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Sword Art Online: X by Timeless_95
Sword Art Online: Xby Just Another Fanfic Writer
X is a mysterious player. He was a beta tester of Sword Art Online, but no-one knew much about him. In SAO, his only friend seemed to be Kirito, but he was distant, even...
GLITCHED[Kirito X Seme!male!Reader] by Lazy-mad-succubi
GLITCHED[Kirito X Seme!male!Reader]by Cereza.A Campbell
The world of SAO was created for two reasons.. One;For hardcore gamer's two;For someone live once more... Akihiko Kayaba had a younger brother who died,with the horribl...
Kirito x Male OC-Sword Art Online- Abilities Unknown by Tsukoshino
Kirito x Male OC-Sword Art Tsukoshino
Kirito and I collapse out of breath, the sign above us screams 'Winner' as he defeated the boss of floor 11. "We did it." I say in between breaths. "Yea...
Beater by KatsTales444
Beaterby Kat
KiritoxReader SAO Your father is the Co-CEO of a successful gaming company that specialises in vrmmorpg and is helping develop SAO. You were a beta tester but he forbid...
Trusted. [cheater kirito x reader] by mychemicalbts
Trusted. [cheater kirito x reader]by .
"[Name], No, I didn't mean to cheat on you" "Then why did you do it?" "Because...i felt helpless.." "Fuck you" [EDIT...
The Life That Full of Meaning (Naruto crossover fanfic) by Ryushuu1412
The Life That Full of Meaning ( Shiina Minami
Naruto is a girl in this story. When the Fourth Great Shinobi War happened, Naruto died in the battlefield after managed sealing Kaguya away and defeat Madara. Her heart...
Glitch in the System (Male Reader x Sword Art Online) by Warzan86
Glitch in the System (Male Lonewolf76
Who is Y/n? Why does he keep appearing in the dungeons or missions that Kirito and his friends explore? Why is it that Y/N can see memories of a girl that talks to him s...
The Eminence in Shadow: The Dark Swordsman by Lighningtzzz
The Eminence in Shadow: The Dark Tԋҽ Lσʂƚ Aԃʋҽɳƚυɾҽɾ
Kazuto Kirigaya had finally found the tranquillity he'd longed for. With his beloved circle of dear friends, they relished a peaceful life in the real world. The days of...
Blurred lines by kira18091
Blurred linesby kira
Izuku just wanted to escape the real world. He wanted to belong somewhere. Feel needed and useful. Feel like he was more than just a quirkless worthless boy. However, wh...
BOOK 1:DEKU The Gaming hero (HAREM) by urimuotas
BOOK 1:DEKU The Gaming hero (HAREM)by urimuotas
Izuku midoriya is a smart kid to be more precise he is the smartest man in the world but the problem is he is diagnosed as quirkless. But the truth is he has a quirk but...
Genshin Impact: That's Time We Got Reincarnated As Kirito & Asuna In Teyvat! by SINS_COUNTER
Genshin Impact: That's Time We Hard Boiled Tokusatsu Nerd
[Sword Art Online x Genshin Impact Crossover!] Kuroki Kurachi and Akane Hikari are fan of Genshin Impact and Sword Art Online, they love video games and Anime. They hang...
With Great Power ( Sword Art Online x Male Reader) by SithLordSpider-man
With Great Power ( Sword Art SithLordSpider-man
Y/n L/n an ordinary 15 year old kid is trapped in an MMORPG called Sword Art Online follow him on his journey to beat 100 floors and escape. And learn what it means to b...
Time Of Our Lives; Kirisuna by Star_King_and_Queen
Time Of Our Lives; Kirisunaby Star_King_and_Queen
Kazuto Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki are well known for the love they have for each other. However, the question is, how did that love blossom and turn into what it is today...
Sword Art Online Gameverse x Reader by Obahar_
Sword Art Online Gameverse x Readerby Obahar_
A gender-neutral Y/N is an introverted solo player who spends almost every moment they can grinding in the Fields of Aincrad. Y/N find themselves distancing further from...
Anime memes  by mixed_fandom1230
Anime memes by mixed_fandom1230
I do not own any of the animes or characters that are shown
Sao: pushed onward always by shadow-luck
Sao: pushed onward alwaysby TougerLee
Y/n Caelum, a beta tester and a friend of Kirito Kirigaya. And this is his journey to Sword art online, an MMORPG game that turns into a death game and traps 10000 playe...
Through A Scope (Sinon X Reader) by Small_1
Through A Scope (Sinon X Reader)by Small_1
Your name is Y/N and the year is 2026. You, being the antisocial human you are, only play Single Player games. One day, while walking home with your childhood best frien...
𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙂𝙡𝙚𝙖𝙢 𝙞𝙣 𝙔𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙀𝙮𝙚𝙨 | Naruto x Male Reader by _dabisboyfriend_
𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙂𝙡𝙚𝙖𝙢 𝙞𝙣 𝙔𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙀 ѕα∂ϐογ🥀
Y/N Kirigaya is one of the last survivors of the Great Downfall of the Kirigaya clan, a very similar experience to Sasuke's. Y/N graduates from the Academy, together wit...
The Reaper (COTE SAO)(On Hold) by Overlord_End
The Reaper (COTE SAO)(On Hold)by Overlord_End
Slow updates most of the time due to IRL stuff. Characters will most likely be OOC because I suck at writing and it's my first time doing this. Try to keep the insul...
Sword Art Online: Ready To Play? by Sonic3399
Sword Art Online: Ready To Play?by Genostreem
Y/N L/N, an "ordinary" 15-year-old kid is trapped in an MMORPG called Sword Art Line, follow him on his journey to beat 100 floors and escape. And discover the...