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Love Live! The Bright Side (Honoka Kosaka x Male Reader) by Emraldknight
Love Live! The Bright Side ( Emerald
Y/n L/n grew up learning to bake in his family's bakery his entire life, but six months ago, an accident led to his childhood home being burned down. While his home has...
Love Live! Reunite! by FayeTheFab
Love Live! Reunite!by FayeTheFab
It's been five years since Maki, Rin and Hanayo have left school, and seven years since μ's broke up. As much as all nine girls tried, their new lives made them unable t...
Love Live School Idol Project: The Next Generation by AwesomeNinja1027
Love Live School Idol Project: Wilfredo M. Fernandez
Tsubasa Kira and Honoka Kousaka decided to join the police force after high school. They got married after three years in the service. Having been gifted with a beautifu...
YOUR SMILE | love live! ✓ by EYDEL_
YOUR SMILE | love live! ✓by EYDEL
❝ just how far are you willing to go to chase your feelings? ❞ -これから [korekara] + a collection of love live! and love live! sunshine!! oneshots. + ❝ surely you feel the...
Wait, Let Me Write That Down Real Quick. (Liella x Reader) by SomeTypicalMilk
Wait, Let Me Write That Down Kishimino-san
Y/n is the only boy who goes to Yuigaoka Girls' High School. That's because his parents were the previous owners of Jinguu Music Academy, the school that came before it...
[[HIATUS/DISCONTINUED]] Otonokizaka's boy?! - μ's x Male Reader (Harem) by 3DRealBF
(y/n)(l/n) is a second year. the so called normal high school student who wishes to live a peaceful life (even though he studies in a harsh school), as the second child...
Love Live: School Idol Strikers by Walmanzar33
Love Live: School Idol Strikersby Toku Jewel Gamer
Otonokizaka is in danger of closing down and Honoka is determined to save the school. She decides to form a school idol group with her friends but they not only have to...
Split Decision (Love Live! AU x Male Reader) by RickyRich_27
Split Decision (Love Live! AU x Neotaku
In a world where μ's and Aqours are separated by two years, a boy is caught in between their war for a spot in his heart as his one true love. *I do not own Love Live! S...
Love Live! & Sunshine!! x Fem!Reader by skyekurohoshi
Love Live! & Sunshine!! x Fem! Skye
The Love Live! and Love Live Sunshine!! girls featuring Fem!Reader-chan~ Enjoy! Requests CLOSED!
Yuri Oneshots?? (X Reader) by SheScribes
Yuri Oneshots?? (X Reader)by SheScribes
These are x reader yuri oneshots!
Love Live!: SHATTER [PART 9] by SecondRound
Love Live!: SHATTER [PART 9]by SecondRound
The wall of ice has started to shatter, movements are being made in the entertainment industry, and a miraculous stage is almost here. Akihiko Suzuki must live with the...
Love Live!: CIVIL WAR [PART4] by SecondRound
Love Live!: CIVIL WAR [PART4]by SecondRound
After studying in New York for a month, Akihiko Suzuki returns to his School Idol Club only to find it in ruins. During his absence, Lanzhu Zhong and Mia Taylor have bro...
Love Live!: School Idol Festival [PART 2] by SecondRound
Love Live!: School Idol Festival [ SecondRound
Determined to save the idol industry, our protagonist Akihiko Suzuki and the 27 idols of μ's, Aqours and Nijigasaki must save the School Idol Festival from becoming canc...
Love Live!: School Idol Showcase [PART 5] by SecondRound
Love Live!: School Idol Showcase [ SecondRound
From the creator of the School Idol Festival comes a brand new event. The School Idol Showcase! However, only one group per school may enter, meaning that Akihiko's Club...
Reader x Female Characters One-Shots [Discontinued] by Kazami_Yui
Reader x Female Characters Shiro Tori 🕊
[DISCONTINUED] Yahallo or ohakonbanchiwa~! Here, I will write some stories between female character(s) and obviously, you ! I can write : - games or animes. - male/ fema...
~Yuri One-Shots~ [COMPLETED] by Animeislife201
~Yuri One-Shots~ [COMPLETED]by Animeislife201
Pick an anime, Any anime and I will try to do it. This I believe will mostly be Love Live but who cares! Please enjoy these stories! \(°w°)¬ Images making these stories...
Love Live!: ALL STARS [PART 3] by SecondRound
Love Live!: ALL STARS [PART 3]by SecondRound
The Joint Solo Live Show between µ's, Aqours and Nijigasaki was a huge success. However, Akihiko Suzuki still has to take control of the School Idol Festival and ensure...
Legend Of The King's Treasure [Love Live! School Idol Project Fanfiction] by MakiTarou
Legend Of The King's Treasure [ MakiTarou
Fantasy-Adventure Love Live AU July 15, 2022 - xxxx, xx, xxxx
Love Live!: TAKEOVER [PART 8] by SecondRound
Love Live!: TAKEOVER [PART 8]by SecondRound
The battle lines between Nijigasaki and Liella! have been drawn. Thanks to Golden Calf's corruption of the latter, every school idol territory in Tokyo is under siege of...
Love Live!! If Three's A Crowd, Nine's A Multitude! by Kazuya_Fish
Love Live!! If Three's A Crowd, Kazuya
Living the normal high school life I'm not popular but not an outcast either. Everything seems chill until the principal calls me in one day and asks me to show some new...