, a l...
Rough » sao by eluvious
Rough » saoby 스카이
Rei Kiyoshi was born into a wealthy family, enrolled into one of the top private schools, got stunning grades, and was the talk of the neighborhood. So what would they...
The Ghost of Aincrad.(SAO x Male reader) by JJHM2004
The Ghost of Aincrad.(SAO x Male r...by The Ultimate Trickster
Being hated in a cruel world, whether for true or false events, it does not matter to the young man who swore an oath of vengeance (I know it says Male reader, but it's...
The Phoenix Swordsman (Sword Art Online: Reader Insert) by Gaberox01
The Phoenix Swordsman (Sword Art O...by The_Atomic_Devil01
Y/N L/N was one of the many unfortunate people to be stuck in the tragic event of Sword Art Online where if your HP were to reach zero, not only would you die in the gam...
Hacked~ (Kirito x Male Reader) by Oliver812
Hacked~ (Kirito x Male Reader)by Oliver812
Kazuto Kirigaya and his boyfriend (Y/N) (L/N) entered into a virtual world that ended up being a death-trap. Although many became desperate, those who choose to fight ba...
Absolute Bond (Yuuki x Kirito) by MurphyJP
Absolute Bond (Yuuki x Kirito)by MurphyJP
Months have past since Asuna's death and Kirito is still trying to pick up the pieces, helped by his close friend and long time clearer Yuuki the two bond and grow close...
Beater by KatsTales444
Beaterby Kat
KiritoxReader SAO Your father is the Co-CEO of a successful gaming company that specialises in vrmmorpg and is helping develop SAO. You were a beta tester but he forbid...
𝑺𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒅 𝑨𝒓𝒕 𝑶𝒏𝒍𝒊𝒏𝒆: 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑮𝒓𝒊𝒎 𝑲𝒏𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕 (𝑪𝑶𝑴𝑷𝑳𝑬𝑻𝑬) by Guardian_Angel-21
𝑺𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒅 𝑨𝒓𝒕 𝑶𝒏𝒍𝒊𝒏𝒆: 𝑻...by Guardian_Angel-21
(Don't read, first story I've ever posted and it's cringe and sloppy work.) Alternate universe where the characters of Sword Art Online don't exist, and are replaced by...
Sword Art Online: X by Timeless_95
Sword Art Online: Xby Just Another Fanfic Writer
X is a mysterious player. He was a beta tester of Sword Art Online, but no-one knew much about him. In SAO, his only friend seemed to be Kirito, but he was distant, even...
The Dark Knight of Aincrad by Storyteller_Aeon
The Dark Knight of Aincradby Aeon
Trapped in a death game by the Game Master. Now a knight stood vigilant and tries his best to beat the Boss and free the people of Aincrad from their virtual world shack...
The Lightning Swordsman (Book 2) by Knotavin
The Lightning Swordsman (Book 2)by Knotavin
(U/N) cleared the SAO but at what cost? He lost three people who he cared about, two have died and he can't find the other one in the real world. What challenges will he...
I don't want to be Mc, I'm just Extra by SpecEye
I don't want to be Mc, I'm just Ex...by Spec Eye
Raqnid and his classmates have been sent to another world to kill Demon King.Raqnid is one who does not like to receive much attention because he wants his life to be ea...
Survive or Die (A Sword Art Online Fanfic) by FREEWARRIOR
Survive or Die (A Sword Art Online...by ⚽️🎧🏐
Death game. That's where Ava Moore is. Sword Art Online was a game at the beginning where everyone played, had fun, being with friends, now it's the game that's taking e...
Kirito x Male OC-Sword Art Online- Abilities Unknown by Tsukoshino
Kirito x Male OC-Sword Art Online...by Tsukoshino
Kirito and I collapse out of breath, the sign above us screams 'Winner' as he defeated the boss of floor 11. "We did it." I say in between breaths. "Yea...
I-I'm Alive!!! (Rouge Program Reader X GunGale Online (GGO)) by corkykong
I-I'm Alive!!! (Rouge Program Read...by Corky
In the realm of virtual reality. Pain, and emotions are labeled as P.A.I.N, or "Personal, Antic, Identification, Notation". These "PAIN's" function b...
Lone Wolf (Sword Art Online x Male Reader) by Jordan4506
Lone Wolf (Sword Art Online x Male...by Jordan Tregle
Y/n Kirigaya just transferred to a new school and there are bad rumors spreading about him.
Asuna and Yuuki in A Very Tickly Jungle by Someone19836
Asuna and Yuuki in A Very Tickly J...by A Random Tickler
Asuna and Yuuki we're exploring through a jungle, looking for a dungeon rumored to be hidden within. However, they never would've expected they'd run into another player...
book one: unrequited || sword art online  by FrogTwinTopMagician
book one: unrequited || sword art...by 𝕞𝕣𝕤. 𝕤𝕢𝕦𝕚𝕤𝕙𝕪
"I'm sorry, Kazuto," I whispered. I will not let you fall. "Stay alive and get out of here...Kirito...Asuna..." I'm sorry. "Goodbye." I...
Blurred lines by kira18091
Blurred linesby kira
Izuku just wanted to escape the real world. He wanted to belong somewhere. Feel needed and useful. Feel like he was more than just a quirkless worthless boy. However, wh...