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[ DISCONTINUED ] Kamen Rider OOO: Reincarnation of Desire by the_winter_weeb69
[ DISCONTINUED ] Kamen Rider OOO:...by the_winter_weeb69
I'm not good with Story Descriptions so all I will say is that basically you are transported into the world of 'That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime' to find out more...
The Abused Black hole Evolto X Highschool Dxd by Kamenriderman
The Abused Black hole Evolto X Hig...by Kamenriderman
Akira, the brother of Issei hyoudou the biggest pervert in Kouh. Akira was abused and tricked by his brother but the lowest point in Akira's life was when he was arreste...
A Rider Prince's Ascension (Male Reader x Miraculous) [Remake] by RENessence
A Rider Prince's Ascension (Male R...by Angelo Zero
Y/N was born to be the future king of the Kamen Riders. And his story begins with his trip to Paris as he was selected for a scholarship in Françoise Dupont High School...
A New Legend Begins (Kamen Rider Kuuga X My Hero Academia Crossover) by Lunar_Legend
A New Legend Begins (Kamen Rider K...by Lunar_Legend
In a world of powers called Quirks, Y/N L/N is a Quirkless nobody. But despite that, he is chosen to become the next in a long legacy of heroes. A Kamen Rider!
The proto hero (young justice betrayed oc) by blastercrow
The proto hero (young justice betr...by blastercrow
When Zane gets kicked off the young justice team his family takes his progrise keys and driver and gave it to his sister.....he decided to make his own driver plus progr...
RWBY: The Thief by IamGamerA
RWBY: The Thiefby Ren Higakita
Born in a family with no love. Ryu Rose after escaping from his abusive family, he met a man that chance his life forever. Ryu Kaito became a thief and a Kamen Rider. Af...
The Last Hope Of Mankind (Kamen Rider X Record Of Ragnarok)  by HGloveways12
The Last Hope Of Mankind (Kamen Ri...by Luke Riders
The Gods of all Faith has voted that humanity is not worth giving them another thousand year so has decided to exterminate them. however the thirteenth Valkerys doesn't...
Kamen Rider Gaim - Fruit Wars (REMAKE) by MitchellDonnelly
Kamen Rider Gaim - Fruit Wars (REM...by Mitchell Donnelly
Yuuta is a young man who is from a family who are descendants of famous warriors who fought back in the Sengoku Period. However, Yuuta wants to pursue his dream in becom...
Neon Genesis Kamen Rider by thedoctorgonepale
Neon Genesis Kamen Riderby Thedoctorgonepale
10 years ago, the human race suffered a cataclysmic event that killed a large part of humanity. This event was called the second impact. In the present day, monsters kno...
Demon Of The Past by Dr_Wrath
Demon Of The Pastby Dr_Wrath
We all know my hero academia, with the quirks and everything but what if riders existed as well? Yaku L/n had always admired Heroes and Kamen riders especially Geats. He...
Crimson Sin by thedoctorgonepale
Crimson Sinby Thedoctorgonepale
A school filled with supernatural phenomena becomes the center of an invasion from the forces of hell. The school's goth girl, a young woman descended from a family of d...
The Cracked Rose by RoninDZS
The Cracked Roseby DZS
Among the Rose family siblings, there was Nix Rose the middle sibling... The Rose family ridiculed him and abused him only because he was a Dragon Faunus What will happe...
Watching The Legendary Souls by Williamjwb87
Watching The Legendary Soulsby John John
Many Are Summoned To react to watch the Future as Someone Among them becomes The world's strongest Weapon wandering the world killing Kishins, Witchs, and more without a...
Anything Goes In Remnant [RWBY X Kamen Rider OOO] by -G1NGA-F1NaLLY
Anything Goes In Remnant [RWBY X K...by -G1NGA-F1NaLLY
Kris Silverlight; a young boy who was invited to attend Beacon Academy by it's headmaster, Professor Ozpin, after witnessing the boy's combative prowess despite not poss...
DC SuperHero Girls - #Zero-One by BioBrony
DC SuperHero Girls - #Zero-Oneby Roland Cabral
A fan movie in Season 1 (DC Superhero Girls) Set between after Episode 16 and before Episode 17(Kamen Rider Zero One) When a new hero appears in Metropolis, the Superhe...
Hard-Boiled Rider in Remnant (Kamen Rider Joker x RWBY) by R1der_FOREVER
Hard-Boiled Rider in Remnant (Kame...by NØir
Noir was a huge fan of Shotaro also known as Kamen Rider W, but after coming home from school a explosion occurs killing him, but he is given a chance to live again in t...
Kamen Riders X Miraculous by RoninDZS
Kamen Riders X Miraculousby DZS
I'm thinking in subtly adding Kamen Riders in the Miraculous Ladybug series Obviously the two properties are not mine!
The 20 Heisei Servants by RoninDZS
The 20 Heisei Servantsby DZS
Ritsuka Fujimaru is Chaldea's Provisional Master who has summoned multiple Servants but a malfunction if FATE caused a bright light to shine revealing 20 Servants in fro...
The Ideal World of Remnant  by Gravious456
The Ideal World of Remnant by The Gray
Congratulations! Starting today, you'll play as Ace L/N aka Kamen Rider Geats. You be reincarnation as Beacon Student once you remember everything thing from your previo...